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  1. I think it pretty clear that he's saying I'm in charge I'm keeping Carlos if you don't like it then do one if you're not happy then I'm off.
  2. First I've seen of this as I kept off the forum last night deliberately as again was fuming. Not too sure what DC thought he was getting into when he took the reigns but yes football is both family and tribal and when things go sour new leaders are elected. This is the same in football, look how many managers have been sacked recently, most new bosses in place make changes and an upward curve ensues. We know our football and our own club and in most cases fans know when it's time for change, CC is well past that point. Be interesting to see if anyone cashes their season ticket in.
  3. Firstly we are all fans of the club irrespective of who's in charge As some have already said its the manner of performance that's most worrying and that is the biggest issue, however a win is a win and builds confidence, we could still go on a winning run and be close but how many times do we take 3 steps forward and 4 back under CC.
  4. Nice work Trev. Fingers X for the mrs mate.
  5. i know what you mean, joking aside it can affect my mood, had a right arse on wi our lass Friday after game then woke up to that debacle sat morning. That steve smith though, got one of those faces you could just keep punching.
  6. Brilliant post this. Exactly nail on the head. Sadly the players have become apathetic with the manger and his ways and it won't change, not now. Football is a simple game but that quote from robson is spot on, there's not too much wrong that a new manager can't sort. Look at Leicester , guy wins EPL gets sack. Wrong manager is put in place and trend continues. New guy comes in and doesn't change much , suddenly they're a good side again with the same personnel. DC has to change this. It's down to him to man up.
  7. Haha. Yeah of course I'll bow to your superiority. Real sending off that. Now don't you have some fares to collect , getting late
  8. F all to do with you but more than that. Trottle off in your taxi now.
  9. You get a grip. Presume you've never played the game????
  10. Correct but no worse than anyone else. Up against a reyt player. Tonights target. That is all
  11. Don't worry nuhiu will be on soon. You can turn your attentions to him.
  12. You watching the same game ?? Theyve had one shot.
  13. Agreed not good enough. No threat at all. Pretty pretty in midfield no end result.
  14. Nitpicking are we, tonight's target. Jeez get a grip.
  15. Don't get me wrong it is time for change bit I Think i'd sooner the chairman come out and say he's here until the end of the season come what may if that's the way it is, least we all know where we stand I forecast he would leave at xmas at the start of this season if we weren't any further forward, lets see shall we
  16. They are exactly what we need. They both know the game inside out and know players strengths and weaknesses. Bizzarely we could still make it from where we are now, just not under Carlos. His time has gone for me. New drive. Buzz and excitement is needed.
  17. F.ck me. Have you been on the sauce? Only player over last few games to come out with any credit. Poor today along with everyone else. CC is the problem everyone can see that. Time for change.
  18. Wasn't at the game today due to work but heard the commentary and seen the equaliser. Catalogue of errors but ultimately van Aken has to smash it into row Z game over. After that they went to piggys for a summary. Keith Edwards said that in this league you can lose a few games and still do well if you 'go for it' like to be fair they have. CC did in his first year and is now trying to steer us up safely. Won't work. Maybe it's too late but good players don't become bad players overnight. Im an advocate for change but it won't happen so we are where we are, CC needs to go back to his early instincts and take the brake off.
  19. Christ big daddy. Remember him. Get giant haystacks on too, had some good scraps those two.
  20. Football is a short lived career at this level, all players will listen to money don't care who they are BB is probably playing some of the best football of his career and if a prem club come calling he will go I think we all agree on that surely Fact is its looking increasingly unlikely he will get there with us, January will be an interesting month
  21. Good observations but the majority are of the same opinion as me and its no surprise that he is being linked away from here You have to remember we don't play with any pace on either flank and some of his cross-field passes are sublime in behind full backs He was also the one doing most pressing last night, his job is not to hold but move forward We need to keep hold of him and buy a pacey winger in my opinion, you are right about his shooting though, dire
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