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  1. They’re all smiling ?? Not much of that now.
  2. Not that I have to clarify anything to you but they either pay a fee or he stays. Exactly which bit of that don’t you grasp ?
  3. Cos we’re bursting at the seams with centre halves aren’t we ??
  4. Sick to death of clubs thinking it’s a free for all with players. The man is under contract. If that clown DC messes this one up this will just about sum us up.
  5. Was a really weird year for him. I lauded him when we signed him but he just never got going. There must be something in there surely or he wouldn’t have been at Chelsea. Be interesting to see how he goes.
  6. It’s not just this thread though Neil is it. most Threads carry so much negativity. We know where we are in terms of our situation but we have to try and have some positivity surely. Currently we still have players in the squad to get us back out of this league for me.
  7. Over rated for me. Positional play all over the place. He’d have been better staying and learning under DM.
  8. Helpful. Let’s just all keep bleating. OP is trying to be positive and for one that team would not get relegated from L1. It’s not a great situation but can we stop bleating. Jeez.
  9. Was my ex next door neighbor at Chesterfield. We became good friends. He used to come over to my house Friday evenings whilst his wife put kids to bed and for a chill before big games at home on the Saturday. Cracking bloke and went on many a night out with him and his wife into Sheffield. Once had a party at mine and he invited Jim Magilton over as well. Happy days. Thought his son Thomas might make a keeper as he had a small keeping set up in his back garden but seems not.
  10. I tend to agree. He has pace but makes some poor decisions for me. Shame but he may regret this.
  11. Spot on Neil. We don’t agree very often but 100 percent this.
  12. Has been a definite plus signing and gave his all for us. Happy with him and would have kept him in L1. Good luck TL.
  13. I reckon I deserve a two year deal. Had some cracking performances this year.
  14. And my pal who fitted the bars out for them and got paid a pittance in the pound as a result.
  15. No chance. DM will get us close I’m sure of it.
  16. I agree totally with all Of that. I’m old school pal and there’s nothing wrong with that. There's still a place for getting it forward early with pace and power and good wingers. We were doing none of that.
  17. I would. Still good enough for league one.
  18. Poor football is the inability to do the basics right. No confidence in each other. Christ knows if crowds were in the stick they would have got. It’s down to the manager who picks the side to get the best out of your BEST players available. He paid the price for his own incompetence.
  19. Jeez neil. You like to poke the bear. Bet you were one of those kids when your mum told You NO that went on and on. It’s still a NO. The man was not good enough. You can throw as many stats as you want. As good a patch as we had the side were playing poor football and it needed a change. Yes it didn’t work out well.
  20. Thought the same myself and couldn’t believe some of the hatred on there. I had to come off as was getting wound up
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