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  1. Monk says cammy would have played whether westwood was injured or not.
  2. Moved reach at the tip of the 3 in midfield instead of bannan so we could press higher and win the ball back quicker.
  3. Iorfa will be our first choice right back and so he should be. Offers so much more than palmer.
  4. https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5bccd42e138c092e24ac5b82
  5. Anyone going in Home end on Tuesday night and which is best stand to sit in?
  6. Anyone going in Home ends? best place to sit?
  7. Is Mansfield all ticket and sold out?
  8. Oh I thought the early bird price was just for renewals!
  9. So you can’t buy a season ticket unless it’s a renewal?
  10. Meant to say I am not a season ticket holder and I want to buy a season ticket for next year. When can I purchase one?
  11. I must be mad but when get a buy a 1 year season ticket that isn’t a renewal?
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