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  1. 63% of possession

    Do we get the 3 points last night then ? Goals, Schmoals.
  2. Remember the shop?

    No but it looked brilliant
  3. Sixth-highest average attendance

    Brilliant attendances.
  4. One thing in common...

    I like to keep things positive, they are both brilliant footballers.
  5. Do us a favour Jos

    Up till last night I don't think he has put a foot wrong.Think normal service will be resumed now. If there's one thing Jos knows, it's how to build a promotion challenging side ( albeit in another country ) Also, if his first signing is anything to go by, he knows value when he sees it.
  6. Do us a favour Jos

    Fair play for making the journey. True dedication that. Think Jos was just experimenting tonight, not that it's any consolation. Safe journey home.
  7. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    Indeed. This place is going to the dogs.
  8. Highlights

    Nice goal from Joey. Aside from the goals we conceded they had a fair shout for a pen for handball too. Hope Thornily ok, that looked nasty.
  9. Few things we learnt tonight

    Started with too much if our available quality on the bench. Very odd, but I'm sure there'll be no repeat.
  10. OK let it begin

    I would neg you for this in the old days
  11. Just Got Back

    Just got home ? In a Lear jet ?
  12. We got what we deserved tonight

    I haven't seen Loovens tonight so can't comment about his performance. However I have seen enough of him in recent weeks and it hasn't been good. From what I've read and seen lately it's time to say our thank-yous and wish him well, but his time really is up.
  13. Another Horrifying .... ? What are you talking about ? Under Jos this is probably his stand out bad, but I don't remember anything previously. Get some perspective.
  14. That was a very good example tonight how not having negs doesn't actually make the site more positive. I know as well as you do that means sweet fa on here.
  15. Need a neg / no neg poll.