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  1. found this interesting article about the ******** trying to get sympathy https://www.thefreelibrary.com/It's+been+10+years+of+hell+for+Ian+and+ME!%3B+GARY+BENNETT+ON+HORROR...-a061132479
  2. He was a right big mouth from what I remember i wonder if he's still alive he looked about 60 in 1983😁
  3. I can remember the old ticket hut we had just past the players entrance
  4. I remember in 93 we put a bid in for Brian Dean for 3 million but the blunts wouldn't sell to us and sold him a week later to Leeds for less
  5. Did we play the ramones at some point or was it just dream😀
  6. I thought it was OK rough and ready yes .. I always loved going to West ham that was rough as well but you can't knock the atmosphere we had a good record there in those days they must have hated us 😃
  7. The old one was awful with the facilities to match
  8. What euro 96 games did anyone go to ? I went to all the games at hilsbrough Spain v Romania at Ellend Road and the final..... one thing i remember was the tickets where pricey £45 for the North stand and £60 bench seats for the final
  9. Away at Millwall in the fa Cup 4-4 90-91 season we played them 3 months before and lost 4-2 missed our first goal because we where stuck on the m1
  10. I got told off by a copper from walking from one end of the kippax to the other
  11. remember a game v Stockport County in the milk cup around 1986 for some strange reason they decided to hold the game at maine Road Wednesday fans got the main stand and the Kippax while Stockport fans where right at the end of the uncovered part of the Kippax getting wet😀 we won 7-0 in front of a bumper crowd of 2.089 who was at this game?😀
  12. Never went to the Burnley game did they bring many?
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