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  1. Sound info.... and no one is reading it thinking about hiding using of a dodgy football stream 😂 Just saying.
  2. Sorry to butt in, am I right in thinking we are we meant to be hearing about the points ruling / decision this week ?
  3. Carlos was a moment in time. Mostly a good one. It may have gone sour at the end but can't help but like the guy and remember the good times he brought.
  4. Just seen Iorfa's challenge... this guy made the call. Well quailfied in those kind of tackles 🤣
  5. Fast forward to 1.42 and look at the slow mo. Quality is poor but there is no doubt in my mind that was one of the most blatant over the top tackles you will ever see. His claims of innocence are ludicrous and he lost the case because the clear evidence is there for all to see. The guy was a thug and got nothing he didn't deserve.
  6. Didn't hear it, didn't need to. Hope he is remorseful, he bl00dywell should be. First rate whanker in my book.
  7. I hope the table looks the same this time next week 😬
  8. Think Baz should make a ponytail with the back bit. It wouldn't look creepy at all.
  9. Has anyone done player hair ratings yet? Baz starting to look like Bobby Charlton 🤔
  10. Great to be ahead... just need to command more of the ball. Luongos hair 😂
  11. I'll be tuning in again. Can't wait to hear how the traffic is on Herries Road and the Parkway.
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