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  1. I watched some youtube clips of the 2015/16 season earlier this week. Wouldn't say I'm excited about the coming season but looking forward to it more than I was two months ago. Still need a striker or two.
  2. Good spot, not thought of the 5 limit
  3. Seems a better deal than the ones DC usually makes
  4. Good bit of business for both the club and the player. If he goes I wish him well. Loads more good games than bad. Shame he didn't play further up the pitch more but he was a great link player for us, even though we didn't have many players willing to run into space for him.
  5. Ja C*nt, bit harsh but that's how I remember the name
  6. I rang in once, they told me that they'd ring me back. They didn't. Never tried after that.
  7. The goals must be smaller in league 1, nothing else can make sense of the claim that these 2 goalies would somehow be ok.
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