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  1. Traditionally we have always been a big club, we were just bobbar for far too long! Chelsea were doing well when they got taken over but not too long before that they were a lower division side, so they shouldn't be included in the so called big clubs category either! Not many Wednesday fans wouldn't be excited about City coming to town now. well, its still a City, so yeah why not!
  2. erm...think you're missing quite a big team there mate....
  3. You think you've won the lottery? Imagine how city fans felt in 2008!! Love whats happening at Wednesday though, building a damn good squad.
  4. Can i just ask why this jontheowl66 fella keeps negging anyone who says it'll be a great signing? i've been plussing a few of them to restore parity haha.
  5. Apart from the cigarette break, why was this press conference so bizarre?
  6. I'm pretty sure any self respecting football fan wouldn't be wondering who karanka was!!
  7. I'm so glad there is some sense in this thread. What a pathetic OP. So its classless and embarrassing to celebrate a 90th minute winner now is it?? You have to laugh.
  8. Yes that is a very fustrating thing about the club at the minute. We do have some very good players in the U21s but for whatever reason they just dont get a game. Pozo got a start a few weeks back when Dzeko got injured in the warm up, but he is 5ft nothing and 8 stone dripping wet and he was asked to play as the lone target man, needless to say he had a poor game. Thierry Ambrose has been on the bench recently and Bersant Celina was on the bench yesterday but they just cant get on. United and Chelsea have no problem blooding youngsters, i have no idea why we dont.
  9. That just sounds like your brother in law is a decent bloke and your stepbrothers are nobbers, regardless of who they support!
  10. Some sense. Bluemoon has some great posters, it also has some right..., well you have a swear filter here so I'll let you finish off that sentence.
  11. True, I would just love it if Wednesday got promoted and at the very least consolidate their place like a Swansea or a Southampton. The PL money would do wonders for a club like Wednesday.
  12. Yes there are some similarities, but I think we a lot nicer club than that lot, but then I would say that wouldn't I. As long as united remain as the club everyone loves to see lose I suppose I can take a little hatred from opposing fans! Takes some getting used to is all, we were once the team everyone loved to laugh at because what could go wrong, did go wrong with bells on!!!
  13. What's wrong with what I said? Is that not what we are trying to become?
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