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  1. True we are out of luck but to be fair we're a poor side. No plan A never mind plan B time for change son.
  2. Good post Kivo. Reda is not a left back, love him but he's been exposed. I'd still play him centre half. Most importantly we need to be clear about the issues at the club, however you view this DJ has had funds to bring players in and his signings are poor. Wouldn't mind if we were like peterboro who at least played the right way, granted they went down, but going down this way is poo . Those players that played today should be good enough, they're not playing for him. How come other sides bring forwards in such as Donny and Brum, are we really that poor??
  3. I'm with BG on this one. Don't generally have a go at players but looks out of his depth. He just doesn't look fit to me. At one point on Sat it was like he was running in the Shallow end of a swimming pool!! Can only get better.
  4. Thought coke did well but Prutton is average. Best we have though at the moment
  5. The worst thing about this was that JJ gave DJ an excuse not to talk too much about the inept performance of the side that's what peed me off about the whole thing. We have to stay positive though it early doors guys.
  6. Great work Trev. Been there and done that last year with my lad who's just 7. I'm sure that's happened to loads of us over the years mate. Anyway top stuff pal. I've just had my e mail this morning. I'm in.
  7. I agree you do have to sort out your defence and I reckon we're pretty sound there. Can't see us getting a drubbing anytime soon but it's the goals were gonna struggle with.
  8. Wow great post that actually makes sense and one that I can reply to. Some good points made here , I am a little worried about the lack of a goalscorer though and that is a must for me. I assume he has one lined up on a loan deal, he must have. I can't imagine he will go into the season with no out and out scorer as not sure the big lad will deliver 20 odd a season. Hopefully Lita will be that man or I'd take a billy sharp type.
  9. Work down in Derby, they're a bit pissed we've got him apparently a reyt player ! We'll see.
  10. I think 500k plus would be about right for a now proven championship scorer. Lets face it we couldn't buy one for that money so if jones doesn't want him then put up Or shut up Barnsley.
  11. Good post pal. Too many on here unrealistic and need to get their feet on the ground. Promotion form In the latter part of the season bodes well for next year. No doubt something was missing though and hope we can sign the right players to make us a force again. Worried about his signings as last year,a couple of players apart were a poor lot. UTO.
  12. I have respect for DJ a word that many on here don't understand. However there's no getting away from the fact that we have been poor this season and deserve to be where we are. If he goes I'd have Pearson on a heartbeat, presuming he and Leicester part company which I think will happen. Lets back the guys and then look where we go From here in the Summer. I think change will come.
  13. Jeez when i first read this I looked at my watch to see the date wasn't 1st April. Well done Neil. Big props for you guys. UTO.
  14. Guys have a look on Dom of the other forums, teams like Burnley, Derby, are crapping it. At least we've been there all year, it's relatively new to them. Will say Derby did us a massive favour though.
  15. Good point for me too. 9 points to play for I reckon we need 2 but I'd settle for more.
  16. I'm in. What a great night. Conga time lads
  17. Got a few contacts at Notts County. He was nailed on to go there. As was Scotland. Barnsley came In at the last minute and scuppered the deals. Would have made sense for him to go there get games and have a recall clause. Someone needs to answer for it as its just plain stupid.
  18. All about the run in now. We've got to win our home games and we'll be there. That would give us 56 should be enough. Just a side note about the Ogrady situation, whoever sanctioned that needs castrating!!
  19. Agreed I'd have taken the four points before the weekend. Just not sure we're good enough to finish the job. Feels like a loss today.
  20. Jeez I've got to agree with BG again. Good shout.
  21. Is vic there, is vic there? Hahaha, quality enjoy it boys A way to go yet. UTO.
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