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  1. But but but now pulis has gone we should be all out attacking
  2. So much is down to confidence. The lads did well and we need to keep it going and build on it
  3. I would but I’ve got a decent job working the switch at D’s taxis
  4. We sold Joao but I take your point.
  5. If Brentford wanted him they would have bought him. They have money we need to balance the books.
  6. Totally. I think morale is low and players are human (even if they get ridiculous amounts)
  7. Totally agree with you mate. Not defending them or their attitude. Just trying to think positive.
  8. We played well away at Norwich but the problem is when you’re on top and you can’t maintain it drains confidence. We need a win and to build on. It’s hard to see where it’s coming from tho
  9. A lot of this is confidence. We need something to go for us. We have played well in games but not gone our way. Wins breed confidence. It’s not pretty at the moment but players are low.
  10. We have cleared some massive earners off of the wage bill
  11. How can you play players in their position when we don’t have the players?
  12. So you’re advocating playing reach and harris out of position?? We need a left back and something decent upfront. If we are going to loan players let’s look for some talent from premier league teams not lower championship cast offs. There’s a reason they are letting us have them on loan ...
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