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  1. QPR better side today. No complaints with the result. I do have my doubts about Wildsmith though. Westwood would've saved at least 2 of those goals.
  2. Aside from owt else the players look like they have more energy under DM and always trying to move the ball quickly.
  3. The most complete performance I can remember for many a year.
  4. Decent performance against a good side. If we'd played like this all season we'd be comfortably in mid table.
  5. Tell you what Izzy. Forget about the corner it's gone. Just accept you're going bald, get your hair cut and take that stupid fkn headband off. Get on the practice ground, put in some proper work on self improvement. Refrain from social media until you are commenting on your part in games the team won and you influenced. Oh and if you plan on taking any more corners practice them and makesure you at least clear the first man.
  6. Need to get the big guns on 2nd half and go for it with Joey, Jordan and Donkley.
  7. I can see why Rovrum are struggling in the league, they look shocking. Any half decent side would take em to the cleaners. We look like tripe, not even creating chances.
  8. Shaw would've been sent off for the same challenge. Reffing is whank. Poo 0-2
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