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  1. So we must have offered him less money but a 2 year deal?
  2. I get the impression Bruce may be looking at implementing the 532 he used when he took Hull up the first time. Also could suggest Palmer may be off or that he sees Odubajo as a left but to me it looks like Odubajo and Matthews could both play right wing back. Moving Iorfa to right centre half and the German lad brought in could be to play left centre seeing as though he’s left footed. But hey we will see what happens, trust Bruce whatever happens.
  3. Kalanic was signed by Smith after Bruce. Bruce didn’t do too bad with Sam Johnstone, only couldn’t sign him because off the field problems with another take over that didn’t allow him to spend money till the end of that window, hence why they started poorly because they couldn’t replace Terry, Johnstone, Snodgrass and Grabban adequately. By the time they could spend Johnstone had moved to WBA.
  4. Forestieri out? A player who scored 6 times and has 1 assist this season. Replaced with Powell for free and has scored 8 times and assisted 7 in a team who spent all season fighting relegation whose wages will be less than half of Forestieri’s. Plus us if we can get anywhere near £14m Bruce will then be able to sign players like Hector and probably elsewhere as well. This would be great dealing from Bruce.
  5. 1 year left on his contract. I don’t care who the team is, if we can get anywhere near £14m we need to sell!
  6. Don’t forget Scotland, we love Scotland.
  7. Yeah he had a really bad one. I’m not sure if he’s been fine since that, but he looked destined for the Premier League.
  8. Odubajo is a great player. Remember him in the play off final against us he was brilliant. But yet again it boils down to injuries.
  9. He’s just not a team player. I did also say it’s not just about a few penalty misses. I think Nando is an absolute top quality player but like you just said it’s when he’s “on it”. To suggest we need a captain to sort out a 29 year old man on the pitch is laughable. As for the defend from the front, your correct and that is my point your referring back to his “first season” which is now 3 years ago, something he no longer offers us, he had to be moved yesterday from wide left to central because he wasn’t covering back. He’s scored some brilliant goals and given some fantastic moments. But it’s time to let go and move on as a club.
  10. Can never say in this league. I would never have said Norwich would have gone up, but one things for sure this season is their hasn’t been a “Wolves”, no standout team who ran away with anything. I don’t think any of Huddersfield or Cardiff coming down will be a contender next season however if Fulham hire a decent manager I think they’ll be a decent side. Villa will for me be the team that standout next season, however they’ll have to replace Tammy Abraham, and replacing a 25 goal player isn’t easy. Also think Leeds could be up there again but since Christmas they’ve been a shadow of the team they was before. So for me I think it’s another year where there is a big opportunity for 3/4 of the league.
  11. And to be fair it was exactly the same “poorly executed” penalty that he took against Brighton away the other year and also against Huddersfield in the play offs. Just not a team player. More bothered about scoring a clever looking Pogba style penalty than actually just scoring the penalty. This all doesn't boil down to 1 game with Forestieri or 1 penalty miss. But we haven’t seen him play to level of 15/16 or any sort of consistency in over 2 years... he’s now 29... essentially moving him on would be best for us and him, give me a grafter every single day over a Forestieri.
  12. It was just a moment of leadership from Hector. Just grabbed the ball straight off Nuhiu and took a no nonsense penalty.
  13. Had to be moved from wide left to striker because he was offering no cover to the full back. Can forgive a poor penalty, but it’s a lazy penalty, more bothered about a stupid penalty rather than just making sure he hits the target. Straight after the penalty we get a free kick in a great opportunity to cross, he shoots and send it’s over. Ignores the opportunity to pass to players in better positions than himself because he’ll just keep twisting and turning hoping a shooting opportunity arises. Hes an amazing player, can do incredible things but it seems it’s when he wants and it’s not on a regular basis. He’s just not the Fernando Forestieri of 15/16 fans keep telling themselves.
  14. Sell. Only on the pitch for himself not the team.
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