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  1. But you haven’t stated any facts? Just gave your opinion and claim they’re facts. They did play ok Saturday, still have my opinion they’re both better players playing next to a holding player. What’s Lee’s fitness got to do with anything?
  2. It wasn’t the central pairing that dragged us to the play offs the season López played for us which is when I’m talking about. The Lee and Bannan pairing for me is lightweight. Not a myth, just an opinion.
  3. Very true. Lee was the main central player, then he’d play next to Lopez or Hutch as the holding player. Lopez was fantastic at getting the ball off the defence whilst also protecting the back 4, very underrated player.
  4. 100% agree on the Bannan being a LM. We lose physicality in the middle and also ends up with him being too deep. We saw the best of Bannan from 2015-2017 playing on the left and drifting in.
  5. With Winnall just signed and us crying out for a CB and CM at the time. It was a truly horrendous decision and one we are still paying for.
  6. Possibly, but the club shouldn’t have spent what it did on a player that they weren’t 100% was going to start every single week and fit into the way we play. The abundance of strikers we have had hasn’t allowed for any consistency from any of them though, not just Rhodes.
  7. The biggest problem for any striker is there has been too much competition for places. Fletcher, Hooper, Forestieri, Nuhiu, Joao, Winnall and Rhodes have been competing against each other for the best part of 3 years (albeit a couple loans). This never allowed for any consistency, never allowed two strikers to form a partnership. Not until Bruce came in did Fletcher really establish himself as our main striker. Even for the other players supplying the forwards it’s never helped that one week your pumping up to Fletcher or Nuhiu, another Hooper or Forestieri are dropping deep towards midfield, or even Rhodes and Winnall who both like to linger and attack crosses. It’s no surprise we’ve seen little consistency over the last 3/4 years with our front line because apart from Fletcher no ones really been allowed to be the main stay upfront.
  8. We are doing a lot better than I expected. Think when you concede late in games they end up feeling like losses. However looking at the table I’m delighted we are in and around the mix. These players have shown they’re inconsistent over the last 4 seasons so it astounds me people think that’s suddenly changed. What Monk is doing right now is as good as I think we can expect with the tools he has.
  9. I’d also add we need to aim to be more than 1 goal ahead of our opponent.
  10. I think we need 2 strikers. We need to add more dimensions to our attack.
  11. They offered him a contract and he turned it down. Monk didn’t want rid.
  12. The Star have put it on their website saying we are leading the chase. Crawley striker.
  13. Play how Conte did at Chelsea the other year. 343. Fletcher as the lone striker and you can put 2 wingers either side of him. Like the idea of Iorfa, Lees and Borner as a back 3
  14. Possibly? Think he’ll be gone before summer though.
  15. 2 strikers are a must. Forestieri, Winnall, Fletcher, Nuhiu all out of contract. Rhodes probably on his way. We need to start planning ahead a target man and a striker with pace should be top of the list.
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