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  1. Ignoring who wrote the thread, I kind of agree with what's said about tougher games. We will see if LB can cut it then
  2. I'd have voted twice for this if I was allowed to
  3. shame they want us to install an app to read it all
  4. Agree, no need to appoint Bullen yet
  5. oh my, never noticed the typo, blaming autocorrect again
  6. so some fella films himself watching the game? sad so and so
  7. but he try the same method to his shooting
  8. I know that but they hate being called Scotch
  9. ... and they kept the scotch out for many years with that low wall of theirs
  10. I don't hold it against the Newcastle fans, Georgies are a decent folk that I've found over the years. Not too fussed what happens to them, good or bad. Bruce leaving us wasn't good for us but he seems to have put some good things in place for us during his short time here.
  11. opened up the thread to find out who had the initials DJ
  12. Glad it's not my decision to make. If it is to be Lee Bullen, I hope he has the skills needed, in particular to be ruthless when needed.
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