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  1. 1993swfc

    Sean Clare Signing for

    As if, this lad could be playing week in week out in the championship and he’s made a move to Hearts. Wow. Crazy. So much for Spurs ey. Blown my mind this transfer.
  2. 1993swfc

    Away games, a closed shop?

    It is only fair I guess! The other year I was ten points short of going to Rotherham in the cup so I bought a ticket for QPR Away so I got my ten points and then when I had my Rotherham ticket I returned the Qpr one... genius. There’s always a way!
  3. Don’t think Jos will throw them in without proper training with the team. Both players signed and immediately went on international duty and will return probably only with a few days training. Imagine they will be on the bench. Waiting there turn.
  4. This should just be the normal way of bringing back an injured player! What we have been known to see in the last 3 years is ridiculous. Players would be out for months and then have to play 2/3 times in a week. He’s still easing Fletcher back in who I think fans forget he was out for 8 months. Keep it up Jos.
  5. 1993swfc

    Are we trusting him yet?

    Probably true but I don’t think he will personally make them decisions. FFP will force us into those decisions.
  6. 1993swfc

    Are we trusting him yet?

    Can’t fault Jos one bit. He’s been dealt a terrible hand. But last season he did well and found a way to get results with what he had and this season he’s done the same again... willing to accept a formation wasn’t working and changed something not many managers are brave enough to accept something isn’t working. Hes only bought one permanent player (Joey) and for the few hundred grand we paid he’s better than the millions Carlos wasted on Jones and Abdi! He’s got some youngsters coming through that look unbelievable! Jos could have single handedly solved our financial crisis because these young lads are going to be worth a lot of money! (Although I hope we don’t sell them, it’s nice to have some assets!).
  7. 1993swfc

    Joey Pelupessy

    He’s a real team player. Never going to get the credit he deserves. But if Jos asked the lad to jump off a cliff for the team, Joey would jump off a cliff.
  8. 1993swfc


    I disagree in regard to him being a hard worker. Yes he can close a defender down under pressure or a goal keeper and all the crowd applauds. But he doesn’t do things like cover the left back and get into shape quick enough, the little nitty gritty parts of the game.
  9. Also his ability to realise 532 didn’t suit the players he has either and changed to the more balanced 4231
  10. 1993swfc


    I think being a good team who work hard goes a lot further than having one star player like Forestieri and if he’s not prepared to work for the team then I’m all for him being on the bench and stand by Jos. This attitude of “we need him to play just because he’s Forestieri” I just don’t understand.
  11. 1993swfc


    How on earth you can compare this team to Grays is crazy. Gray kept clean sheets and we never scored (scored something like 15 at home in the whole season at home under Gray)! This teams scoring goals and conceding them as for the needing a bit of magic... you seen Joaos goal?
  12. 1993swfc

    Liam Palmer

    Exactly! I think some people forget he was our play of the season is 13/14 (yes I know it was a terrible season with not much to pick from) however he showed a lot of consistency under Gray in a side that constantly kept clean sheets and Palmer was a huge part of that.
  13. 1993swfc


    Fortunately our manager made a statement about it’s what’s happening now and not what you’ve done in the past. Nando’s a top player but this clamour for people to just place him in the squad without earning his way in is ridiculous.
  14. 1993swfc

    Matt penney

    In my entire time supporting Wednesday I’ve never seen an academy player just step into the first team so comfortably and consistently
  15. 1993swfc

    Liam Palmer

    100% ageee. Playing wing backs brought out the best we had seen in Jack Hunt. But Palmer looks so much more comfortable just defending and not worrying about going forward as much.