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  1. I'm just doing the same as loads of others, irrelevantly copying the opening text. Hope they enjoy the extra scrolling down the pages.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07rrmw3
  3. "This season in a 433......P9. W6. D2. L2 = 2.22 pts per game" How do you play 9 games and get 10 results?
  4. My first away match was at Stoke. Lost 0-1 if I remember correctly. Approx. 1970
  5. Shouldn't boo our own players, slate them on here instead
  6. Yeah you need the sports package Or the username and password of someone that has
  7. it's on the Skysports Football channel so if you have SkyGo you can watch it on a computer
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