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  1. I hope we win all 8 of our remaining games this season
  2. but it's only her two bits ain't it?
  3. I pay using my card as much as I can. Somw weeks go buy without spending any cash. Monzo, Revolut and Paypal make paying easy without using cash.
  4. I never thought I'd think this but hoping the blunts and minipigs win today
  5. That just shows to me, how tough it will be. I hopeful but what a hard set of games coming up.
  6. imagine how happy the scotch would be if England had lost 3 nil to these nobodys. I use the word scotch cos they hate being called that
  7. Its the hope that does you in, of course
  8. I'm hoping 4 wins and 1 draw will be enough
  9. It rains the most between 4am and 7am. Ex-milkman here can confirm.
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