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  1. Right wing back and a couple centre halves to play along side Lees. Personally I just want to see a lot of outs!
  2. 1993swfc

    Jos's Record

    He’s got them fit. Working hard and playing a system that suits the players we have. Only positives looking forward to next season.
  3. 1993swfc

    Wilder type?

    Wilder will get much better and bigger offers than Sunderland in league one.
  4. Loovens has to be one of the best free signings we have made. He came into a horrendous team fighting relegation in the middle of the season and was fantastic and to go to captain us through 2 play off seasons he’s been immense. Unfortunately age has caught up with him but what a great signing that was.
  5. 1993swfc

    Wes Foderingham

    I’m sure we are going to get linked with every player under the sun this summer. I’m sure the reason Dawson is playing the last 3 games is to make sure he’s happy he’s got 2 goalkeepers in JW and CD who are up to championship standard I assume that means Westwood will be leaving.
  6. 1993swfc

    Adam Reach

    For me that left wing back spot is perfect for him. Great engine, very Marcos Alonso of Chelsea could really suit him.
  7. 1993swfc


    Don’t care whose injured. Performances haven’t been good enough. We needed a manger who knew the league and knew the players we have at our disposal. Fox at centre back? Why? Awful. Boyd at left back? Awful. Go into the Away dressing room right now and ask Mick if he will take the job.
  8. 1993swfc

    Jos out !

    I don’t like this square pegs in round holes at all. We are fighting relegation. We have Fox a left back at centre back. We have Boyd a winger at left back (don’t even tell me they’re wing backs the way Jos plays). Reach a left sided player in the centre and it’s made us worse. That team tonight could play in a 442 with every player in there natural position.
  9. 1993swfc

    Luhukay out.

    Sure there was an article saying Lambert only declined because he was offered the job for 6 month. Either way nothing against Jos but I think a manager who knew the league and players with a history for getting results was what was needed.
  10. 1993swfc

    Luhukay out.

    I’m all for giving a foreign coach a chance to do something different. But mid season in a real bad situation we should have gone with a Paul Lambert. We needed someone who knew the league and already knows the players. I’m seriously worrying about league 1.
  11. It is the only answer to so many injuries. Also answers why he has been no where longer than 2 years. In the last 12 months how many times have you seen Wednesday play wel over 90 minutes? Either they went 1-0 in the first half then sit back and throw it away in the second half or we would go behind in the first half and throw kitchen sink at the opposition.
  12. 1993swfc

    Rate jos so far?

    Got us working better defensively. Going forward hasn’t been great though. Great to see a few younger players finally coming through and fitting in well. Major concern is rotation of the squad. Not sure how it works in Europe but in our country it never seems to be successful rotating the squad every other game.
  13. 1993swfc

    Line up for tonight

    Very brave. Not enthusiastic about the team at all. But I will wait to see how we play and the result first before criticising.
  14. There’s a real threat of relegation right now. He would be massively to blame if we went down given the money he spent. I won’t be clapping him or booing. He gave me a good day out and that it’s. No better off when he came than when he left.
  15. 1993swfc

    Hero’s and Villains

    That for me is down to Chansiri. Wether that’s down to the strange statement in the middle of the night in regards to negativity or using FFP as an excuse to charging fans huge amounts of money when there are many clubs who have spent much more and supporters aren’t being milked the way we are. He is creating a negative atmosphere, a “be here or don’t” attitude. He’s the captain of the ship, he should take a leaf out of Mandaric’s book on how to get fans on side even in the worst circumstances.