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  1. How do we beat Brighton, Leeds and QPR away and then barely trouble the wa.nky teams. Being dominated by the whipping boys in the league. P1ss boiling.
  2. http://dodgylivefeedwithwankypopups.com seems to be as good as anything
  3. Like hens teeth I know. But if anyone has x1 spare... even at short notice I'd be grateful. Cheers
  4. And... Good games with high attendance = great atmosphere The club, in my view, isn't optimising attendences. A double whammy in terms of revenue and atmosphere. But we are getting off the OP. Recent home form is poor and it could be a 'problem' or, as you suggest, it's just a bit of short term variance in an inconsistent team.
  5. Maybe so, but sitting in silence if we are drawing at home isn't helping the team in any way, shape or form. I blame all seater stadia, its hard to be vitriolic and vocal when you're sat down.
  6. Just reviewed the stats for this season and we have the same win ratio of 43% in both home and away games. In 14 home and 14 away games we've actually got 2 more points at home than away. Our recent poor home form has skewed the stats and I'd be interested to see what our home win ratio was just prior to Christmas - probably much closer to where it needs to be. Agreed the squad needs attention but the atmosphere at home does nothing to help. Stock chant from away fans nowadays 'is this a library'
  7. I just don't think we have a team capable of dominating at home as fans would expect. They're more suited to the classic counter attacking game, which is frowned upon and deemed negative when Monk sets us up this way at S6. Add to that the pressure that comes from a quiet or critical home crowd and you have a recipe for inhibited performances. Away from home we are 'allowed' to play to our strengths and have very vocal support. I know where I'd rather play.
  8. No I don't, I've already outlined my suggestion. I appreciate it won't please everyone but if we continue to do what we've always done... guess what...
  9. What proportion of ST's are mainly motivated to renew because of the average cost per game ? Very few I'd have thought. Many buy out of routine, Club loyalty, ties with family or friends, or just because it's what they do on a Saturday August to May. I don't think most give two sheets what price POTG's pay and would rather see a full ground, better atmosphere and the associated benefits for the club and the team. The club are pricing out many POTG's to their own detriment imho. It really isn't rocket science and I'm continually baffled why the club would rather see an empty seat than collect some extra revenue.
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