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    100%. Our midfield is so weak. I love Bannan but I’m of the unpopular opinion he had his best most consistent season playing wide left and drifting inside during the 15/16 season while Hutch and Lee played in the centre and gave us more steel in the centre, also takes the onus on him to win tackles, headers and second balls while also the winger marking him is going to be less likely to follow him around than a top central player.
  2. 1993swfc

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    None at all. That Hull side couple week back went and tore Leeds apart at Elland Road... Agnew is literally in charge of one more league game and then Bruce is here.
  3. 1993swfc


    That’s Rhodes for you. Last 2 managers had him covering central mid. He’s an absolute poo house bog liner, let him be what he is
  4. 1993swfc

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I didn’t say I don’t think they played well in a short spell of games. I just don’t think 4 results should reflect the last 18 months of performances but hey that’s just me
  5. 1993swfc

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    I seen the same things I’ve seen from this team today that I’ve seen them do all season, today was abysmal but that’s Agnews fault? No not having it these players are a disgrace and I’ll judge Bruce, Agnew and Clemence next season not after one week working with these embarrassments.
  6. 1993swfc

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    This squad wasn’t good enough to finish 12th last season and have added 2 loans and now we are good enough? Give over. This team we have is lacking from top to bottom, reshape needed.
  7. 1993swfc

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    So your telling me this set of players are good enough? They’ve had one week to work with the squad. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This squad isn’t good enough.
  8. 1993swfc

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Same team has worked under 2 previous managers tactics for 18 months and guess what they haven’t been good enough. Now after 1 game with Agnew and literally one full weeks worth of training I’m suppose to slate him? I’ll judge Bruce and his staff next season thanks.
  9. 1993swfc

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    Based on what? They literally are playing the same 433 and same squad Bullen was. When will people realise this team just isn’t good enough?
  10. 1993swfc

    Can’t wait

    Agnew has played the same side Bullen was playing so not having this being his fault. The seasons a write off. Just get to the summer and let Bruce rebuild us, make some big decisions on big name players and finally have a manager with some balls to change things rather than clinging onto a few good players who weren’t good enough to get us up 2/3 years ago.
  11. Reach needs to be out wide, way more effective on the right coming inside. Go 442 and get Winnall and Fletcher up front together.
  12. 1993swfc


    You can believe your mate who claims Boro were paying Rhodes 60k a week (in the championship) and he took a 50% wage cut to come to Wednesday. Yeah oreyttt I will trust the journalist who has told us who our last 2 managers were going to be before anyone else no problem Thanks for piping up to literally just discuss JR’s wage. I’m sorry the ten grand difference means so much to you.
  13. 1993swfc


    So no one told you want to also show me where Rhodes said “he’d took a 50% pay cut” no I gather you can’t do that either because Paul in pub knows his aunts dog mothers uncle and he told you not to say owt ey
  14. 1993swfc


    I imagine Bruce will want to work with Rhodes. Attempted to sign him at both Hull and Villa. I couldn’t think of a better manager to get the best out of Rhodes. Also what’s the chance of anyone signing him? He’s going to be even harder to shift next season. Hardly doubt Norwich will sign him and pay him the 40k we are apparently paying considering he’s sat on the bench with them.