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  1. I think for me Jos and Carlos have polar end/opposite views. Both have merits and I think really the key is, as always somewhere in the middle. Carlos stuck by his better players regardless of form, fitness or injuries this alineating some of his back ups. Jos is favouring fitness and energy, swapping and changing from game to game, over the value and ability of others, regardless of form, tactics or cohesion. Thus alienating and excluding some of his back ups. Really we need the middle. Play your team to your strengths (in the main) which a side that best gives you the chance of winning. However, should players have injuries or be out of form, they should be dropped. If injured should have to play at least a couple of games to make sure an injury will not repeat and take advice from the doc and physio. If given the go ahead they can resume match duties and step in if form, Injury and fitness of someone in the squad is lost. That way you can use youngsters too. The main issue I have is Jos is causing this unrest. If he didn't want to play certain players get them out of the door, this removing the issue completely. You don't and you are setting yourself up for a fall (rightly or wrongly) if things aren't going right. He's made is own pool of players smaller by choice, so the benefit of the doubt he had before from me is waining and waining fast. Everyone should have a chance of making the squad for me. If you have youth players, get them on loan to league two, then league one etc, they dont automatically have to develop here, but can still be a key component in the future. Look for a side that plays your type of football. Yes playing them here gives hem direct exposure, but also puts a lot of pressure on them if things don't go well. They should be ones who are given 5 games and then rested for a couple (give them time to reflect and learn). The reason I think most are anointed is our spine is week in fight, organisation and leadership and Westwood and hutch have those abilities. Dawson is a good keeper, as that save stats show, but what it doesn't tell you is how he's contributed to those shots coming in. He struggles under crosses and doesn't communicate and lead his defense (the fact the defense is not strong enough or have a midfield with enough qualities to help is another story) Westwood is good in both of those areas and it's arguably something the defense need right now. Is using him and acarificing Dawson's progression. Going to help thorniley, Penney and baker more?!?!. For me either Dawson or wildsmith should be one loan somewhere for 6 months, then the other for the other 6 months if you arent going to sell Westwood. We are soft in the centre, with no organisation. Again 2 qualities hutch has. Is he needed to help get us back on an even keel? Arguably so. Inconsistencies are part and parcel of you guys players, but having experienced pros on the bench to help is a debate you roads yourself when you have kids on the bench that you don't play (so changes if made are the same and do t actually change a game) so what experience are they actually getting? Mix and match sure but for good sake adapt to what's needed during games and use your squad effectively to help you achieve that. It's just the common theme that we are shooting ourselves in the foot again and again in this, transfer activity, youth development etc etc. Sometimes you have to start again, but you do that by selling and reinvesting, not casting aside and ostracizing. Then you reinvest money from a reach of FF sale etc. Hoarding and abandoning players is ridiculous unless you are a top club like chelsea etc who can afford to do so. Don't get me wrong, all clubs make mistakes (look at Chelsea with DeBrune) but why hinder your own clubs ability???
  2. I admire/understand his reasoning in some ways, as it gives those who train hard an incentive to play. However, it also demotivates those on the outskirts (which is what Carlos did), which can be even worse when it contains a few of your better players. My main issue is when the team or players are not playing well then you need to instill into them that there are players breathing down your neck to have your position. Stop complacency setting in. At the minute we havent got that due to the ostracized players imo. Not all players can play or train every session, but it doesn't mean they can't be the best performers on your match day. Jos' job is to manage a squad effectively, so that the team performers consistently to the highest possible standards. I do t think we are doing this. Yes he's blooding youngsters, but then he'll not us his bench/subs when needed..... The team are lacking leadership and are as solid as a chocolate fireguard this season (having always had a softer underbelly to be fair, but that was offset by a high pace and press in our successful season) and using the same combinations repeating or swtich match after match is the definition of madness for me. In my mind when you have players of 'lesser ability's on the ball or situational awareness or movement etc, it's always best to engrained one way of playing so they know what's what both defensively and offensively. Jos changes his team's and tactics/formations to suit the opposition instead of suiting his own team. Therefore hindering our own abilities and I think that's why we sometimes look like we'll ship 3 or 4. It still annoys me that he'll try to play from the back (with the players we have) all game. Fair enough if we aren't being pressed. But if we are and the keeper hoofs it, why not go longer earlier Or go in behind. Mix it up for god's sake. Argh.... Players like Westwood and hutch. Hell even Jones may not have the best games, but they organise and take responsibility. I'm not saying our fortunes would change, but at least you'd know you've tried and not alienated players.....
