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  1. Thank god we have Monk and hardy team of players that fight for each other
  2. Only watched the second half in my defence 😝
  3. Harris? He’s not created a chance since last autumn
  4. He can’t stay now..... surely... just waiting for Chansiri to give him a 5 year deal
  5. Comical. To think these are paid thousands to be so amateur
  6. I really want to know when elv8 drink is available and will there be a sugar free version
  7. I would have thought ANY form of defending at these times would be applauded
  8. Reading between the lines monks not happy with the club. He will want a pay off though and won’t resign
  9. This an absolute embarrassment. Not a single player giving 100%. Something seriously wrong
  10. To be fair he didn’t have much to pass to in front of him
  11. Decent friendly game that.. build up to new season... oh hang on.. you mean that was to go into the last 8....
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