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  1. We will finally get the Henfleet signing over the line ?
  2. I always wonder if he were fit for the 93 cup finals if things might have been different
  3. Good football does not guarantee promotion. Winning games does that. Whatever style it takes
  4. Impact player off the bench at best. £5m snap their hands off. Agree with a sell on clause though
  5. Yeah because he did so well last time.... bully is a decent enough coach. That’s where it ends.
  6. Imagine the meltdown if Megson took us up and Wilder took the pigs down
  7. I would love to be Bruce to be sacked before Xmas so he can enjoy another holiday in Barbados.
  8. I don’t remember Big Ron on the training pitch 24/7 managers have different ways of doing stuff.
  9. I just don’t think his heart was in it. I’m sure the structure of hiwbthe owls are run didn’t help. He under estimated the championship and the squad we had. I think the last 2 months he was just collecting a wage
  10. No worries like I said I am not ITK, haven’t got a friend whose mum is the cleaner st the club etc. I knew my source wouldn’t make it up and he was adamant. It’s rare that I hear anything about the owls (most contacts are north west based) I mean I can bore the forum with details of pogba wanting to go to city etc but we’ve got bigger things to worry about.
  11. No wonder they call it the silly season carlos is second favourite to get the owls job too
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