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  1. Read the title as being Wadsley Bridge at first glance
  2. https://youtu.be/WMn9mxHAilk
  3. wow, good business there. sell the ground make shed loads from the sale to buy prem class players. Then leave Hillsborough and move to a new ground near meadowhell
  4. Its ok to have that last pint and turn up 5 minutes late but not ok to leave 5 minutes early?
  5. He's a goalie, 36 ain't old for those guys
  6. I wasn't bored but maybe I am now
  7. Rhodes lost me when he wouldn't take a pen in the playoff final, chickensh*t fighting spirit that was
  8. offer OAP prices from 60 years old like the blunts do
  9. Sorry for the scroll-down lovers, I didn't quote the poster's topic in this reply but wanted to say, "Well written."
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