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  1. I don’t remember Big Ron on the training pitch 24/7 managers have different ways of doing stuff.
  2. I just don’t think his heart was in it. I’m sure the structure of hiwbthe owls are run didn’t help. He under estimated the championship and the squad we had. I think the last 2 months he was just collecting a wage
  3. No worries like I said I am not ITK, haven’t got a friend whose mum is the cleaner st the club etc. I knew my source wouldn’t make it up and he was adamant. It’s rare that I hear anything about the owls (most contacts are north west based) I mean I can bore the forum with details of pogba wanting to go to city etc but we’ve got bigger things to worry about.
  4. No wonder they call it the silly season carlos is second favourite to get the owls job too
  5. Hahaha I’ve stuck them on tonight. I can’t say too much already got a telling off from my mate
  6. I keep refreshing the page 10, 20 times bye bye
  7. Totally agree mate. For me to spend that money would be a treat where as sensible pricing would be more appealing. However it’s not a treat to watch at the moment so I save my money. I know that sounds bad but that’s the reality.
  8. Which team with a foreign manager there’s only really hudds.
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