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  1. They had a lot of the ball but didn’t do anything with it. I just think both teams really cancelled each other out. Think a draw was fair. I expected a lot more from Fulham today.
  2. It’s “I need a new contract again season”
  3. Loovens was up there with one of our best frees. He joined in December 2013 on a short term deal after training with us for a short time when we was fighting relegation. Went on to be part of Stuart Gray’s unbeatable defence and Carvalhal’s 2 play off seasons after that and also a wonderful captain.
  4. Say that’s true... that doesn’t stop a loan deal. Like last year we could have sent him to Norwich. Another £2m saved to pay Middlesbrough. Keeping him made no sense.
  5. His wages are around £2m per year and we still have to pay Middlesbrough whatever regardless?
  6. Did you read what I put? I was talking in the past tense. We had the chance to move him to Norwich. Hence why I said we may regret that.
  7. Because Sky Sports tells them to think like this... Fulham > Barca Knockeart > Messi
  8. I was more saying there is something in the story rather than specifically about the bid
  9. It’s a direct quote from their manager Bruno Lage, who was Carlos’ assistant here.
  10. I think it’s just not going to happen here. To continue paying his astronomical wages even just till January may be a silly decision. We really needed to take advantage of getting him off he wage bill.
  11. He’s awkward to watch. But he was fantastic today.
  12. He needs to up his game. I expected a lot more for a player that cost what he did a couple years ago. I saw more from Rolando Aarons than I have Murphy and somehow he’s in League 1.
  13. A lad who wants to be on the pitch. Game changed when he came on. He gave us an extra option.
  14. Bannan needs to link the play better. Leave Hutch to collect from the defence and play those simple balls, Bannan needs to get on the ball in the opposition half.
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