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  1. Ian_D


    Has Nixon elaborated further on his last night's tweet?
  2. Ian_D

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    That was awful but the goal was good
  3. Ian_D

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Have you bought some socks with the savings from buying dog food?
  4. Ian_D

    Question time...

    time for Him to return
  5. Ian_D

    You could drive a bus through there

    Thread would be one page without all this quoting going off
  6. Ian_D

    True impact of FFP

    What about buying 6 or 7 very expensive players very very quickly then an embargo wouldn't matter one jot.
  7. I wouldn't normally read a post that long but I did this time. Absolutely spot-on StudentOwl. How can any manager put up with that unless he has no idea how to fix it.
  8. Ian_D

    Players at Preston Station!

    I've always known it as 'train station'
  9. Ian_D

    To the Jos supporters

    Chairman would only appoint another dipstick
  10. Ian_D

    Season ticket holders

    The new 'red button' might cause some drop in renews too
  11. Ian_D

    Do something DC

    At least the club isn't in debt. That's as clappy a positive as I can offer.
  12. Ian_D

    Martin O'Neil

    I think we have enough players in this squad to compete around mid-table. Problem is, some of the best are not allowed to play. And at least one of the worst is a regular. Totally agree with your second point.