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  1. Delivering what exactly. points ? Win our game in hand we are 2 points behind the leaders ? 2 we threw away at Ipswich and we are top ?? What do you want ? Personally just to go up.
  2. Correct. Win game in hand and we are 2 points behind league leaders who are apparently ripping this league up. But hey. Let’s have a good old moan again.
  3. I would suggest this ^^^^ In a prime position to buy these loads of debt wiped. Championship club. Good fan base. Nice modern stadium.
  4. Aaaah Maurice micklewhite AKA Micheal Caine. Remember ‘you’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off’ We’re in safe hands
  5. I’ve purposed several times. Never works out gave up as a bad job.
  6. ^^^ Not often we agree but on this 100 percent. Madness talking about getting rid after 10 games.
  7. Once sat in the away end at wembley on cup final day v Arsenal. Not to be recommended
  8. He won’t get more than a season here with this group as managers like to call them. Probably as good if not best squad on paper in L1 and needs to step up. My fear is he’s not sure how he wants to play style wise and it’s transmitting through to the players. Needs to let them off the leash and go for it in my opinion.
  9. Crikey. Get a life you lot. Give it time. These comments will come back to haunt you.
  10. It was nice to see. Do I want to see it every week. No. No one is more positive than me. No i didn’t slag anyone off at the weekend. Neither will I. Let them get in with the job in hand.
  11. Once again. Who says I think it affects performance? It’s just not necessary
  12. Cos it’s something we really need to see every week. FFS.
  13. No more leaping about videos from the training ground pratting about please. Saturday showed we need to get serious and stop underestimating teams or we will be looking over our shoulder again.
  14. Team of strangers but as professional players they have to do better than that. Most have championship experience and should be able to problem solve on the pitch. We need to start giving the opposition some respect. Once DM realises his best 11 we should be ok. Gonna be a long season again by the looks of it.
  15. Thread title wrong. Same as title on his vest just been hit up the ass by a catapult. Or dogger as we used to call em.
  16. If true good luck to him. I don’t think he ever quite fitted in here in terms of an asset but his attitude always without question spot on.
  17. Long old season. We’ll batter these at home. Just one of those days. Let them have their day in the sun. Long game is all that matters and promotion.
  18. I think it’s brilliant he’s in the prem again. Shame Messi didn’t go to city. Best players bar a couple are here now.
  19. I know you and I were on the same page Re keepers but we were correct. This guys different gravy.
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