  3. splan80

    This is how we line up

    I agree with making changes based on bad performances. I just hope he adapts his tactics too. If teams press then he needs to at least mix possession up and not always try to play it out otherwise it'll very likely be the same outcome, personnel changes or not. The changes made makes it look like we've got a paper thin squad, but when you consider hutch, Westwood, Jones and Boyd are all fit then it shows there's more going on at the club. Yes he has other injuries to contend with to be fair, but some decisions seem weird. I just hope to god he makes subs if we are needing to impose and/or change a game, something he failed to do on Friday. I think people are right to be a letter to question, as you can always improve and there are many ways and opinions on how to do that. Jos' lineup is one such way. I Hope he's got it right. Nothing makes me happier football wise than an owls win (apart from playing good football and winning). But like anyone and everything you're always open to being critiqued. 2-1 anyone...... Haha
  4. splan80

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Firstlt sorry, this is a long post!!! I think this is the type of performance we'll get every now and again under Jos. He tries to galvanise a team, at the expense of better players, but when we are pressured and struggling, too often we panic, heads go and the game is gone. Still can't believe he only used 1 sub again. Apart from the out of blue finish by reach and a last 7 minute pressure we were 3rd best behind Boro and ref in that second half. Some half chances in the first created by reach's running. Pulis brought his rugby knowledge to the fore and played time wasting and some shoddy / clever tackling (forearm smash on fletch) and getting them to save a "try" on the try line by covering and lying on the ball under a ruck, thus obviously meaning we were at fault and penalty to them - i assume that's how the ref saw it anyway haha - which keeper then took from pen spot!! Lol. Ratings: Dawson: 5. Did nothing overly wrong, but his insistence on punching and flapping/hesitant decisions doesn't inspire confidence for his defence. Don't think it helps us in anyway. His quick distribution needs to be better. (Although distribution is an issue with Al 3 keepers imo, but Westwood while at the club but not No1 is still baffling and a shame - unless he plays crap in games - same with hutch missing out) Palmer 5. Defensively ok, he didn't shirk tackles, but his passing was woeful. Lees 3. Poor in most things, highlighted by the error for the goal. Then standing stock still rather than trying to make up for it meaning an easy pass to BA for the goal. Hates having the ball at his feet. Hector 6. Composure generally when winning ball. Like everyone dropped heads after second (god knows what the half time team talk was). His longer passing was off today and tired for me after about 80mins. Thorniley 5. Should've done better for the first goal, but he's a youngster learning and he throws himself into any challenge and handled BA well I thought. Penney 4. Im his biggest fan, but I think he needs a rest. Move thorniley to wing back and pudil to CB. He got caught in the ball so much. His right leg is there for standing on. Haven't seen him so hesitant going forward since he first came in. Needs to knuckle down again as it looks like he's believing he's a world beater and you need to work at that every game. Joey 6.5 He did most of the defensive side well and is getting less shoved off the ball, but still needs to do better on the ball, some terrible attempts. Has to remember there's more than Bannan to pass to. (As rest of team do to be fair) Hate them both over the ball at set pieces. Just takes em out if the game. Bannan 6. Not his usual self. Team rely on him too much. No surprise to me that other players look better when he doesn't play as they have to then take responsibility. He tried to many over the top balls against a massive back 5 and silly flicks for me. Lack of movement doesn't help him, but his head went and he stopped to often and started arguing. Reach 7. He infruiates me and it really gets at me haha.80% of the time he loses the ball or is out done in a tackle or just points at runners and stops. I prefer him wide rather than as a no 10. But he has a great strike on him thank god and if it weren't for him over last few games we'd be bottom half. João 5. Back to his Bambi best, had no influence today. Shame he has thus in him too often as the clinical controlled João is an asset to have. Fletch 7. I thought he worked hard, chased back and got involved. It meant he was rarely in the positions we needed him mind, but that for me was more about the team performance than his. Dave 5. Didn't have an impact really. Jos: 4. I wish we'd abandon the passing at the back when teams press. Force them back more instead, or at least mix it up more, as we don't have the players to do so under pressure. Dawson just ends up lumping it 30 seconds later meaning more space in midfield for opposition as our defence is too deep. Jos needs to be better