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  1. If anything he's going to race harder against Bottas as he wants his seat.
  2. I think so yes. Red herring. He's meant to remind you of Dot so you think he's bent but he's actually not.
  3. Facing Mohammed Abbas in England, in April with a Dukes ball. Nah. No thanks. Just close your eyes and wave the bat around because you're not hitting the ball.
  4. Almost as pretty as Alex Verdugo's swing that, Jim.
  5. I've had to split it out; All time male:- Denzel Washington Robert De Niro - Forgetting the stream of garbage he's been in the last 15-20 years he's my favourite Jack Nicholson Shout out to Paul Newman and Spencer Tracy. I just couldn't not pick the other three. Current male:- Mahershala Ali Ed Norton Bryan Cranston Shout out to Brad Pitt. He's become pretty great. All time female:- Meryl Streep Frances McDormand Helena Bonham-Carter Current female:- Lupita Nyong'o
  6. I missed them saying it was a he. Kind of means it’s Corbett or Hunter then. Could Hunter be alive?
  7. That's how i took it. No third party. The sample of Davidson was ran through the whole system and it found two matches, Davidson and her relative.
  8. It seems too on the nose for it to be Hunter that she's related too. Who does that leave that would give a "mother of god" response from Ted? Dot Cotton John Corbett Hilton Dryden Wise Gill Biggeloe
  9. It wasn't the worst thing on Mania though. Hulk Hogan takes that crown. They couldn't pipe in enough crowd noise to drown out those boos.
  10. If the gimmick was that Bray Wyatt has turned into this ultra cheerful, happy go lucky guy who has this dark side that makes him a vicious killer then ok. I think that is what Wyatt was doing, or trying to do, when he debuted the character. It has limitations in that as soon as he's beaten then you hit a dead end. He isn't going to actually kill someone, he's just a scary dude who can be beaten in no time at all by a 50 year old guy who "wrestles" twice a year. To be fair to Bray the character got over and then unfortunately for him they WWE-ified it to a point where he became some
  11. Cav is back. Starting to get that confidence.
  12. There was a fair bit of interference from Uso but I get what you mean. The Roman winning I thought there might be an angle at the end to get the big pop but I was glad they didn't. I would have loved to be in the meeting when Edge and Bryan were putting the match together - I'm sure Roman and Heyman had input too. Incredible storytelling.
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