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  1. In fairness to DC he pulled a bit of a rabbit out of the hat last time with Bruce. He was unfortunate how that panned out. Given our current situation we need to be a little more realistic about how attractive a club we are for 'in demand' managers. With this in mind, although a bit of a steady appointment, I don't see how DC could have done much better. Fact is Monk's been appointed now and if we want the team to succeed the best thing we can do is support him. All this trashing achieves nothing, let's just back him and see what he's made of.
  2. Not very catchy is it >>>> Garry Monk was a dream to make a football team no money actually believed what the sign
  3. It's not just about winning, losing and drawing. It's about how we all do of the above.
  4. We are behind them but I don't see that we are a small club compared to any of those you mention. Behind them currently yes, smaller no.
  5. Bit of a pattern emerging here. Think DC likes to keep this kind of info on a need to know basis.
  6. James Beattie. Hmm... He's probably grown up a bit, but I haven't and I never liked him. C0cky sheet.
  7. Am I in the 99.7% who have no idea what this says?
  8. Ah, Monkey ! ( If you were born after 1972 you won't have a scooby)
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/footballleagueworld.co.uk/so-blatantly-wrong-danny-cowley-speaks-out-about-sheffield-wednesday-speculation/amp/ What I find odd is that instead of ruling out any interest he complains about journos line of questioning. If there was nowt in it why not just categorically rule himself out as he did with Huddersfield?
  10. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. Cellino was right, managers are like watermelons - you don't really know what you have till you've invested your money. That said I can see these boys doing what Howe did at Bournemouth. If we don't take the chance we'll never know. Rather we give this type of appointment a chance than take a punt on a 'circuit' manager like Pulis.
  11. Fair post, but I'd rather stick knitting needles up my nostrils on a weekly basis.
  12. We need to find a creative midfielder named Starsky. I can see them now... Starsky & Hutch making the perfect pairing in the middle of the park
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