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  1. He's improved, albeit from a really low base. Puts some good crosses in. A bit slow for a fullback. Positional awareness could do with more improvement. He's doing ok, happy to see him continue to improve. He deserves his place in the team on current form.
  2. Ticked 'Agree' to most of these posts. If I missed anyone so far, it wan't intentional. Also, 'Never Go Back" was a good book but a crap film.
  3. (must be a massive little brown envelope)
  4. It was also on 5live after 7am this morning. Didn't hear it all but did hear that the former Wigan chairman was saying that before they sold, they were losing £1M a week. The prog said that the Championship clubs are spending more on wages than they had money coming in, things we all probably know. Its madness.
  5. DC's mistakes are all in the past and I'm hoping he's learnt from them. I think he is best placed, rather than selling up, to take us forward. He has the finances, should he continue to want use them, and be allowed to invest. A lot of the past potential buyers didn't seem to have that.
  6. quite distressing opening that little square brown envelope and only finding £17,000 in there for a hard week's graft.
  7. Can't say this is an important match. Wrong time of year for a trip to the seaside too.
  8. OMDT was an hour late, bit like me catching this game. Soddin early KOs
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