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  1. Id prefer it if you jumped i the f..Kin hole.
  2. See usual suspects out. Let’s see what happens Monday shall we.
  3. Why has he ? Let’s just come out with a sweeping statement shall we. Why. Because we can
  4. Is that with your crystal ball then ? Lets have the lottery numbers tmrw please
  5. He didn’t stand out. But he wasn’t dire. Define dire then ?
  6. Was he f..k which game do you watch
  7. Crikey me. It was poor but get it in context
  8. Poor first 60 mins from us. Nothing to beat really if we go for it. Has to be positive at home
  9. Trying to play safe. To be fair if we’d gone in 0-0 and hutch had put that into row z we would have. Don’t like it though as we’re better than this. No use being 0-2 or whatever then saying we’ll go for it in the home leg. Too late then. BB is definitely playing within himself though. No doubt about that.
  10. Great post this. C’mon then let’s be avin you. Yes from me. Play offs tremendous effort from where we were injuries and the squad or players that were left over. If we fail at this hurdle I’m still all in and he gets the green light from me.
  11. Has to start if fit. Surely.
  12. I’d play Dean personally. He’s an experienced CH and not a full back playing CH. Keep windass on the bench for later and possibly the home leg.
  13. Agree with this. Don’t think we’ll see him wear the badge again sadly after this season. I think he’ll go with Dawson next season if we don’t make it up. We need to sign another keeper desperately for me though. Unless he has another loan lined up.
  14. Agree with all of this Apart from BPF. If we go up I’d take him for certain but sadly if we don’t then no chance he’ll have another season in pub league.
  15. Reckon he’d almost certainly go with Hutchinson in such a big game.
  16. For me good pairing but windass for Berahino is even better.
  17. Co -incides with getting players back from injury. No surprise really. Not a great league.
  18. Was gonna start a thread so glad someone else did. It’s all been said really. Terrific player at this level.
  19. Play offs made. New deal now for me for DM. I do believe we have the quality to get through but a successful season in my opinion now. Well done DM.
  20. Looks a decent prospect to me. I would.
  21. Correct. I’m sure he won’t take any chances as in theory could be the last game if it goes pear shaped. And DM s too !
  22. Gibson if we can get him. Like a tall striker so we can change tactics as well as it’s something we lack massively.
  23. He’s done a good job. Made mistakes along the way and I’m sure he’d admit that. Been hamstrung all Season with ridiculous injury list. Were 4th and have play off destiny in our own hands. That will do for me.
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