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  1. At least Bannan looks sharp even if he does make mistakes. Izzy just runs about a bit and generally loses possession without causing any threat. I'd have Joao back in his place as sub in a heartbeat.
  2. I've never claimed to be a footballer but I know a sh it one when I see one.
  3. Strong characters are not compatible with our beloved chairman.
  4. Drinking has been my strategy too. Anyone who can watch this rubbish without alcohol is a better man than me.
  5. Do we have no one who can control a ball? If we get a point out of this game I will eat my Christmas jumper.
  6. Totally agree. Immensly grateful to Mandaric for saving the club in the first instance but purplexed by his final choice. DC has consistently shown he's not football director material and until he goes this sh.it show will continue.
  7. I'm told it went something like this... Pulis "I've got 5 targets in the January window" DC "No funds avaliable me owd" Pulis "See ya"
  8. And in a nutshell this is why any half decent manager will not touch this club with a proverbial barge pole. Our fortunes will not improve until DC sells up. Get used to it.
  9. How is Brown a Chelsea player? No wonder they've put him out on loan.
  10. Dirty get, warnocks assistant gozzing on way back out. Doesnt he know there's a pandemic on ?
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