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  1. Ian_D


    pet shop
  2. Ian_D


    We could pet shop around for 2 years then rename it and pretend we moved
  3. Doing remarkably well so far this season.
  4. I read it all the way through so applause please. I also didn't quote it in this reply, more applause please. Well done HirstWhoScoredIt for the work this must have taken.
  5. Ian_D

    Something is seriously wrong with the game

    Needs to time his tackles better maybe?
  6. Ian_D

    To pass the time....

    Might have to have a trip over there next year
  7. until the next match and focus minds away from name-calling etc, what's the latest news on the pub in Malta? Is it still going strong? Are other swfc fans popping in while over there?
  8. Ian_D

    Bielsa Bucket Song Banter

    I liked it but I'm old and maybe going senile.
  9. Early bird season tickets are good value. Over 40 squid on the day, nah.
  10. Ian_D

    Villa on Tour Vid

    "Difficult game, I'm gunna go four one." Hahahahaha
  11. Ian_D

    Am I wrong?

    It's hard to believe that the brilliant Green Un was produced by these morons.