tactically in the game for me. Players looked lost, heads went down and needed direction. Why not change the game? You have 3 subs. We can't control games. He didn't deliver. Too often we are a team of reactors rather than anticipaters. In most games that'll mean we are second best to the first ball and we put ourselves under pressure. That's when you miss your more skillful players. It's a balancing act Jos needs to learn to master and quickly if he wants the playoffs. Boro did the things they do well, but weren't carving us apart. As usual a second half disappointment, when we handed them the keys to the game. Pulis gets a 9 for his rugby talent at the end of the game. Ref 4. Tried to let the game flow and didn't give in to BA theatrics, but that meant he missed some genuine niggly stuff Boro did. How Ayla didn't get yellow on the forearm smash for example. How he decided we fouled in the melee at the end was weird too. They obstructed us by laying on he ball. Haha. Frustrating game all in all. We have so much more to give, which is what I think is worse in games like this. It's a worry for me as I think this type of performance will happen every few games and harm our top 6 chances. I just feel to play how he wants we need our better players to play. Defeats hurt and can lead to overreaction and I'm sure we'll do well against a lot of teams, I just think something like today coupled with a similar second half collapse against Leeds and west Brom, our record against the top 6 will be our undoing this year. So so hope I'm wrong.
  5. That was an important hold, would have been disastrous to throw another 2-0 lead away. Well done boys.
  6. 7 mins injury time again!!!
  7. Big big last 10 plus injury time. We've scored in our "purple patch" now we need to step up again and not let another lead slip again. It could be make or break for the players confidence. Cmons lads. poo that ref. Let's Bristol play on while their player has head injury then blows up as soon as we get the ball. Hate poo like that.
  8. God damn it. Given a pen away. Big big dilemma now. Can't lead another 2-0 lead go. Ffs. Cmon boys let's hold on and banish that demon straight away.
  9. We've got a good 2-0 lead again today now. Much better in this second half. Cmon boys let's make the 2-0 count!!!
  10. Get the fizz in boys. Lovely double salvo :)
  11. He attempted but keeper for there first for me.
  12. Not been good this first half for me. João has replaced fletch early on, who seed to be injured. We've barely had the ball. 0 shots until min 39 when reach hit a long range one and we shoulda done better with the corner João missing a flick on. Barely any time in their half, never mind final 3rd. Insisting on playing out from back again and being closed down and Dawson loving it within seconds. Not much movement. Britsol haven't over threatened, but Dawson saves a good (lukcy) 1on1 chance. Need more in the second half. We've missed placed so many passes and ambled about for me. I know we are away, but I hope we have more tempo in the second half.
  13. splan80

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 5. Positives were 2 decent saves in the second half, but his handling, positional sense and decisions were lacking from him today, not helping his defence. Don't think Jos' tactics of playing out from the back did him any favours. Palmer 4. Thought he didn't quite get it right in the offside stakes and his attacking play was weaker than of late. Not much for him to hit to be fair most of the time. Lees 5. Steady and a bit better on the ball than rest of season. Playing in a 4 suits him better. I still think he needs to show more abilities as a leader to help out the young back line. Especially without Westwood playing. Thorniley 5. Can't think of anything specifically that he did wrong or right. Some good lunging last ditch tackles. I like him and he's comfortable on the ball. Penney 5. Would've given him a 4 based on first 65. Up against one of most trickiest players in Ince, so took a while to get going and stopped when on the ball a fair bit ala fox when going forward. However, once released, he scored a 6, he made some good runs and a shot. I love this kid. He'll play for many years if he signs long term. Joey 4. I'm not his biggest fan, but I think his role today made it hard for him. Was specifically marking Allen until well into the 2nd half. Left us with massive gaps in front of the back four, where he'd normally be. Maybe not his fault, but I still think for all his energy, he is off the pace, doesn't win enough tackles, always looks like he'll lose the ball with his touch and rarely plays good poaitive passes. His shooting was woeful today. Bannan 8. MOM but a bit up and down for his standards. We rely on him too much and have done for way too long since our injury list became an epidemic. He still pulled us through thankfully. Reach 3. He is not good enough to play behind a striker or in the front 3. I'm sick of him pointing, but doing jack all himself. Often stops or just ambles back. Got caught on ball loads and neshed his tackles as usual. He plays well when we do, but