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  1. I already subscribe to iFollow and staggered the club want to preach to us about morals. They are having an actual laugh.
  2. Not at all. It wasn't like he was in total agony. Just looked a bit sore. Just don't get it. You need players willing to die for the cause, not girls who walk off with 2 mins left cos they felt a bit of a twinge. I'm quite angry.
  3. Why couldn't Lees just hobble about at the back for 2 minutes? He'd have cleared that final ball without taking a stride. No feckin ballox, you wouldn't see a Wilder centre back wimping off in injury time with a 1-0 lead. Not monks fault if our players are big girls blouses.
  4. Shame that. They never looked likely. Good ball in tbf.
  5. To me there are 3 phases. 1. Getting to zero points 2. Getting out of bottom 3 3. Season starts Some teams will be straggling and looking over their shoulders. The sooner we get to zero the better. Then we can start to apply some pressure. From what I've seen we are competitive and will cause problems for many teams. Think the new coaching staff have had an impact and if this positivity can be sustained would rate our chances of survival.
  6. Thank you and apologies I couldn't bring myself to read the full 535 pages. Lost the will to live it's been going on so long.
  7. So presumably they are waiting to see how many points are needed to relegate us? Why would they wait otherwise ? With dingles and others baying for blood and threatening legals they will just take the easy option and bin us off. I'm not defending the clubs actions but the way the EFL are handling this is utterly corrupt in my opinion. Expect relegation, anything better than that will be a bonus.
  8. Mad as a box of frogs Would be a perfect fit for a basket case of a club like ours
  9. 434 pages and still no answer Wtf are you lot playing at. FFS
  10. Keeper challenge on Windass looked a pen to me. Just seen replay, great save
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