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  1. Beat me to it they also invaded the pitch for the 89 cup final
  2. it was a genuine question no malice was intended ffs i met the guy a few times top bloke hold off the faux outrage some of you
  3. often wonder how the police got them through the turnstiles then onto the triangle then out again and how did half time work did they have to have a police escort
  4. Didnt he have to resign as director because of some scandal?
  5. In 1988 they made colin west work at the club shop they made him carry a box of bone china wednesday cups I did hear he dropped them
  6. I dont think it was that many could barely hear them
  7. Why wilkinson bought him I never know didnt he know about the Oldham game cracking goal he scored at forrest though
  8. Years ago I saw ian Cranson walking up and down high street near the blue bell he looked lost and yes he had that bandana on😃
  9. Phil Henson hated that fool no idea why I was only 10 at the time
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