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  1. DM has been here 5 minutes mate. He’s found a way to get the best out of what will be the championships top goal scorer. That’s what DM is paid for and that’s what JR is also paid to do. Previous managers were let go because they didn’t get results and if you hadn’t noticed we weren’t scoring many goals either.
  2. Indeed they did. And paid the price. Been doing splendidly haven’t we?? DM was always playing JR and said so when he came. Let’s play anyone up front shall we instead of a proper forward. AND it’s not just about goals but movement and bringing others in. But hey you crack on with your thoughts.
  3. Totally agree with your point about JR. Seemed hell bent on not playing him and paid the price with his job ultimately because I think he would have scored the goals to keep us up. The Pulis era was a strange one and tbh I’ve tried to erase it from my memory.
  4. For me with Patterson it’s been a double whammy playing him up front and wasted. As such missing out on him in midfield. I think TP spotted that if I recall ?
  5. Flint was a good signing for me and we were unlucky with that one. The others. Meh.
  6. What’s happened to Marriott anyone know ?
  7. As above. This team can beat anyone. Depends which lot turn up.
  8. I also went to that game. Was an immense performance. Not sure Cardiff were at that level. However You can only play what’s in front of you. He was immense. Whilst he and Lees perform at that level there always hope.
  9. Im with you. These players have always been good enough it’s baffling. Too late sadly but who knows. Punchers chance.
  10. One things for certain. Up or down DM stays for me.
  11. Scratches head. Reach looks like a world beater. Bannan too. Doesn’t make sense. Enjoyable.
  12. Too much sense there. Not reading it again. Its a Weekend. We lost. Time for anger and emotion. Oh and beer
  13. I’m with you Jim. We are down and the lack of reaction on here shows it too. People are sick of constant defeat and so have switched off. There’s only so much bad news one can take on top of the poo of the past year. We’ll smile again once we reach our level which is L1. We have been a little unfortunate with injuries this season but no excuses. We are where we are on merit. Stick with DM we’ll be ok.
  14. Lol. Naah. Beer time. Chucked me towels down the garden too.
  15. Poor keeper. Said it for a long time now.
  16. Where is everyone. Feels like everyone has thrown the towel in.
  17. Was always gonna stand out at that level. He’s just one injury away from retirement though really.
  18. I don’t suppose it’s over until the fat lady sings as the saying goes. But she’s been singing a while for me. After the weekend will all be over anyway. Barnsley will put us out of our misery. Barnsley ! Is DM staying ? Then what does DM do in terms of picking players ? Does he look at his squad players for next year? Does he leave those out of contract out of the line ups ?
  19. Wow. Someone talking sense on OT. Never. Great post this. Sadly I feel we will not learn if reports of us trialing players like 34 yr old Simpson are true. There are lots of bargains to be had and clubs like Brentford continually find them. We just seem like a pre retirement home. Hopefully DM if he stays can find some gems and get us all smiling again.
  20. Honestly think his confidence has gone.
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