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  1. Not seen us press like that for years. Great energy from all.
  2. Tony cottee just been on sky sports news. Very nonchalant. All hinged on the sending off. Gave us a little credit he'd have been creaming over QPR if result had been the other way.
  3. Fantastic tonight. All credit to the lad.
  4. Has impressed me greatly not only on the coaching side but with his humility and the way he comes across, even the 'as such' makes me smile. Im sure this has transmitted to the players too. Shook the refs hand after his abject display against Wigan, what would DJ have done!! Blamed everyone else as he always did. This guy could take us all the way.
  5. Yep. Agree totally. Was like listening to some sort of amateur ice hockey match or something. Didn't connect with audience at all. Poor.
  6. To be fair some good stuff in there but it only brings me back to what ive always thought and wondered. Why we cant get investors? I truly believe the potential of this club is ,to coin a phrase. Massive. Look around at clubs like Leicester, Cardiff ,Hull who have had investment. Never ever be bigger than us even in the premier league. Just staggering that no one sees this. Unless theres something we dont know about. I was around early 80s through dispair and finally saw the late 80s and early nineties successes. Hillsboro was a delight to be at, feelgood factor. Kids wanted replica shirts not ManU BUT OURS. Will it come back. I doubt it.
  7. This club never ceases to amaze does it. FFS.
  8. You mean the guy who set up our goal? And the mom on Saturday? Admit he was poor but isolated tonight. They targeted him. SG got selection wrong tonight end of.
  9. 2 poor sides dude. Really was a poor game. Barely Div 1 stuff from both. Their keeper needs to buy a lottery ticket. Jammy git
  10. SG got it wrong tonight dude. Poor team selection, poor subs and we played into Charltons hands. We need around 18 points to stay up. Start again next year. DJ started all this. I'm ready for seasons end mate.
  11. SG needs a little look in the mirror tonight. Their keeper needs to get a lottery ticket.
  12. Ive ousted the same mate on another thread. Nuff said. Poor from him tonight.
  13. Agree. SG got the subs wrong. You can't just lump 4 forwards on once we did that all cohesion went. It was poor. Good luck to Charlton. Just beat them piggys now.
  14. Horses for courses. Not sure SG has got this right. Poor substitutions for me as well. 2 poor sides.
  15. Love it that. Like the bit where the journo says, 'the home side were particularly adept at booting the ball upfield'. Meg go weren't manager then surely !!!
  16. Tell you what sooner have them than forest. If we get through and had forest away most of us would be thinking 'we're out'. We have a good chance against pigs. Make no mistake, Charlton is the harder game I reckon.
  17. Agreed id take Best, dont know the other kid. Chime all the Wiki brigade.
  18. Hate to say this but agree not good enough. If you're 6ft 6 or whatever and a pro footballer your either good in the air or good at holding the ball up or both. He's none of those. League 1 player at best.
  19. One thing that struck me early on when he was caretaker was after a defeat (cant recall the game) he was interviewed on RS and appeared very calm and in control. I know DJ did but he always came across as couldnt give a throw calm. I think SG knew he'd got the majority of decent players which we all did and he was confident, this has transmitted to the players, hence the run we're on now. Main thing now is when we lose and we have got some tough games coming, the supporters stay calm. ie US.
  20. Will say SG is not afraid to make bold decisions. Seems to make some great calls. Top man.
  21. Carlton is class on the radio. Obviously knows a lot about coaching/managing as his knowledge of playing against 10 men showed talking about funnels and allsorts..Tell you what though hes got Maghomas number and says it as it is. Lazy..
  22. Can someone file a missing person report. 2-0 for me. UTO
  23. You guys need to get out more if you think he is in a different league to pressman. He's as good ill give you that but in his prime KP was superb. End of.
  24. Reminded me on Saturday of the little Italian Perlot. Very neat in possession great football brain though. Be interested to see how he goes against better opposition.
  25. Dude I posted at half time on the match day thread his first half was immense. Small version of dare I say it. Carlton when he first came just everywhere. His fitness levels are incredible.
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