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  1. Tbf Harris needs to kick on and bring more to his game. Hopefully this could be the making of him
  2. Exactly. Do you think Huddersfield fans look back at their promotion and think if only we had scored more goals in the play offs? Nah... it’s all about winning football matches.
  3. It’s all about winning. When you look back on what you’ve won it’s secondary how well you played. Greece were awful to watch at the 2004 euros and they walked away with the trophy. You have to do what you have to do to win. If you are not blessed with amazing talent then you have to be organised.
  4. He’s employed an experienced manager who can get the best from an average squad. I think many will eat their words at the end of season
  5. One has been a successful premier league manager, took his team into Europe and reached a cup final...
  6. What about when they reached the cup final or got into Europe?
  7. Yeah that’s a really good argument... why did Mourinho get sacked.... zzzzzz
  8. His teams are hard to beat and can motivate players
  9. I would love to them being interviewed like they do on the apprentice and their cv’s being demolished in front of them.
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