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  1. Think with us being linked with Cattermole. Shows Bruce has an eye on that holding role as you just can’t expect Hutch to play 40 games.
  2. Possession stats drive me crazy. Biggest myth in football possession. It’s what you do when you’ve got it that counts, doesn’t matter how long you have it.
  3. I think it’s very tough for us. We are playing 6 teams chasing promotion out of our last 8 games. I fancy whoever gets 6th spot to actually go up, think whoever finishes 3rd place are going to be gutted, chasing automatic all season to then end up being in the play offs where as whoever finishes sixth will have have to have near pefect form going through April and will be buzzing they’ve got in ahead of so much competition.
  4. If we do we do if we don’t we don’t. I’m just glad it’s enjoyable to go to Hillsborough and watch some brilliant football.
  5. This is the plus side to having someone like Bruce as manager, Jos or Carlos wouldn’t have found a little gem like this. A 23 year old for £200K whose versatile, tall, quick, strong and scores goals. Incredible.
  6. We’ve not done too well out of the Scottish market in the past... however Bruce found Robertson so I’ll trust him 100%
  7. He’s been excellent. Wasn’t crazy about him in the first half of the season but judging him since Jos left under Bullen/Agnew and now Bruce he’s been outstanding. I don’t think we will be the only team trying to sign him come next season.
  8. Got to be Winnall and Fletcher up top second half. Nuhiu and Fletcher don’t work, they both want to be the target man, but Fletcher is a million times better than Atdhe.
  9. Can’t believe he’s only 30. Honestly he seems like he’s been around forever.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if Wilder made this up to be fair... needs to make an excuse up to over our only chance of the game. Telling me John Fleck an experienced midfield player couldn’t determine that a voice shouting “keepers” when he was running facing the goalkeeper was from behind him? Yeah ok.
  11. I personally think it falls back onto recruitment. Championship is a tough tough league, many leagues don’t have 46 games. For example Van Aken... the most games he managed to play in the Eredivisie is 30 out of 34 and that was in 14/15. In 15/16 he managed 20 out of 34 and in 16/17 he managed 26 out of 34. Meaning he had only managed to play 46 games over 2 seasons in Holland, he comes to a much tougher league with many more games and we deemed this acceptable to spend £4m on a player who hadn’t played more than 26 games a season in the two years previous to us signing him. We we really need to be targeting players who can cope with playing 40 games a season
  12. We was right all along. I’ve seen people praising Chansiri for sacking Jos, I think as supporters we handled ourselves well. Chansiri was adamant Jos was here to stay and even said something along the lines of “a new manager doesn’t mean things would get better”. However we could all see that it would and we really put pressure on Chansiri to change and we did it in a respectful manner, and to no ones surprise it’s taken Steve Bruce less than a month to really get his teeth into the players and the last 2 performances have been the 2 most enjoyable games I’ve been too in a long long time.
  13. Can’t give him a deal. Fantastic player but we need players who can play 40 plus games a season guaranteed now. Same with Hooper who has been arguably the best striker we’ve had post premier league, however he has never been fit for an entire season, can’t keep paying those wages on players that can’t play no matter how good they are.
  14. Want to show me where he said that? Can’t just make stuff up without evidence. Because I’m pretty sure he just ended up there due to injuries.
  15. He hasn’t said that though has he. Luhukay just fancied him on the left side on a back 3
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