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  1. Fully agree. Got wrong side of grigg at least twice and I thought he looked average.
  2. We simply can’t afford to lose another was gonna say star. But he will be im fairly sure.
  3. Ideal game for Smith today that. Shame he missed out. Dele is different class.
  4. It’s bizzare in the extreme. Sad thing is it just keeps happening
  5. We should be used to it. Bloke plays virtually all Last season and then comes here. Wait…… what a surprise
  6. It’s an old saying that throwback to the eighties. Glad to brighten someone’s day.
  7. Said for a long time even though I’m old school we could easily play and adapt a 442 with the players we have. It’s L1 and that’s how I’d go. But of course you need a winger. Now let me think……
  8. Don’t sell Iorfa Just don’t play him at CH. reckon you could just about slide the Sunday times under him when he jumps.
  9. Said before he’s not a CH. I would give him a go as the wing back though but he doesn’t head the ball well for his height and his distribution is generally poor.
  10. Not sure where the criticism comes from I’ve looked again and agree with op. Cut him some slack.
  11. I don’t often agree with you but I do on this point. DM just not learning. You’ve got to be flexible even in this league. They changed at half time and different game.
  12. I would say there’s a player in there and I’d agree RB. Or wing back.
  13. Was gonna start a thread about this. Was the same however is this Smiths chance as LG now banned.
  14. Thanks goodness someone else has started this thread. I’ve already said my piece on him he is NOT a CH in a million years. Get Dean in quickly and sort it.
  15. Needs addressing at this level as some of these sides we play as we all know get it forrad quickly and get bodies in the box. If we can deal with set plays this year reckon we’ll be all good.
  16. League pos 2 top scorer Gregory Player of season Bannan Surprise Adeniran New. Henigan
  17. Sadly agree. Not sure it’s the way to go to get out of this league but that’s what he’ll do. Personally sooner see us go more direct but in DM we trust.
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