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  1. Cheers big mig. Came in and did the job he was asked to do. Should still cut another year with a L1 side for me. Top man.
  2. Either invest or this again next season. Simples.
  3. Damn I pad. Delete dual post please.
  4. I'd take Best. He's a natural goalscorer. Look at what he's done since he's been here and assists. Remember wasn't even match sharp when he came. Do it Milan
  5. Mmm. So all on here that live in Sheffield go to the home games too. I think not.
  6. Just listened to the game as I'm down in Nottingham. He was summariser for radio notts. Was a bit unreal listening to him getting excited when they were attacking as I'm more used to him summarising with us. Saying 'us' as in forest and rarely praised Wednesday. Suppose these guys are mercenaries and a jobs a job. Just didn't sit right with me. And yes I know he played at forest before you all pile in. Such is life.
  7. It was just a calamity from start to finish.. Hate to say it but SG not being there had a bigger impact than I thought. I'm sure he'd have changed things around quicker. Ultimately you can't afford to lose important headers in areas as we did. Cost us. Buxton and gooch were shocking.
  8. Appeared to target Gooch for me. In behind. He lost the vital headers which cost us. Very poor. 1st goal was a joke. Free kick travelled 30 yards, they were queuing up. Got to deal with that better.
  9. Suppose we all see things differently. I thought he was very poor. Caught out of position. Looked sluggish. Gave the ball away. Enough said.
  10. All were poor today. Gooch at fault for me 3 times for caught out. If he's a World Cup centre half then the yanks need help. !!
  11. I reckon a direct link from church to Carlton is whats needed here CP will sort it out..
  12. This guy will score 20 goals plus in a season at this level. Do we want a striker who scores at that rate. Damn right we do. End of.
  13. Very average very arrogant bunch of ... Well you know
  14. Bet he is regretting his 'once leeds were in there was only one club for me' comments now. I note SG has said he'd like to work with him again and hasnt closed the door to him. He is right and sometimes players just fit. CW keep your mouth shut lad next time and let your footie do the talkin
  15. spot on pal, he and Maghoma have to up their workrate to match the rest of the lads. We play as a TEAM now at last..
  16. Love him cos he doesnt hold back, RS must love him pity hes not on every week. cmon RS get him contracted
  17. We will pick some points up now make no mistake, all playing with confidence. Just to late for play offs. Love to finish above leeds though
  18. Nice thing is now other teams are gonna fear us particularly now we dont have much to play for. Forest away will be interesting and we can put a spanner in brightons ambitions too now that would be great..
  19. Reckon that pic sums him up in one. be surprised if he gets back in a decent job in football again tbh
  20. To be fair Carlton slated Harry before the game, said he was a good pal of his but that anyone else with his resources would have already been fired, that was BEFORE the game.
  21. When you look at what SG has done with some of our supposed mediocre players i wonder how Madine would fair under him. We may see him in the coming weeks and that may be your answer. Best wont come here, we cant afford him
  22. There's no doubt for a big man he has a great touch. He's probably not as good in the air as he should be but he's a handful. Just needs to relax more in front of goal. He's impressing more and more. Love his 100% attitude though.
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