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  1. we have had some turds over the years haven't we?
  2. The young Bart-man, what potential. Tricky-Trev, pure class even with his 38 year-old legs.
  3. It's the old 'never go back' syndrome. I had a great apprenticeship in the 70s. Five good years, made great friends. Left for another company to gain more experience and be looked upon as a man rather than the kid I had been. 3 years later I went back, couldn't recreate the atmosphere we had once had and soon left again, for good. Never go back.
  4. he was awful, not just bad. he's better now going forward but he ain't no big nige at defending
  5. I'll have a look for some in satdi's green 'un
  6. If he can't then either he has to go, or the big players have to. Not convinced its the first option either. These big players don't seem that big to me, they've collectively won nothing.
  7. Cut him some slack, he didn't have to post it. Good advice is still good advice.
  8. I remember manure at Hillsborough in a 4-4 draw. Loads of their fans on the kop and elsewhere.
  9. I made my debut as a SWFC supporter that season. A long hard road followed.
  10. J.R. Hartley would have been proud to have written that.
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