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  1. I'll have the reading one if still up for grabs, can you bring ticket to Madjeski?
  2. Well, at least a Im on the city database after the last game!!!!
  3. He seems happy, didn't want to know at reading (don't blame him) so hopefully he wants to take cut a stick around
  4. Surprisingly he tracks back well and puts a shift in!! All depends on the fees involved though. Not worth breaking the pay structure (not that we would anyway )
  5. If you registered after, and know a city fan, then link your ID and the ticket stands. I registered on the 27th. Linked to my mates membership ID to share points etc. No probs. Failing that, POTG
  6. I'm sure you can afford it on the forces pension
  7. Why is the bell speaking in a French accent
  8. South African owls !!! Big following in Cape Town and fair few in PE where we are. I even went to Botswana last month and got chatting to a bloke in bar..... He said does david pleat still have anything to do with Wednesday??? I drank up and left
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