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  1. I like him. He made mistakes last year ill Admit. However I think he’s a breath of fresh air for the club and I enjoyed last year which let’s face it could have gone either way. He will be under pressure though first dozen games.
  2. Well he’d seen it happen before. Young Cadermateri got it right. He should have stayed. End of.
  3. We have to remember however many of these players have come here because of DM and his pull. It’s almost the perfect storm in terms of big club/fanbase and DM: Not sure what it is but he seems to attract players. Long may it continue
  4. I think Paterson will flourish this year with the new boys. I reckon we might bully a few sides this year as well. Still like to see a young striker signed however someone a bit different. We do have windass though.
  5. I’d have preferred Hirst to Smith but there you go.
  6. Fully agree with this. ^^^ Theres a lot of players out there looking for clubs and he doesn’t have the best CV over the past 2 seasons in terms of game time.
  7. Always annoying when this happens. In reality he still ‘owes us’ but it never manifests itself with loyalty. Don’t think we ever really saw the best of him.
  8. Superb news this. For any players still considering coming this is a statement and might even have sway. Who knows.
  9. I would suggest he kept his mouth shut and negotiated. From what I saw L1 player bottom end championship. There’s a lot of players out there and some hungrier than him. I’m not bothered either way tbh
  10. It does indeed. It’s a short career and he will go where the money is. I would suggest if he’s got a bigger offer and it’s championship then that’s where he will go.
  11. It’s a good deal for the club and a no brainer.
  12. He’s 21. 21. Why aren’t the omens great ?
  13. So with that in mind it means he’s gonna be unfit this season ? Why ?
  14. Not Lincoln can’t think of the game but looked class. He’s young he’ll get fit and be an asset.
  15. And Lincoln. You can’t just sweep statements like that.
  16. Was he heckers ? What game you watching pal ?
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