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  1. ... when we've hit the bottom? Been on the slide since the Hull defeat at Wembley and each time we hit a new low I console myself thinking that we've hit the bottom. Yet no, time and again we find new lows, never seeming to find even a temporary recipe for some success, something that all teams find periodically. I'm a stoic optimist yet after so many years of this tripe I genuinely wonder what it will take to get this great club back on the map and give it's long suffering and loyal fans some well overdue payback. I'd like to think we've now hit our lowest point occupying mid table in division 3 but, in all honesty, I can't dismiss the possibility that we haven't. Come on Wednesday FFS™ ©
  2. Happy new year to fellow sufferers it's been a tough one on many fronts. Good times will return in football and in life. In the meantime be kind, be you and be happy.
  3. We all know who the buck stops with... and poor as he is, it isn't DM. Our problems run much deeper and until they are properly resolved this club is going absolutely nowhere.
  4. Been to the pub, just got in. Looks like I should have stayed there.
  5. Hirst drawing a blank was a bonus. If we can hold on for a point that wd be another.
  6. If Jamie Vardy had produced that finish Gary Lineker would be reaching for a box of tissues on MOTD.
  7. Quite possibly. Relies far too much on his pace to get him out of trouble. Frustrating player.
  8. I rarely comment on such matters but I heard from a reliable internal source that DM and Iorfa have had a big fall out. Don't know more than that but think his 'injury' is just a cover.
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