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  1. Offensively he has his moments. Defensively he worries me. If anyone can make something of him it would be SB. Jury is well and truly out.
  2. Prices were pretty much irrelevant that night it's the regular matchdays that need sorting.
  3. I would urge all parties to look forwards. What do we want for the club collectively and individually in the years ahead? We can't do it without the club and they certainly can't do it without us. Hope Bruce has a word in his shell like.
  4. I agree. No point having empty seats. We lose out and so does the club. Just get bums on seats.
  5. I've had an idea... You get the ST and I'll buy the Sept, Dec and April matches from you !
  6. Well for me the idea would be that you could redeem vouchers for games that suit you. Just like pog but you spend your vouchers.But if you don't use em you lose em. Pricing structure would need some thought but tbh it could do with simplifying anyway. As for uptake of similar ideas being poor in the past ... I've not been aware else I'd have had a go. What market research has been done ? None in my experience, I'm a prime target and never seen anything. The club just needs to give it some proper promotional attention... instead of ringing me about the latest meaningless hairbrained scheme they've dreamt up. I'd just like to see a plan where the club maximises revenue and attendances whilst giving all a bit of value. 1. Max out ST sales 2. Followed by 5-7 game vouchers 3. Offer rest as POG as available
  7. As someone who's unable to commit to every home game I feel I'm being ripped off with pog prices. Consequently I haven't been nearly as much as I'd like. Another OT member suggested that pog prices are designed to drive season ticket sales. Fair do's I get that. Pog is no longer attractive and as an alternative I'd like to see a 5 or 7 game voucher valid for the season priced at say £150 and £200 respectively. This would encourage committment from casuals like myself and see them attending more games than they otherwise would, boosting attendances and revenue / cashflow. Thoughts ?
  8. As a supporter who can't commit to every home game I feel cut adrift at pog ticket prices. Would happily pay £150 up front for a 5 game voucher or £200 for 7.
  9. How much was it ? I think a 5 or 6 game voucher is the key to pulling in floaters.
  10. What about getting voucher for 5 games at £150 to include membership? Boost attendances and get some kind of commitment from casual attendees.
  11. Our lack of pace when coming out is poor compared to Norwich. **Stop press** Nice finish from Fessi
  12. If we'd had lazaar, Aarons and Iorfa and Reach hadn't gone off we'd have been able to give l**ds more to think about. If I were them I'd be concerned how few clear chances were created given the amount of possession.
  13. For all their possession l**ds created very few clear chances. No complaints on the balance of play, we were not offensive enough on the day. Think Reach going off killed our chance of winning it.
  14. Considering who we have out we've done ok tonight.
  15. Move started by Fox first time ball. Choking on my fois gras.
  16. Most teams in this league would have punished us there
  17. If I was hector I'd be calling Fox a bar steward for putting him in that position.
  18. We can fashion a win but, from what I've seen, this would've been a piece of wee wee if we'd had Bazza and one or two others. Forest look bobbins.
  19. Totally hate Leeds. I'd like to see us beat em but without Baz it's gonna be tough.
  20. Two months ago we'd have been happy just to stay up and unbelievably we now have an outside shot at sneaking into the playoffs. Great to have a free roll of the dice and the relative luxury of playing without fear of relegation. Nothing to lose and everything to gain from here on in.
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