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  1. Having lived about 10 minutes’ walk from Griffin Park until recently, I managed to get to quite a few Brentford games so always found the comparison between them and us quite interesting particularly. Football seemed to be much less of a priority in people’s lives than what it is up here; which was reflected in the match-day atmosphere. I don’t think they could ever create a Wycombe/Brighton/Carlisle type atmosphere but equally I think young, raw players are allowed time to make mistakes and ultimately develop without added pressure from fans (either in the stadium or on social media.) Even if we are not actively booing, the sub-conscious moans and groans after a player error are much more noticeable at Hillsborough. I think it’s a major reason why we have generally targeted so many older, experienced players who are expected to handle it better. In the current squad, Da Cruz has already been written off by many after a handful of appearances, but as a young, cheap European import, he is a typical example of the type of player you would expect to succeed at Brentford and be sold on for profit; much to our envy. Ultimately, he may not turn out to be good enough but if he was at Brentford I am sure he would be allowed more than 5-6 games (mostly as a sub) before the verdict was made. As much as fans may be “entitled” to voice their grievance at poor performances, from my experience it seems to be much less of a factor at clubs like Brentford, Bournemouth, Brighton, Southampton etc who have a much better track record with developing players and a major reason why I think we would struggle to copy the “develop and sell” model.
  2. Mate's done his ankle playing football over the weekend so can no longer attend (nothing to do with Saturday's performance..) 2 x Adult Tickets (25-64) Lower Tier Face Value - £23 each I work Mon-Fri in Sheffield City Centre so can meet at any point during the day. Alternatively I live in Dronfield area so can potentially drop off in the evening if nearby/en-route.
  3. Looking for one adult derby ticket for my brother. Can meet at stadium.
  4. 1x adult ticket for West Brom available at face value (£20) due to a dropout from our group. Already on route but can meet outside ground or pub before.
  5. Still looking to swap a seated ticket for standing as above. Can meet outside stadium/nearby
  6. As above, I have an upper tier adult ticket and looking to swap for a lower tier as rest of my group are in the lower. will be in London from tomorrow morning so can either pick up this evening (Friday) in Sheffield or exchange outside the ground on Sunday.
  7. PM if available. Can either meet up in city centre or collect.
  8. Ticket still available and can be collected in the morning. Message/reply if interested.
  9. Adult standing ticket available for Brentford tomorrow, struggling with man-flu so unfortunately can no longer make it. Face Value (£23) with collection from Dronfield (tonight or tomorrow morning). Message or reply if interested.
  10. Still after 1 ticket for Villa tomorrow for my old man. Preferably lower tier but would take anything. Can pick up around Sheffield tonight or tomorrow morning. Reply or PM.
  11. Looking for one Bournemouth ticket if anyone has one going spare?
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