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  1. Toothless upfront and can’t defend set pieces
  2. Can’t stand them Russian dolls… they are so full of themselves
  3. Urm urm kitchen sink urm urm half time urm urm we will learn from this urm urm we go again
  4. Kraftwork? I don’t we are a “model” example of a well run club
  5. Weren’t we 2-0 up against Luton and lost 3-2?
  6. How Harris ever became a professional footballer is a mystery
  7. But but but now pulis has gone we should be all out attacking
  8. So much is down to confidence. The lads did well and we need to keep it going and build on it
  9. I would but I’ve got a decent job working the switch at D’s taxis
  10. We sold Joao but I take your point.
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