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  1. Byers is technically one of the best players in the team. Delighted to see his was peed off at being subbed, love his passion. Vaulks has some work on to get close to his standard.
  2. So... when do professional footballers realise the importance of making intelligent tackles? More importantly not making absolutely rash ones where there's zero threat. Where is the discipline? Professionalism? Commitment to the team plan ? Felt for the lads that were left to pick up the tab.If I was one of them I'd be 'kin raging.
  3. As 10 man performances go we're doing ok. I think there's a goal in this game for us. Just depends if we can prevent a 2nd one for them.
  4. Definite yellow nothing more. No panic I think we'll nick this 4-0 in the 2nd half.
  5. 0.0001% to 0.00011% is technically a growing percentage. Although the law states pitch invasions are illegal the clubs have pretty much waved them on. As you said in a previous post they quietly quite like it. Anyway it won't be a problem when the state rolls out it's face recognition, digital ID's and digitised currency. The second you have step on the pitch an electronic fine for £150 will land in your inbox which will already have been deducted from your account. That'll sort this out along with many other supposed societal 'ills' and there will be fk all you can do about it except comply. Digital cotton wool.
  6. And what percentage of pitch invasions result in death or serious injury? I don't expect these figures will be easily found but we both know it will be a miniscule proportion of the above. Hence my point that the two things are not comparable. What matters is that dickhedz, quite rightly, be banned, prosecuted and jailed which in themselves are adequate deterrent for others at the same end of the gene pool.
  7. Go on I'm interested. What stats are these ?
  8. Hardly comparable. Drink driving routinely ends in loss of life or serious injury.
  9. No idea, how widespread is the 'problem'
  10. Ah remember the good old days ... when the football club owned the land...
  11. I think we are going to agree to disagree. It's extremely unusual for anyone to be attacked or physically assaulted during a pitch invasion. That being the case I don't see the harm in celebrations spilling onto the pitch in exceptional circumstances.
  12. In answer to your question I've no idea. I've never invaded a pitch in my life and have no intention of doing so. That said it doesn't mean I don't enjoy seeing the jubilations when others do. Yes, technically it's illegal, but in reality its in no one's interest to prosecute. It would be better to say pitch invasions are acceptable but a physical attack on anyone will result in a life ban and a custodial sentence. That imho would provide enough deterrent re: dickhedz causing others bodily harm.
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