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  1. Madine was absolute tosh today. Should've scored before that. 3 yards out. COG played well for me but needs a natural goals corer with him. Antonio seems lost to me and not the player he was last year. We aren't getting the luck, there's no doubt about that but it's time for change. 14 defeats in 21 come on.
  2. This won't be paid. No way. They're in the wrong.
  3. You are right mate. But read the original thread it's just advice about not paying it. As usual the wind ups are on again. Thought we were all together on here. Obviously not.
  4. Not sure about the first one or the free kick but last pen defo.
  5. Thanks mate. At least someone with some sense on here. The line is virtually washed away over the years and can hardly be seen in places. Checked out some legal sites and it has to be clearly visible and continuos , I took pics so I'm challenging it. If anyone else does adds weight to the case that's all. Cheers mate.
  6. Actually no I didn't. It was a single yellow half wit. And if you read the thread it's giving advice to others about not paying it, so half wit if you read Neil's thread about coming and having a go then you're contravening Owlstalks rules so let's let the mods sort it shall we?
  7. Unfortunately it won't be paid as I'm in the right simpleton.
  8. If I said to you pick one player to hold the ball up, who would you pick? COG. Oh let's take him off then and bring the smallest player on. Mmm good management that. Ogrady was pick of the bunch for me.
  9. Oh and take it you were sat in your armchair.
  10. I'm just amazed that there's been no singing about Jones out n stuff. That wasn't good enough today in a must win game. He should go of his own accord. Tried to get on Radio Sheffield. Couldn't get through.
  11. Anyone else get a ticket. Lowther road. F..cking great afternoon that. Throw away 3 points in 6 mins then get back to that. How can DJ say change will get you nowhere? 14 defeats in 21. FFS. Re the ticket I don't think it's valid as the lines are not continuos so if you got one take a photo. F...ing half wits.
  12. Firstly I do think a change is needed let me say that. However part of me admires his spirit and self belief. It appears to be a long way back for him from here but if he pulls it off ( which I don't think he will) there will be large slices of humble pie to be eaten. Good luck DJ you're gonna need it. UTO.
  13. It's tough to take but a change is needed my friend.
  14. Who says that team wasn't good enough? They played for each other and played to their strengths, your talking tripe. That side needed tweaking not butchering. Excuse the pun.
  15. Kivo he has quality but is not showing it, surely you can see that. Don't get carried away with reputations
  16. There's some morons on here and clearly have never played the game, not gonna say but I played at a high level and have sat back and watched people spout all sorts of poo . I could never be a manager but can see basics that Jones don't seem to.. Midfield not working hard enough, no closing down, happy for crosses to come into our box, no urgency to get players forward,playing one up front, playing a holding midfielder when there's no need. Where do you stop. Next 3 games determine his fate. Rant over.
  17. Poor, had several opportunities to cross and ballooned them. Not good enough
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