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  1. AHAHA But at least we have won them of possession
  2. Jesus comes to something when big Mick manages the more entertaining side
  3. No excuses tonight

    Todays game worries me. We really struggled against big, physical and direct teams like Micks Ipswich.
  4. He's not done in anywhere in the championship, this form will be a shock to any of the 100s of clubs he has played for. He was always a threat in L1 but to see what he's doing now is incredible really, I bet even he can't believe it
  5. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    This awful style that's got them to finish 10th and he's done it on a low budget. Poor West Brom.
  6. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    No surely they won't. But they won't get better results and a better manager unless they work on a better budget. No draw dropping manager is going to walk through the door at WBA, don't be surprised if Megson keeps it till end of the season.
  7. So because Bannan and Rhodes were possibly fouled we can't in 90 minutes go and create another chance? Right. Ok.
  8. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Thats fine is WBA fans aren't happy mate... but you can't take away what he's done on that budget! They were yo-yoing between the champ and Prem for years now they're an established premier league team. Whose going to want that job on that budget knowing that fans aren't content with mid table....
  9. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    They're 12 games in for god sake! They finished above all of them last season on one of the lowest budgets! Agree with me or don't, I don't really care. But many teams would love to be sat in WBA shoes of finishing 10th, 14th & 13th. They're only 5 points off Brighton in 9th! They're West Brom! He's worked wonders.
  10. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Not saying your wrong. But the point made is about Pulis! He has consistently worked on a budget lower than most in the premier league and has continually guided them to finish mid table! Tenth! He has over achieved. Dont like his football then fair enough but he has consistently over achieved with West Brom. If West Brom had a huge budget like Everton and they were where they are I'd understand. But you have to respect what he is working with.
  11. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Because we've gone backwards on a budget probably of similar proportion to WBA. I am not disputing the football isn't Barcelona like but they've done well in recent years. A lot of clubs would kill to be in there position. So sorry I don't have much sympathy.
  12. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    What on earth are you waffling on about? Football has changed so accept it or don't. I'm talking realistically... West Brom probably have one of the lowest budgets in the top flight! How is finishing tenth in the whole country and one of the toughest divisions so bad? I don't care what the football is like they're massively over achieving. So I think it's you whose missing the point! It can't be that bad if they are finishing tenth!
  13. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Under Pulis you have finished 13th, 14th and 10th. I'm sorry but my heart really goes out to you, mid table for the mighty WBA must be absolutely horrendous
  14. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    They finished tenth! A point off 8th. They're West Brom. Without being disrespectful where do they genuinely expect to be? Any team in the country bar the top 6 and Everton would be happy with that. They lost 4-0 to the reigning champions, they'd be fine with Pulis.
  15. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Money has risen massively in the premier league in the last 5 years. Any premier league manager will have spent more in comparison to previous premier league managers of the same club. I can understand why people don't like Pulis. But you guys are in the group of clubs in the premier league that's aren't going to break into the top 7. No chance. He got you to finish tenth last season a point behind 8th (as good as you can possibly hope for) and the gap between 8th and the relegation zone was 12 points! The gap between 8th and Everton is 15 points. So I honestly don't know what you expect. A few wins will have you near the top half and that's much more capable when Pulis is manager but hey ho