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  1. You're seriously comparing Coco with Fergie ? You do realise Fergie had won trophies with Aberdeen before he went to Manchester?
  2. Not using ST next Friday

    I missed a few games last season for the same reason. So glad I didn't renew the St this season
  3. 8 blunts voted when I looked at 22:20
  4. I can't see how he could have picked much different with who's available. Even though Dave played well last game apparently, I think Jr is the better player. But Dave can have an impact at some stage if needed
  5. 7 unbeaten, Norwich no win in 8, you know what's gunna happen
  6. I couldn't think of anything original to add to this thread but that face always makes me laugh
  7. Doesn't need anything else. That first sentence should be enough for everyone to realise that is an epic fail for a manager who still thinks he is doing a good job and who thinks the referees are the reason why we are not 10 points better off.
  8. I watched his latest interview this morning, the guy has lost it. GO, GO NOW
  9. New Manager = Promotion

    Pace costs and according to the owner, there's no money available
  10. Has Mick been on tonight defending Coco?
  11. Totally expecting minimum 4-0 today

    good luck with that
  12. Bannan.

    Bobby had a comb-over too