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  1. Thinking of going to Thailand next May but the prices are a bit high with only ethihad my least favourite uae airline been reasonable
  2. Got the s21 last week upgraded from the s10 seems ok passed off no slot for sd card though
  3. I remember Luther blisset of Watford getting shocking abuse by our fans at hilsbrough the 78-79 season
  4. I wonder how many we will get for Sunderland away
  5. I once saved a penalty from Rodger Wylde when he was invited to open the summer fair at the children's home I was at but in his defence he was wearing massive flares and platform shoes
  6. I sat on the kop at the lane the 91-92 season good job they beat us
  7. When we played at West ham in the promotion season we replaced ooh ahh with f off
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