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  1. Nigel Worthington

    who remembers the game v chelsea in the 90s he got sent off with the chelsea goalkeeper and vinnie jones had to go in the net
  2. for home game chelsea milk cup 4-4 but the fa cup game at millwall 90-91 season will take some beating 4-4.....we played them 3 months previous and lost 4-2
  3. old thread i know but the name of the band was the players association who had a bit hit called turn the music up
  4. neil midgley used to get it big time
  5. i forgot about him did you ever see gary bennett (no not that one )of sunderland nearly strangled him after a late tackle both got sent off but speedie didnt want to leave the pitch as bennet was waiting for him
  6. Hardest Wednesday player ever

    found a link to the game
  7. didnt he once get sent off at our place
  8. mickey thomas gordon strachan mick channon peter reid ian wright thoughts
  9. Hardest Wednesday player ever

    yes but i cant remember any other players who where arrested and took to court for it after a game http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/they-fought-the-law-and-the-law-won-1-1426575
  10. Hardest Wednesday player ever

    chris woods got arrested at rangers when one of the old firm games turned nasty
  11. Hardest Wednesday player ever

    tony galvin
  12. the old shop in orchard square used to sell tickets
  13. The Owls Shop 1970s

    the game at the lane a testimonial match or something he uttered the words that bomber grahem was throwing off on the pitch