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  1. Grabbed a last minute holiday from work to go to this. Unfortunately no ticket. Live in London so could come and collect from you tomorrow wherever you are in London. Really don't wanna go in the home end :(
  2. guess we'd be playing everyone in the centre of the park then?
  3. I was there and the guy was having a great time. Somebody bought him a bottle of JD from the off license and he downed it in one. He later got nicked for public indecency but that parts irrelevant.
  4. John Egan: was top quality at gillingham this year and wouldn't cost the earth. Duncan Watmore: Season long loan Proven championship strikers are hard to come by so ill take a punt that Joao will come into his own next season.
  5. Yeah I was at Covent Garden a couple of hours ago. Pretty mental. American tourist next to me thought we were singing about the basketball play offs.
  6. Haha I've been to 29 games this season. 13 of them away and I'm fully aware that once you get in a pub full of Wednesday fans your never on your own. Was just wondering. Don't wanna turn up at a pub at 10am and nobody's there.
  7. Due to the fact I was born in Sheffield, grew up in leicester and now live in London I'm billy no mates tomorrow. ( everyone supports arsenal where I live) Who else is going on their own?
  8. Chansiri, chansiri chansiri oh chansiri he sells tuna in thailand chansiri
  9. Great for the family with over 50 shops. Wtf? Whos going to the play off final to go shopping especially with kids?
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