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  1. Would have been better if the 'b' in the word after the word 'for' in the first sentence was a 's'
  2. Maybe keep the crap ones in a shed (obviously need quite a large shed with all the crap we keep hiring.)
  3. I sort of think along the lines of Man City, Arsenal and Spurs in my ground moving utopia, not the ones above.
  4. Just keep sacking the manager until we get one who turns out slightly below average or better. That is how low my expectations have become.
  5. I wonder if all these players who say they want to play for Moore, say so because they don't have to put much work in under him.
  6. How come I never get glasses from the opticians as good as the ones they let me use during the eye test.
  7. I have been unsure of this before today. Assumed he wasn't match it but its clearly more than this. Get rid if possible, if not don't pick him again. Waste of a shirt on that showing.
  8. If Moore would just keep the guy playing centreback, loads less injuries (and bookings) would occur.
  9. Tuesday evening at Exeter in the 70s cant have been many
  10. Team gave everything, its all I ask of them.
  11. I'd rather be losing than having that fat twit managing us with his time wasting tactics
  12. Colin nailed on for Norwich til the end of the season
  13. didnt that lane lead down to the other three tons? and to the back entrance of the stone house?
  14. turnip head would have been the guy, had he not scarpered. he would have been the rabbit out of the hat.
  15. Clown, just love that slight. So simple and effective.
  16. Heard the Warne interview just after 5pm yesterday who said he thinks his team is the best in the league. Stark comparison to how Moore sees every team we come up against.
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