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  1. Sorry. He’s a professional footballer. what you saying ? He can’t play in a 4 man midfield ? What , he has to play central or thats it ? Do me a favour.
  2. I said 442 at the weekend. Stick by that. he just can’t see it. It’s not rocket science. Play to your strength
  3. Dear o dear. Have a look at yourself.
  4. Cos DM missed those sitters didn’t he. Jeez. Get a grip.
  5. It was poor keeping. He’s a L2 keeper at best.
  6. Cos he’s missed those sitters hasn’t he to put us 3-0 up. Jeeez get a life.
  7. He should go 442 with that line up with brown wide but it’ll be as above sadly.
  8. Aaaah. Of course. Wildsmith never did that.
  9. Looks like 442. Reckon he’s got it about right today. Id have played Corbenue and BPF but I’m happy with that side.
  10. For me this is a chance to go to a traditional 442 and get the ball forward to Gregory quicker. Two traditional centre backs. Play a winger. It doesn’t need over complicating.
  11. Not a fan of his or Dawson but realistically you need a half decent number 2. (That sounds gross)
  12. Play to your strengths which is exactly why we need to hoof it.
  13. Do folk honestly think that the top 10 in this league are popping it round like man C or Barcelona of old ? Get a grip. Get the points anyway you can.
  14. Absolutely bro. Get on board. Get out of this pub league anyway you can. Points make prizes.
  15. All about opinions my friend. Sadly folk want us to play like PSG. Or Man City. Just get the points.
  16. In a poo league. Just get out of it any way you can. Pub league. Points win prizes.
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