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  1. Two months ago we'd have been happy just to stay up and unbelievably we now have an outside shot at sneaking into the playoffs. Great to have a free roll of the dice and the relative luxury of playing without fear of relegation. Nothing to lose and everything to gain from here on in.
  2. I agree young lads do daft things. I did some daft things myself in my youth but chucking coins and bottles at professional footballers weren't among them. Anyone that does that has got a screw loose and has no place being in the ground. Maybe life ban is over the top, but a decent punishment is in order if they can be identified.
  3. My thoughts exactly. And it's not snitching on one of 'your own' either, they are not one of us. Need identifying and banning for life.
  4. Being positive, I thought George's hair looked nice tonight.
  5. In fairness he's had an education and pieces are starting to come together. I think SB's general football experience will prove just as valuable to DC as his management skills. No point looking back, onwards and upwards.
  6. My iPad is not compatible with the stir and crashes everytime. Can someone copy n paste or summarise the piece pls ?
  7. I agree and that's why I think worked against him. If he is trying to influence the refs he needs to take the triple salco out of his repetoire to be taken seriously.
  8. It's difficult to see at full speed but the Thornily challenge looked a pretty naughty too.
  9. Agree that it was serious foul play / reckless challenge and deserved a straight red. I think Fessi trivialised it to some extent by rolling over too many times. Anyone who's seriously injured doesn't do that and think that may have influenced the ref. Sounds like ref had it in for Fessi all game.
  10. FF coming on to nick the win in the dullest game of all time.
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