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  1. Received today trev. Thanks love it and so pleased I ordered one. Top Man.
  2. I'm not bothered about the number of print Trev. No rush bud I can wait.
  3. Owlincornwall you're not far off with that lad. Scrub the 'massive' bit.. We are but not on a sticker guys. C'mon.
  4. Mate got a wednesdayite one plus the basic SWFC long thin one which goes along the bottom of the back window.. Love an 'Owlstalk' one and was gonna make a thread? Neil ??
  5. Judge for me too guys , looks good prospect.
  6. Confirmed sighting of agent Wilson drinking champagne, pub outskirts of chesterfield this Afternoon. Fact. Job done. Thanks Danny. Sweet. Next assignment? UTO.
  7. Happy with this one. Gonna be some surprise signings i reckon. Top bombing.
  8. We can't lose really, pay as you play. He's a good player who DJ will get the most out of. Personally I think lines will do well in the championship.
  9. Guys,unless I missed it I didn't hear any song for DJ at the game? Traditionally we've always had one. Anyway just taking this opportunity to congratulate all connected with the club, an amazing achievement. Ive had a ST for years in the kop until the last couple of years and always wondered what the noise was like from the away end. Well yesterday I was lucky enough to get a ticket behind the goal in the Lep lane. I gotta tell you the noise from the kop was incredible. The kop is huge and to think I've been part of that for years makes me proud. Onwards and upwards . To the song makers, let's get one for DJ, he deserves it!! UTO
  10. Stay cool guys. DJ is the coolest around. Keep the faith and let it all out on Saturday.
  11. This lad was a great team player and held the ball up linking play superbly. If I recall not a great goalscorer, I always looked for his name on the team sheet. Similar player to Gordon (flash )Watson. Anyone remember where we bought him from?
  12. **** me there's some proper managers on here. Stand aside Dj obviously. Do you think the guy would play him if he wasn't good enough. Grow up. I agree he struggled at times but why slag players off. This is our best spell since when?
  13. Absolutely agree. Thought the two of them worked well together and for once the listener knew exactly where the ball was. Smithy clearly knows his stuff and hopefully he will carry on. Anyone know if they are contracted as like to hear him every week?
  14. Just wondering how the players are going to react tomorrow,after the derby win.Has all that feelgood energy gone? I suspect the players are going to be bursting at the seams to get on the pitch and get shut of all this pent up frustration and in some cases hurt out of their system. Then youve also got the added bit of impressing the new manager. Could be a big win tomorrow.
  15. We are fans of sheffield wednesday first. The general consensus is were all dissapointed but we've gotta get on with it.any negativity around the club will affect the players then we all suffer and we get back on the bad times treadmill. Time to move on guys, cmon all together.
  16. Good shout lad. Don't agree wi what's happened but its gone now we've got to back the club whoever he brings in.
  17. Great post was thinkin the same last night in ten mins went from relaxed watching the game to nearly reaching for the noose ! I said after sun that whilst we didn't play great the determination and guts were in abundance and we could still make automatic. Gm should have been given to the end of the season, no argument.
  18. I'd be amazed if he stays quiet, not in his nature. He didn't come for the money as he always states in interviews.
  19. Hoping to hear from GM today and knowing him and his interviews he will tell the truth. Hope he does as it needs clarification so we can all get our heads around it.I think we need some closure more than anything as it feels like a death in the family (prob extreme but you get the gist)
  20. And me too but looks like dave jones. Mcarthy would do a good job here.
  21. He knows what the fans felt about him. This was an outsider with power making a business decision only. GM you're a legend. Good luck. As he said in his interview.quote.'Ill just go and make someone else succesful' . Good luck ewd lad.
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