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  1. 1993swfc

    Chansiri kicking off

    I certainly do
  2. 1993swfc

    Chansiri kicking off

    Without an answer? ITS NOT REALISTIC If your struggling to read Your the one quoting me? Lot of “flim flam”from yourself to say all I did was quote Chansiri himself and there’s a video of a fan doing as he’s asked, might be able to get a meeting when I can get one of his taxis
  3. 1993swfc

    Chansiri kicking off

    His answer in every single steering meeting is “come and see me” when you have a problem and also states he doesn’t like people saying anything bad online? That is the world now whether he likes it or not! If kits aren’t in by November fans will complain! If we are doing poorly fans will criticise the manager. If we are paying more than every club in the same league as ours people will complain! If your not going to tell supporters there is an embargo until season tickets have come off sale people are going to be annoyed! The same man that’s openly stated and blamed supporters for last seasons downfall and sees no issue with poor recruitment of players! That video isn’t filled with people insulting him!
  4. 1993swfc

    Chansiri kicking off

    He doesn’t live in the country. The phrase come and see me is just a pie off. How on earth do you go and see him! It’s a ridiculous statement. Not saying the other day was right because I wasn’t there and a video clip doesn’t show th whole story. However the bloke can’t handle criticism in these steering meetings or online and has openly blamed supporters.
  5. 1993swfc

    Chansiri kicking off

    Pretty sure he always blabs on about “it you have a problem come and see me directly”...
  6. 1993swfc

    Mick McCarthy

    Got to be a serious football snob to turn your nose up at him. Look at Ipswich now... even when he had them in the play offs no big money was ever spent. He had McGoldrick and Murphy and turned them into one of the best strike partnerships in the league. He bought Waghorn for £1m (probably his biggest amount of money) and turned him into a £6m-£7m striker. He bought Mings for £10k and sold him for £8m and was never given the money to reinvest to his squad. Hes won promotions with Wolves and Sunderland. Im sure Cardiff fans were turning there noses up at Warnock when he got that job however I’m sure they’re not complaining now.
  7. 1993swfc


    He’s the ideal replacement for me. This job isn’t going to be the one filled with money anymore and we need someone whose proven they can rebuild a side which is competitive in this league and get the best out of what he has! What did with Darryl Murphy was nothing short of a miracle. He’d also be an end to the aimless passing between back 4 and keeper and that’s me happy
  8. 1993swfc

    The Buck Stops At The Top

    Chansiri is the biggest problem at this club. He lies and tells us things are our fault. If you raise prices your also raising expectations even the silliest business man understands that. From the midnight attack on the fans over Carlos to lying about an embargo to get seasons tickets sold I get such a bad feeling we are divided and are heading for some rough rough years.
  9. Full clear out needed in the next 7/8 months. Starting with management and replacing the current players by next season. It needs knocking down and starting again unfortunately.
  10. 1993swfc

    Penney Signs New Deal

    This ain’t good news what so ever. In 12 months we are going to be in the same position we are now however the lad will be more experienced and have a lot more interest.
  11. 1993swfc

    If the Chairman agreed.

    Of course. Some of our fans are an embarrassment when it comes to DC. The bloke blames us for last season and Carlos leaving! He even put a statement out saying this! He’s put the prices high and he’s the one talking about promotion constantly so he can’t be annoyed when he set the expectations and they’re not being met.
  12. 1993swfc

    A plea to our fans

    I don’t think anyone did threaten his family personally or abuse his family personally. I just think the bloke uses that as an excuse! All his family were walking round Owls in the Park fine however a few week later apparently his son didn’t want to go to games. Not having it.
  13. 1993swfc

    Not the man

    No exactly! I think the squad playing wise needs to be knocked down and started again. Whoever is manager for the rest of this season is going to struggle for consistent results. Next summer the club needs a reshape wether or not big names have to be sold. Big decisions have to be made.
  14. 1993swfc

    Not the man

    Personally if a change was made and I knew was getting a McCarthy or a Bruce then Id be all for it. However I think our problems lie higher up than Luhukay and I’d fully expect his replacement to be another gamble of someone we haven’t heard of.
  15. 1993swfc

    Do we really need Joey.

    I think a holding midfielder is one of the most under rated positions on the team! Any top team always has one. And to be fair to Joey he’s been brilliant for what we paid. as for Jos he has made 3 signings and for me they’ve all been brilliant and what we needed! Due to an embargo he has had his hands tied and probably wanted to sign players elsewhere! I’ll judge him fully when he has his own squad of players. However the fact he has a load of kids and Carlos’ cast offs getting us clutching at the play offs I definitely am not going to criticise.