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  1. Thanks, I'd forgotten that that match was on tonight.
  2. Stamina to play all out for the full 90 minutes. A bit of pace too. The freshness a new player brings to the team. A tough mentality for the difficult moments in a game, over a season. Not sure those two can satisfy the above.
  3. 1) I could go for this providing manager's contracts could only last for one season. No compo would then need to be paid and there might possibly be more managers available. 2) I would like to see all player transfer windows scrapped. Clubs should be allowed to buy and sell players throughout each year. 3) I would like to see it a rule that agents could not be paid by the clubs. Agents should be paid by the players that want to use an agent.
  4. Now the dust settles on yesterday's news, is Monk the man to get us 62 points next season? That should be the chairman's main thought over the next few days.
  5. Honourable men don't break the rules, or so I thought. Maybe he is not as honourable as some think.
  6. So, we just now need 82 points to get in the play-offs
  7. I think you're too early with that. If Monk stays, so will the big guy I think.
  8. Which 'that badge' are you referring to? The current one or the absolutely perfect and simple badge?
  9. not reading all that but can tell you the 70s was far worse than now
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