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  1. Sorry if someone else posted this, but I'd heard that any points deducted would only be applied if it dropped us into the relagtaion zone or prevented us from getting in the playoffs. If the deduction would be inconsequential in relation to the above then it ( the deduction ) would be held over till next season. Any truth in this?
  2. This^ The odds are increasingly stacked against teams outside the prem due to the massive imbalance in income. Even if a club has a wealthy chairman his hands are tied and should a club infringe the rules the punishment is severe. Maybe the authorities should put focus on developing the game in the non-prem leagues, better distributing the wealth for the wider benefit of the game, a proper clampdown zero tolerance on racism, eradication of corruption in transfer dealings...the list goes on. But no, these honourable objectives are continually given lip service as the the powers that be simply go after easier targets. I loathe what football has become and despite our grievances it will never improve because those at the highest level are not listening, they are more out of touch than ever and ultimately don't giveafuck about any club outside the top flight.
  3. Perhaps Briely meant we held our own. The important thing is that we are not being outclassed by so called favourites in the division. We were also missing Hutch, Borner and Luongo, all significant absentees in relation to the strength of the team we we able to put out.
  4. It's easy to forget we've had some good spells over the years. The potential to get back to the big boys league is there I'm just not convinced that promotion is all its cracked up to be. We have a good fan base, respectable team and a decent manager. We have an owner who, despite his methods, does have the best interests of the club at heart. We can count ourselves fortunate not to be in Burys shoes. Through no fault of their own they no longer have a club. Everything is relative, we have more to be thankful for than perhaps we realise.
  5. Mummy's little ray of sunshine or what. At the root of it we have a side that is creating good chances against the 'better' sides and as others have said defensively 4th best in the league. We were unlucky not to be out of sight before they equailised yesterday. The woodwork was their man of the match. I'd agree with you if we were not creating chances, but we are, and just need a bit of luck in front of goal and to learn how to see games out when holding a slender lead.
  6. I don't know about anyone else but I think our league position is about right and I'm still quietly confident about our playoff prospects this season despite recent travails. Here's why.... 1. We are currently 1 point outside the playoffs despite hurling 5 points out of the window in the space of a week and could have easily won all 3 against auto chasing Leeds - those 8 points would have us in 2nd and it would have been no fluke. 2. No one is ripping it up this year, everyone's beating everyone ( apart from Dingles that is ) 3. Games are tight, we're not getting a hammering off anyone.. shows we are reasonably defensively competent although there's still room for improvement at both ends on the pitch. 4. Monk (imho) is taking a conservative strategic approach to games until we get to the business end of the season. The idea being to keep us in the mix until new year then take the shackles off for a push once he's had chance strengthen the team. 5. Monk is a good, organised manager and I personally like the cut of his jib. A stabilising character who over time has the ability build a promotion winning side. 6. We haven't hit anything close to top form, yet we are still there or thereabouts. 7. Gary hasn't had the team that long and already we're tough to beat, I believe his next step will be to make us tough to get a point from. Yes we'll have setbacks ( as we have recently) all teams do, what matters is how we respond. We aren't a million miles off, we really aren't.
  7. I think Monk is playing it safe to keep us in the hunt till Christmas. Building a platform to push from. We can't win the league in the first half of the season but we could be out of it by being too gung ho. Expect to see him ramp up the aggression with a more positive set up in the 2nd half of the season after strengthening.
  8. Convinced we'd have won at Blackburn with Bazza & Luongo. Certainly not worse than a draw. Call me old fashioned but anyone remember the days when supporters actually supported. You know, even when the chips were down ( which they aren't at the moment ) We're just a big bunch doomsayers at the slightest setback. Does my bulb in.
  9. Stop bleating about me bleating about the bleaters. This could get messy
  10. Disappointing yesterday, but we're 4 points off top FFS. Not 4 points off bottom. We're still in the thick of things despite our weaknesses. Just have to maintain this till Crimbo, strengthen and then push on. Everyone's entitled to their opinion but the bleating is starting to get on my threpnies now.
  11. Tough patch coming up. We'll see what we're made of now. Having said that some funny results tonight. If ever this league was wide open...
  12. Cheers. Came in late and just saw mins played and scoreline. All our players OK?
  13. I had my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. Have a sense of humour.
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