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  1. Got to steve foster not keen on cranson he ignored me when I asked him if he was lost when he was wandering up and down high street around 1989
  2. Olive did alright for herself she joined the chemical brothers
  3. I've seen donkeys with smaller teeth than his
  4. They would never sell apples or oranges because they could be thrown on the pitch but they might get away with selling grapes or watermelon
  5. You have accurately described the typical United fan
  6. I'm surprised none of the blunts have asked for the game to be replayed yet
  7. Adult tickets only bet those who try getting in with a beard will be disappointed no juvenile tickets are on sale
  8. Years ago I used to take bad results personally but these days I just accept it and move on to the next game
  9. Half the time he didn't know what he was doing
  10. I wonder how many minutes sunderland wasted with the throw ins and goal kicks last night ?
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