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  1. I take it you put your life savings on ivic then? Better explain to your family that you have lost your life savings on information given on a forum. You really have taken this too serious ffs, the guy has passed on information that he has received it really should not make you angry if it doesn’t come to fruition
  2. I really don’t want to picture big Lisa s cat coming out
  3. So big Lisa is with Eric but big Geoff doesn’t know, they also sell weed to kinky Seth, club is going down the sh*tter! Bring back Chansiri
  4. Yeah she gets kinky with Geoff and Seth in a bed of plants
  5. Ffs lad, she is married to big Geoff, you are going to get hit by a spade now
  6. Let her back on! Can’t be a coincidence all this happening and big Lisa turns up! I wonder if big chans has hired her to bring us all in line
  7. Does big Geoff know you are with big Eric? Don’t want Eric getting banged out on his first day as owner
  8. Big Lisa is Eric alonso’s bit on the side while he is in Sheffield, please don’t bad mouth him or she will bang you out
  9. He reminds me of David Silva, he is like our championship version of him
  10. Ok hands up who changed Vicente Moreno’s wiki to Sheffield Wednesday coach?
  11. Just been informed that zola is a very real possibility! I am seriously not itk but just passing on some info I was given. Could be complete bs as it’s from a friend of a friend
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