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  1. Boro fans hated him and his brand of football. Don't see why he would do any better for us.
  2. Whatever happens we need to cut DC some slack. Poor s0d has been well and truly dropped in it by SB with only 3 weeks to the start of season. I would have no objection to Bullen holding the fort for a few weeks if this gives DC time to find the right man.
  3. Wednesday fan in peace. I'm bored with City winning the Prem
  4. I'm warming to the idea of Moyes. This would be a different proposition to his last couple of appointments and would be a project he could make a difference with. We are a less high profile, but think he'd relish the challenge of getting a club like ours promoted.
  5. João is often a dangerous sub when opposition is tiring in last 20 minutes. His pace and skill will generally create a number of chances. He doesn't seem to have the belief, attention span or work rate to be as effective when he makes the starting lineup.
  6. The goal is promotion not necessarily how we do it. There's more than one way to skin a cat... That said I do worry that Moyes' methods would involve chloroform on paws, valium in the kitekat and a potent cocktail of painkillers. We probably won't feel or remember a thing, but would it matter so long as the operation was a success ?
  7. And do you think that legacy lives on with next generation of managers ?
  8. It'll be allright in the end. If it's not allright yet, it's not yet the end.
  9. Prevention is the key to this potentially painful condition. If left untreated the only known remedy is a Megsonpulisectomy.
  10. Shame Hutch doesn't get more 30 yard screamers...
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