he can't I fluence a game for me because his situational awareness is terrible. How he ended up behind the striker with João at wingback when we moved to 3 at the back I'll never know. He needs to work harder especially when he plays those roles. Matias 6. Took his goal well, but goes down too easily. His work ethic was great mind, Reach take note. Thought he was unlucky to get subbed although like all the front 4 drifted in and out of the game. João 7. Was the only other player along with Bannan that could make something happen. He did some lovely tricks, but also worked very hard. Reach take note. Feltcher 6. Won more than his fair share of headers, but his general control was lacking. But he worked hard and chased his own mistakes. Take note Reach. Couldn't really rate the subs, but Dave was Dave, slow like a bus but you know he's coming like an elephant. I liked the look of Onomah, wanted the ball and had movement. Reminds me of demeble at spurs. Think he'd do well behind a striker or in a central 3. Hector seemed ok, but need to see him longer to assess. Overall we were poor for most parts. We lacked tempo and movement. Often you couod throw a blanket over fletcher, matias & reach, who were also too statuc. Stoke will feel robbed. However, we showed fight and kept going. I still think we'd need our missing 5 players to get in to the playoffs. (FF, Hooper, Lee, Westwood, Hutch) Otherwise I think we'll finish 8-12. Hopefully we can increase our performance and energy levels in more games than not. Then keep plugging away. There is something in there somewhere, we've seen some flashes. I hope Jos finds a way of improving our better players and getting them integrated into the team as soon as fitness allows. Think we'll need it if we have any chance of meeting DCs requirements!! Point gained today in the end. Let's go onwards and upwards.
  14. I always like to follow up a post, that seems critical to some, after the game. I assumed we'd have the same line up today, as weve been winning (Yey!!) - but winning doesn't mean everything is perfect and as a fan I like to see and suggest how we could get better. I understand what Jos has tried to do and it's a great message to the team to first and foremost make sure you work hard - Rightly so, but my question on this is can he also put aside his own ego aside when needed and not use others as Scape goats, but apply the right combination of worth ethic with talent with more importantly form, so we don't over rely on the same players, as based on previous games I've seen, some players have struggled. Its the 11 plus subs that win games,, not usr the startinga11. I think that is a valid question. It is also more so when people start to criticise when only losing. Being a fan/supporter should be about the club as a whole. Backing the team when needed, but also enjoying the conversations and opinions with each other - as in the end all we all want is Wednesday winning. I can't fault people for their opinions if they give reasoning (rather than just saying he's poo - unless its from Morgan fox! So Morgan). I'd rather have a site that debated everything, before during after, than one that just said well done after winning. Let's hope we can now integrate those coming back tomorrow injury and new loans, so we have more of the squad ready to go at the next 6 games, which I think are much tougher. I'm so delighted and was confident in Jos' pre-season, before we'd kicked a ball, that we'd be able to make our best start in the DC era, as I think he'd have faced big questions (regardless of transfer restrictions) if we'd not found our feet. I just hope now kick on regardless of what players play! And more importantly whatever we discuss!!
  15. I understand what Jos is saying as the team always comes before the needs or ethic of a player. However, having stated his preference he's started what could be a dangerous mark in his starting line ups. Yes you can work your socks off, but also while you 'run about' you equally be ineffective, miss tackles and passes and just be like a headless chicken, thus not playing well. Now if the same player plays well in training but not the match - surely that should be taken into consideration. For me based on the last couple of games, they changed when we made subs (Tempo and energy). Therefore the subs deserve more of a shout to start. Because the starting line up didn't just win that game. I also think it's a false notion re FF not working hard. I see him chase back and tackle, more than reach, when he's playing the no 10 role. Sam for instance has more influence in position and passing ability than Joey, while Fletch has done more than nuihu so far this season. I even think Kirkby deaerves the nod ahead of Lee. So for me when you make decisions about the team it's more than just about work ethic. This is where the debate is and of course it's all about opinions. Let me say tho, if you don't work hard and are in poor form then you don't deserve to be in the squad period. I hope Jos has it right and we smash em, but I wouldn't be surprised for fans who attended say the game changed with subs.