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  1. Subbed twice at half time in as many matches, yet still deemed suitable to start..... Mmm..... Comes back to same issue we had with Jos. Playing players who train all the time is all well and good, but if they are not playing at their (substandard) best, they are passengers. The team is it playing well enough or with enough character to carry them. Frustrating how some players are given performance or injury passes, when others aren't.
  2. Gallagher for me was the MoM for me. He had our backline all over the show. Would be nice to have players like that...... Today was a guttless. Slow and sluggish before the red (which was ridiculous by the way) and clueless and spineless after. Only hutch showed energy, desire to get involved and stand up to be counted. Rest were at best crap. (although at least Borner and Big Dom wanted ball) Dawson 4. As soon as second went in it was over. He should've got a better hand to it (although unlucky it went in off him) Osarie 3. Tough home debut. Struggled from outset to get a rthym going. Iorfa 4. Well below par, but not helped by a team a fannies around him. Borner 4. Unusually suspect defensively, at least he tried to do something with the ball. Fox 4. Not of his standard of late. Struggled and outpaced. Lee 4. Just off the pace. Saw glimpses of him trying to get forward and be busy,but wasn't working. Bannan 3. Disinterested, hardly moved. I want a captain to lead be example. Team played as well as he led us. Wish he'd stop being a 3rd centre half and play 5-10yards higher as it forces rest of our team to play higher and quicker. Luongo 4. Never a red, but off colour like everyone else today. Reach 3. Bar finally getting into the game late on he was a passenger. At least his pointing arm is strong still. Though I'd rather he did something than point. Murphy 2. Pointless him being on the pitch. I think he was allergic to the ball today. Winnall 3. Isolated and got no change outta their back line. Nothing stuck, but we didn't exactly give him much chance. Dave 3. Don't know what to say apart from usual dave we see 90% of the time. Hutch 7. Only one I think can take credit from today. Was everywhere (which is what you need when down to 10), passed, tackled, moved, actually gave a poo and didn't stroll around. Lees 3. Reyt worth bringing him on...... Monk 2. I cnat fault him keeping the same team, but how he can't get us going from the outset is worrying. His sub was pointless as it changed nothing. At least change the shape or something if making an early change. Yes we were hard done by by the red, but we were second best beforehand and 3rd best after it. Can't believe he didn't change it again after bringing Lees on. Allowing Murphy a full 90mins was criminal. I often find myself questioning him more that than thinking that was such a good move. I cant understand how you can let a team play like that without going bananas. Inept in every department and mentally not there. We were wrongly put down to 10, but we didn't let that fire us up, we just wilted and did so meekly. He should come out and say how embarrassed he is. He needs to start getting 90 minute performances out of his teams. Yet again we've put ourselves in the playoffs then seem to get a nose bleed and run away. It's getting depressing. Don't think I've been so embarrassed with the effort and application (which is a minimum) since seeing boothroyd and an Irvine side. That was well depressing.
  3. I'm only halfway through the thread but a couple of points that spring to mind. As a fan it can only provide current good value for a long time season ticket holder/perspective. Getting a minimum of 15yrs even at current prices is bloody good value. The only drawback would be a worry over a transfer of ownership or administration and how the wording applies should that situation arise. As a club, I can't see it making much difference to overall P&S, and as a fan it does make you question the longer term viability in this offer and whether it identifies an underlying issue. But as a second thought, does this cash injection also allow DC to also put even more money back into the club as P&S states is allowed to be matched? As the more income in, means the more he can match without penalties (if I remember correctly and a not barking up a tree in the wrong forest of course). So any money in now can effectively be doubled for a bigger push. Now I'm not saying that's right, but it's a possibility. (Now how this all ties into the current legal challenges or not, who knows, as the deadline means the transfer window would be closed, so you can't invest now, but you'd expect that decision to have been made by the summer too, where an embargo could or could not be in place... . So like everything else as is the case of late, its a throw of the coin as to what you believe). Of course that doesn't take away from the other questions and concerns being levied. As a fan I have to say as stupid as some see this offer, I would take it up if I had the cash, as I'll be there no matter what, but I won't ridicule those who don't see or agree with the value, neither would I be against anybodies concerns or even faith in this offer. Unfortunately, the full proof will only be clear further down the line. Let's hope its the right one and I can find a winning bet to cover the cost haha.
  4. Or should it be, as Eddie Jones says for his England Rugby subs - they aren't subs, they are "finishers". Whatever it is we need more of it at the minute. whether that's changing a game in our favour or making sure we finish off a game with minimal fuss. What I don't get is why Monk (one of a couple of minor criticisms I have) always seems to have 3 centre midfielders on the bench of late. Reduces your game changing options some what. That and why we persist in having our winger stand in front of the throw taker, basically taking themselves out of the game and allowing that easy ball down the line. Instead of having a man in front and behind of them. I find it weird, cos it's not like they then track that well for the next ball haha.
  5. I'll tell you want, there must be a queue of lawyer firms outside our ground. We don't half generate some business for them. I find this a little ironic really in that Leicester have exploited a loophole and we are unhappy, when we've done the same to the EFL. Lol A symptom of a modern world, everyone specifically looks for loopholes instead of trying to right the game. Get what you can as quick as you can and worry about it later (that's not saying I don't think what Leicester did are wrong) and I'm pleased he's deciding to make a stand (well several), as the game is continually getting worse unless you are part of the elite and someone needs to do it.
  6. Think today's statement means DC wants to hit the transfer market without EFL interference. This is either a master stroke and we are subtly increasing our points loss come a court appeal loss when they'll want our pants down!! Wonder what the record points deduction is. Would be great if we win to bring about P&S changes, but we Could end up with -84 in both this season and next at this rate. Haha.
  7. I think it boils down to situational awareness and mental strength. We don't have enough players with situational awareness as it is in the squad. They have then a lack of mental strength, which means any thought of playing the game disappears towards the end of the game/when it matters. For me we need fletcher and Borner (even someone like Lee) on the pitch at the end of games to help us with that. