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  1. Does that mean we'd have a rollover on our EFL shi.tshow too? Imagine... this season gets binned off, no fans at games till 2021, revenue on it's arris and the EFL bearing down on us baying for blood. Whatever happened to the 'beautiful game'
  2. Never knew you were an angler @theowlsman What's your preferred quarry ?
  3. Yes but Sunderland are at a lower ebb than us - that with a 'better' stadium and bigger level of support. I could be argued that the profit potential with them is better.
  4. It's just business. No different to what DC has ( so poorly ) been trying to do. ...and if anyone sells for a profit, presumably there is some level of success that would justify the price.
  5. He's stubborn but he's not an idiot. If Ashley offered him the right money he'd snap his hand off. New owners are not exactly queuing round the block.
  6. Two questions spring to mind when MA is linked to SWFC... - Do I like him? and - Does he know how to run a football business successfully? ... only one of these questions actually matters.
  7. The chance to take him came at the wrong time for us unfortunately. Staggering we could have had 2 x Hector type signings for the money that went on JR. Hindsight is always 20 - 20
  8. Simply out the of his depth, no point hating him for it. As others can't say I've actually hated any player but Fanny Jeffers made that a close run thing.
  9. Meh. Evasive political answers. Learned nothing.
  10. That's a very specific prescription. Were you not go to a park of your own choosing ?
  11. Believe it or not we intriduced a 'suggestions box' at work recently and asked how we could make the workplace better. The pick of the responses was 'bring back pork pie Fridays'
  12. Call me an old synic but this 'meeting' was never anything more than a DC pr exercise. I wasn't there but would expect it was all lip service and no substance. Taxi for DC.
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