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  1. Hughton is the only one I genuinely want but he’s reportedly not interested but going off the betting list the ones I’d be able to cope with are... Nigel Pearson, Daniel Stendel and Gary Rowett. I could write a list of 100 with the ones I don’t want, but I just really don’t want some unknown obscure manager, we have tried this and hasn’t worked, we need someone whose now tried and tested in the division.
  2. I don’t want Bullen, but if Chansiri is shopping for managers in the 4th division of Armenia then I’d much rather it be Bully. Last thing I want is another unknown, we’ve got a decent Championship side and we need someone with experience of this division to get the best out of our players.
  3. Not sure I’m keen. That last season at home... 16 goals in 23 games at home and 5 wins, wasn’t great watching.
  4. Tekke is worrying. He plucked Carlos and Jos out of nowhere so sounds possible and this is just my worry with Chansiri. Please hire someone with decent Championship pedigree. I hoped he learned from Bruce that Championship experience is vital, yes he left in under a cloud but it wasn’t because of results.
  5. Gutted if accurate. Should move heaven and earth to get the bloke.
  6. Choice number 1 - Hughton Record at this level speaks for itself, 2 promotions out of 4 Championship seasons is excellent (even more so that the other 2 seasons ended up in the play offs and one of those was level on points with second). Also the fact he’s proven he can keep teams up as well, no relegation on his CV. Option number 2 - Nigel Pearson Too young to know him playing for Wednesday so this is solely based on what he did at Leicester. He took over at Leicester after a similar situation to the one we find ourselves in, after the overspending of their owners in the Championship under Sven, he picked up bargains to win them the Championship, players like Vardy, Knockaert and Mahrez and then kept them up the following year and many of his signings went on to win them the Premier League.
  7. Didn’t have Steve down for that sort of bloke. But what a horrendous way to leave. It’s just another very dirty to tactic to get Wednesday to agree compensation. All in all I just want this over with now, new bloke in and build up some form of positivity for Reading.
  8. Not really. £2m a year, around £40k p/w. Newcastle offering him £1m a year, but with huge bonuses. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/8039727/sheffield-wednesday-steve-bruce-jos-luhukay/ https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/newcastle-united-make-steve-bruce-18205706.amp
  9. Well you can’t say he is leaving for the money seeing as we currently pay him around £2m a year. I really can understand Bruce wanting the move. I just don’t like the way it’s being done by Newcastle, they’ve turned his head and now aren’t willing to pay so need Bruce to resign? Not right at all that.
  10. Steady Eddie? We are a Championship club aiming for promotion. Hughton’s record in 4 Championship seasons: 1st Newcastle 2010 4th Birmingham 2012 3rd Brighton 2016 2nd Brighton 2017 Hughtons record in full Premier League seasons: 11th Norwich 2013 15th Brighton 2018 17th Brighton 2019 He’s proven he’s a manager whose successful in the Championship and can keep teams up in the Premier League. Which is exactly Sheffield Wednesdays aim over the next few years to achieve, so we won’t do no better than Hughton.
  11. I would hope Wednesday would find out the correct compensation from the club firstly and then decide if they was willing to move forward with an approach. Not turn the managers head behind the clubs back and then be unwilling to pay what the club reasonably requests.
  12. Terrible situation. Newcastle and completely turned his head, without actually being willing to pay a reasonable fee, just expected £1m to be enough. Can tell why they lack any sort of class as a club. We need to be on the phone to Chris Hughton, I’m purely gutted, I get he wants the job so no hard feelings but we need to resolve this quickly now.
  13. Nope. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich-city-transfer-news-jordan-rhodes-update-1-6071901 mid way down. 12 months left.
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