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  1. Good shout lad. Don't agree wi what's happened but its gone now we've got to back the club whoever he brings in.
  2. Great post was thinkin the same last night in ten mins went from relaxed watching the game to nearly reaching for the noose ! I said after sun that whilst we didn't play great the determination and guts were in abundance and we could still make automatic. Gm should have been given to the end of the season, no argument.
  3. I'd be amazed if he stays quiet, not in his nature. He didn't come for the money as he always states in interviews.
  4. Hoping to hear from GM today and knowing him and his interviews he will tell the truth. Hope he does as it needs clarification so we can all get our heads around it.I think we need some closure more than anything as it feels like a death in the family (prob extreme but you get the gist)
  5. And me too but looks like dave jones. Mcarthy would do a good job here.
  6. He knows what the fans felt about him. This was an outsider with power making a business decision only. GM you're a legend. Good luck. As he said in his interview.quote.'Ill just go and make someone else succesful' . Good luck ewd lad.
  7. Guys I know this won't help but when we were flying high in the early nineties I kept banging on about this. The media just aren't really interested in clubs north of watford and apart from manc,liverpool areas.just the way it is.
  8. Thought he had a good game and was a calm head in a pressure cooker atmosphere. He did get some decisions wrong but made good calls on the major ones.overall we can't complain.
  9. For me was one of the best ever Kaiserslauten apart. Was awesome imo.
  10. I'm one of the shall we say middle aged fans on the kop.Been watching us now since the early 80's and its fair to say seen all the derby games. I have to say I was very dissapointed with the backing of their fans yesterday. Both me and my mate said we reckon that was the worst vocal backing the blades have had inside Hilllsboro.Views guys?
  11. Agreed, lowe must start with either of the big men.play the new winger and get some crosses in that box.lowe will link the play but if cog plays he's gotta get himself in the box and on the end of stuff.
  12. Nice one trev. Hey what was the team when you last saw the boys, can you remember lad?
  13. Not together my friend. Either with ogrady or madine imo of course!
  14. Agreed,we win next week and the black cloud will lift. these loses could have gone either way. We're not gettin the rub of the green atm but it'll come right. Nice to see someone else positive.
  15. Good post pal and I agree with most points.however he does appear to lack that ability to be flexible with his team selection.the front two of madine and o'grady is clearly not working,something that a lot of people on here commented on. Lowe doesn't become a bad player overnight and to me deserves a run in the side probably at the expense of MAdine.when I say run I mean not one game or one half either? IF not him then CLinton.These guys are proven top goalscorers who have done it all their careers, give either of them a decent run ffs.
  16. Was he at the game last night? Bit worried about his state of mind after the court case?
  17. Not asking for the dreaded chairmans kiss of death 'confidence' statement but its gone nuts on here and we all need to re focus, starting at the very top with MM
  18. Was fuming last night after another abject display. Posted last night in my fury that I'd lost the faith, but as always things look a little different the day after.Looked at the table and its actually still far from done as I see it if we can do the blunts.I do think now would be a good time for MM to drop out one of his legendary statements and give us all some calm and confidence. Thoughts guys?
  19. Played under him at burton albion in the mid 80's and against his sides. Always had big respect for him. He wouldn't care who he managed he's very focused and would get us up I'd go for him but we won't.
  20. Ironically I'm as peed off as the next person but GM seems to thrive on adversity. He did it at W brom and also at Bolton. There just doesn't seem to be any plan here and we'll be lucky to make the play offs. Still think the passion will beat the blunts though.
  21. Hey chap been saying the same for months, I kept quiet when we sneaked the wins but in all honesty its not good enough.can you imagine that side playing in the championship? No thought not. The time has come to make your mind up my friend..
  22. Help me guys, I've been a big supporter of GM and asked for calm when we've lost etc etc but it looks bleak and I'm struggling to keep the faith with him now. I love the guys passion for our club but I don't think its enough now to win us over. Thoughts please???
  23. Having to listen to blunts for update on RS and was dreading those words 'goal at hillsboro' cos knew it wouldn't be ****** us!! Sure enough just before half time. No surprise there then. Trying to be positive but we're in a bad run at the worst time ever, Reda's booking lookin v costly now. He's the only one looks like scoring.
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