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  1. I reckon we would be a top of the range saishio hifi midi system
  2. I remember going to tramere rovers 78-79 for the fa Cup game I remember some nasty stuff going on we also had the side terrace I think the linesman had something thrown at him...
  3. I thought it was the get Carter car park they threw stuff off
  4. I was on the Northern General physch ward watching that .... wish I was on it now then this situation we are in wouldn't hurt as much
  5. Gary numan intruder this is a good album not heard anything of his for years but I like this one
  6. I was sort of disappointed because of those defeats Leeds and United at home and arsenal away we would have finished higher
  7. I think that's the same one I've got but mines in white .
  8. I bet the person who did this doesn't know the saying people in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones
  9. If not many away fans will be coming just ban them have it home fans only
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