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  1. Apparently went down like a sack of spuds. Good old Colin. !!
  2. Good post mate. Was a good place last year but we did have a dodgy bit when meggo went. However there seems to be a lot of newcomers on here dragging it down. Some of the crap spouted beggars belief. Think you've said what Neil probably wanted to say. Well done bud. No doubt people will add the usual crap to it later when they drag themselves out of bed. Well done bud. UTO.
  3. Check out via Swfc newsnow this article yesterday. Says what many of us are thinking just chill out and it will come. For all you 'jones out ' morons read the bit at the bottom 'settle down everyone'. Can't add link sorry at work. Well done Alan Biggs.
  4. Should stay and be allowed to get on with the job. We should all get behind him now and stop bickering.
  5. Just watched second goal again. Schoolboy defending really. Why not show him the right side and take him away from goal, just basics really gave that away.
  6. He will be a worried man tonight. Wouldn't mind if we were unlucky and playing well but we're poor and I can't see how he can change it again so much. Get back to basics and lets grind some results out.
  7. Too much change for me. As I remember we were a good side that gained promotion. It will come but jones wants to do things his way.. We have to be patient. He is building his own team now and earned the right to do that. Have faith..
  8. Looks like this lad set to sign on loan. Several sources including Liverpool post with quote from Moyes. Sounds like will be a cracking addition.
  9. I agree with OP. ignore the idiots who know **** all my friend. 2 goals conceded again. Still not solid enough. Don't understand why he played two left footed centre halves together? Well we will be back. It's a reality check for some. UTO.
  10. Yep id love to do it but as I said I'm away a fair bit. Was frustrating at times last year when I couldn't get as the match day threads were so dis jointed.
  11. Just wondered if anyone else would like to see a half time match report and then an updated full time report, home and away on here?I appreciate there is an ongoing match day thread which runs into pages of usual oohs and aaahs and of late get innnnnnn. . . I travel with business so miss a fair few games and often the only way to keep up to date is via Owlstalk or one of the apps which are crap. Would anyone take this on? Thoughts guys?
  12. Good point but I reckon some people like to come on here and vent off a bit like I suppose we used to down the Welfare or pub. I reckon the experienced posters know who's opinions they respect and who's not to. But like Neil says it is a forum mate.
  13. I'm sure I speak for us all when I offer my condolences. Lost my dad a few years back and it's something that you never get over but learn to deal with. He will be proud of his son and hopefully the team can deliver for him again this season. Regards.
  14. Looks like he's starting tonight. Forget it guys.. Cheers.
  15. Been on my hols guys but keeping up as best I can, what's happened with Maguire is he injured or just out of favour??
  16. +1 on this Neil. This kid can play.
  17. Ogrady has gone on with a great attitude. Well done lad the rest have followed his lead. Fvuxkin well done lad. Just what we needed a reality check.
  18. Sorry bud but Barry Davies best, don't agree with that one, in fact he'd be in my worst! Stick to ice skating Barry. Motson for me was up there do like Alan Green though.
  19. I'm panicking a bit gotta admit it. We need a quality striker and a winger.
  20. My bro in law is a county season ticket holder they rate him highly , he's been discussed on here before but he would be a good signing for me.
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