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  1. Looking for two spares. Absolutely gutted I didn't manage to get a ticket. Tried all yesterday and said there was problems with one of the additional supporter numbers and was told to try again today. Been ready to get tickets since 8 and get on the website to say it's sold out. Would be hugely appreciated if anyone has two spares that I could buy. Thanks

    FIFA 16

    Wanting to start a career mode again on this but I'm wanting to play with sliders as career mode is unplayable without. Anyone playing with sliders recommend any?
  3. Great thank you. Have you managed to get the latest transfer updates so we have hooper in the team? I downloaded an update but they didn't transfer hooper even though players like vaz te had been correctly transferred
  4. How did you guys manage to get zivkovic? I tried to buy him but he just goes to a big club
  5. Anyone up for some rocket league?
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