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  1. What’s everyone’s memories of him? Wasted potential? Or just crap.
  2. Fox , isn;t a flipping winger , get some flipping wingers instead of Fox & Palmer ffs.
  3. Can't honestly remember half time was raging.
  4. Why the fizz was Loovens so deep? He was stood in the 6 yard box. Push up the field my man.
  5. Doubt it the big lump will play instead.
  6. Loads of ballocks. Westwood will be here.
  7. We need one to cover Hooper if he's going to be injured all season. Nuhiu and Joao shouldn't be anywhere near the first team.
  8. Not read any of the 22 pages, but if the lad didn't feel confident after his miss at Leeds and not really been banging them in due to the complete lack of service down to the negative tactics then I don't think he REFUSED he just didn't feel confident. You don't turn from a goal machine into a bobbar player over night. Hopefully with a proper pre season, Carlos will play to his strengths i.e. get the ball in the flipping box and we will see the best of JR. roger the haters.
  9. Not confident now that we've lost Hooper. It'll be tough.
  10. Love seeing goals scored at that end when our own fans celebrate. Looks much better then hundreds of blue seats. Didn't we have fans there most games in the Prem?
  11. Lee is Prem quality. Only good thing Dave Jones did was sign him.
  12. Not one of his better games but I'm not a hater, think he'll get better. Also think he'd be good in the middle.
  13. When he comes on we score within 5 minutes.
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