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  1. It was just under 33 thousand but I'm sure lots got in for free
  2. I was at that game as well I remember the chant aimed at Franz carr
  3. And adults paying child's prices how many 13 year olds have you seen with full beards and reeking of ale
  4. I could never do the tarzan cry after he said how's about that then
  5. Yes but the trouble was near the trading estate away from the ground
  6. Didn't a lot of them get battered in hilsbrough Park?
  7. I remember that game dont remember the coins etc but the atmosphere was electric quite possibly one of my favourite away games
  8. Derby 88-89 season no trouble with Derby fans just the coppers on horseback lashing out for no reason
  9. I hated David speedie with a passion Gary Bennett( no not that one) of Sunderland give him some hard justice in one game
  10. Rick walkers glad now he's got the fattest man in Gillingham crown back
  11. I remember a end of the season game and Richards was interviewed on the kop tango was hanging about waiting to be interviewed proper cringey
  12. 1979 was a great year for music started getting into heavy metal/rock around this time and nwobhm was around the corner .. and motorhead released 2 belters overkill and bomber
  13. I always liked the album thunder and lightning
  14. Hands up who got chased by the skinheads after a concert at the city hall in tbe 80s in that area
  15. 2 idiots to throw a 3 litre bottle
  16. Jackson 5 did the theme tune rocky robin
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