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  1. Players are injured and they have also been unfit this season, I think it’s fair to say they have gone hand in hand and we will hopefully see a different scenario next season when we have a manager who will prepare us better fitness wise
  2. I know you are being sarcastic, but this genuinely happened. I am saying this as someone who does not believe the conspiracy
  3. I don’t really believe (or want to believe) this conspiracy, but I enquired about my daughter being mascot for Westwood when he was only supposed to be out for a few weeks and was told that we might need to choose someone else as “what if he is out for the season”
  4. I agree with your point, but Chansiri has openly admitted to not letting George play, whereas he has denied the injury situation
  5. So if players come back from injury before the end of the season that means they were not actually injured but they are returning because there are not enough games left for the contract bonuses to kick in? Would any manager allow this to happen? This to me is taking this story too far! What if we can’t sell these players in the summer? Are the bonus milestones still there? Will they be injured all next season too? When does it end
  6. Where is the guy who said he had 100% signed a contract?
  7. I know what you mean and I am questioning it myself, just relegation would be disastrous financially. The whole situation is just bizarre
  8. Relegation has got to cost more than paying some appearance bonuses surely
  9. When I took my son to get his autograph last week, someone asked him when is he back and he said “you’re guess is as good as mine” I just took it as he didn’t know when he would be back to full fitness
  10. @ploehmann gives a really good summary of it all on twitter. For anybody on a downward spiral it could make you feel slightly better.
  11. Sean Clare

    He got a loan to get first team experience and then eased into our first team, regardless of whether it was injuries that opened the door for him he has still been given a chance here. Nobody knew he was going to look so good after a couple of games and we have probably revised our contract offer accordingly. So i don’t think this is entirely the clubs fault for how this has turned out. But like it or not Clare has the upper hand in this and if we offer him decent terms you would like to think he will sign, but clearly his agents will be using every trick in the book
  12. Young George Hirst

    if he does sign no point getting on kivos back or anyone who shared what they knew, just embrace any good news that’s coming out of the club right now as I think people behind the scenes are genuinely trying to put a few things right in a disastrous season
  13. Refund

    That old chestnut! After nobody agreed with your post