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  1. Looks a penalty to me that never mind disallowed
  2. On way to Wembley for the fight. Keep this updates guys pleeeease.
  3. Surely not ? Playing a wing back CB instead ? That’s mad.
  4. What’s happened to him ? Assume injury again what’s up with him ?
  5. Totally agree mate. This could come back to bite him.
  6. Serious question. Have you ever played football ? You do understand how the game works ?
  7. Ahhh right. So he’s the first CB to give the ball away in the opposition half and gets punished. fizz off.
  8. Right so a forward gives the ball away in the opposition half. Is he responsible for them scoring ???
  9. Just fizz off. He wins a header and they’re in their own half. How do you blame him for that ?
  10. How the hell is that Dunkley fault. Jeez.
  11. Long as he doesn’t Ben Dover for them !
  12. Lol. More chance of me landing on the the moon.
  13. I think they will and so they should. We can beat anyone in this league. Just hope the team we know and love turn up.
  14. Good post and fair point. Don’t think there’s any doubt we would be too 2 now if he’s have stayed fit.
  15. Sadly no and I’m a Moore in person. He now has most of his front line players available except windass. No excuses I’m afraid and we need to be promoted with this squad.
  16. Just head the ball. Surprised Dean didn’t monster it away. Seems he got drawn under the ball.
  17. Dude. Talking my language. We need to Get behind the team now FFS
  18. Dear o dear. Can’t believe what I’m reading here. On the cusp of play offs which we can easily win. Get behind the team FFS. Deal with whatever happens after. Jeez.
  19. Crystal ball and all that. He’s unlucky with the first chance as his standing foot gives way and he kicks onto it. However that should be top Corner. Berahino should start. He got the lad firing then left him out. Bit baffling.
  20. It was the missed chances that cost us. Agree we are still Poor defending corners and set pieces but jeez should have been out of sight.
  21. If you watch it he actually kicks it onto his standing foot. Possibly a slip but it looks horrendous
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