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  1. The players association turn the music up i still have that record
  2. I don't either I just made a throwaway comment with a bit of humour
  3. That's a brilliant gesture can't imagine dem blades doing that if the same happend to us
  4. I don't remember him been a dirty player he just scored against us very often I think he had the where's your caravan song sang at him took it in good humour though
  5. I remember he got sent off at Hillsborough as he was stretched off a right dirty fool
  6. John fashanu Andy Townshend The one who played for derby then the blunts tried knocking out Hodge in a cup game Gary Bennet of Chester utter wankstsin And lastly David speedie the Scottish dwarf could dish it out but couldn't take it back as the YouTube video below proves
  7. I saw him as well at the arena around that time I never watch the support acts so turned up about 8.30pm asked security what time he was coming on got told. It was the interval
  8. At one point in benidorm I counted 3 meatloaf tribute acts the best one I remember was some American doing him he also did a tribute to rod Stewart alternate weeks
  9. I've not been to the new den would you say the hostility of the locals still exists or have they calmed down......
  10. I bet you where... Did you go to the league game 4 months previous ? we lost that one missed the first 15 minutes and our first goal. Because of a massive traffic jam on the m1
  11. That is quite possibly the best away game I've been 2 the home fans. Where getting more worked up each goal we scored I had a copper stood next to me the entire game he advised me not to walk down the old Kent road after the game
  12. The biggest mystery is why do they think they are everyones favourite 2nd team?
  13. That corner was the official away end in the 70s must have been difficult getting them in the ground without anything kicking off
  14. I thought we offered 3 million. But United realised selling to us would cause a shitstorm so sold to Leeds for less
  15. And to add to this our teacher who used to get us in grounds free for that season managed to get us in at cardiff we got some right funny looks on that side terrace so we asked if we could be moved to the away end
  16. I remember a van full of us going to Cardiff 81-82 season asking a local for directions to the ground and them saying they didn't know where it was
  17. Its almost like they are waiting on purpose to see how many points we have at the end of the season so they can dock enough to relegate us
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