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  1. Will they be back for Monday? ️
  2. Watched a few of his vids when he's gone to watch Lazio. He's a Brighton fan.
  3. I think it started with Bielsa, he had the U23's and every age group of the club playing the same way. They smashed Man U 3-0 in a recent U23. Not sure if City could win the league if they won tonight.
  4. They have a poo load of class youngsters. I think they’ve been harping on about trying to beat the record U23 attendance of 20k. Just something they can boast about.
  5. There's extended highlights for some of the Serie A games
  6. I’ve signed up for BT Sports and on the app the last episode of Golazzo live is episode 13 where Napoli played away in Milan weeks ago. Is this the most recent episode or does it take a while for an episode to appear on the app?
  7. Nah there’s some standard generic ones where you can change colour & re-name.
  8. Thinking of starting a career mode. Which fake stadium best suits Hillsborough?
  9. We're a joke club so it's expected for joke performances.
  10. You could pick someone from the kop to run the club better.
  11. We've been soft for years no heart or pride just ******** w a n kkkkk/. Been saying we need a ball winning CM since we were in prem. We sign injury prone soft shits no fight or pride.
  12. Did we used to take this to away games in the 90’s or have I imagined this?
  13. Is this the first time Barnsley have ever been a division above us?
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