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  1. All the law and orders binge watching at its finest
  2. Hoping for Thailand in November keeping my fingers and toes crossed but part of me thinks it won't happen
  3. Thinking of moving to a smaller place I know the area is a bit rough but does anyone know what the flats are like inside
  4. They give us the Kippax and the main stand Stockport got the uncovered end and it was raining
  5. How did they police that ? Did they get a escort from the turnstiles if they didn't I could imagine for the time some getting hassle from our fans
  6. I remember buying the cd when it came out had flashing lights on the spine battery ran out 2 years later
  7. 28 minutes of been in the premiership left for dem blades
  8. The dell was awful... as was Oxford Chester was ok before they put the barriers up .. Talking of Chester who remembers us setting fire to the home end behind the goal 79-80 season
  9. They give us half of the side terrace as well
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