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  1. clap clap clap etc then shouting BOOTH
  2. The best team left there and went up to Headingley
  3. Quote from a Rotherham fan to me after the match, "I did notice you played Ihiekwe on the left side of a 3, which is asking for trouble. That's where he was at his most calamitous for us."
  4. I've about 14 years left. Doubt I will see 'em in the Prem again but hope so. I am aware of what hope does.
  5. His "time at Sheffield Wednesday ruined my" supporting experience.
  6. Duel personality? Keeps saying 'we' when mentioning joining.
  7. Bit like how that Oly Garch fella at Chelski can't spend any assets.
  8. The Premier League has the right to hand out whatever money they want to to their clubs. In the same way, the EFL have every right to ban the use of this money when clubs apply to join one of its leagues.
  9. "Trouble with short-term fixes, they only fix things short-term." Thanks Sherlock.
  10. Didn't our beloved chairman once say something like the matchday attendance revenue wasn't critical to the club's finances?
  11. Likeable fella, shame he changed the playing style after the early relative success while at SWFC.
  12. Agree. Only thing to consider was how much spare cash was available for a few beers.
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