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  1. Long time since I've been on here but wow! Fantastic signing always rated Hooper and he seems to be doing the business for you.
  2. I've heard someone who works at the club say he was with us on Friday maybe Notlob told him he'd be back up and we've said he'll be first choice
  3. Be a decent signing for Bury you reckon?
  4. I apologise for Hope I told you he'd be a quality signing when you got him and I saw his record, he carried on in the same form for us, hopefully (no intended) with a full pre-season behind him he can kick on next season and start scoring again. Tommy Soares - what a player, I know you lot aren't overly keen on him here but what a guy, scored some crucial goals and golt some fantastic assists for us in the run in, hes a bit marmite with our lot but I can see why some big clubs wanted him when he was at palace, he's just not got the speed to play up at that level.
  5. Orite lads and lasses, was just popping on to update you about Danny Mayor but I see Triggs has already done it what a player he is apparently we turned down 750k for him in January can see that fee being a bit higher than £1m now which would be superb. Ryan Lowe - you can tell his age is catching up with him on his speed but his reading of play is still up there as one of the best imo Chris Sedgewick - has retired now, which I am gutted about was absolutley superb for us when he played this season think he made 16 apperances, 14 wins 1 draw 1 loss! Cant think of any more ex Owls we have at the min, but there is one we are being linked with Gary Madine, what you think? could he still do a job in League one?
  6. Now that would be someone I would like at Bury!
  7. so far I am of the opinion that hes better than Mikey Jones
  8. Probably wasn't guaranteed a starting place and I can imagine all loanees want that guarantee
  9. Not sure really Hawkeye just that we are interested again, seems like Flickers wants him, maybe with how we changed this season around in such a short amount of time could convince him!
  10. His name is doing the rounds at the moment. Much to tell about him?
  11. Delighted we have managed to get him could see him walking off to another club if we weren't quick enough!
  12. This gives me and a lot of other Bury fans a great amount of pleasure.
  13. Seriously the kid is way to good for league 2 he just looks like he would be handful to try and control in training, its unusual I would form an opinion on a player this quick but he really is a different quality.
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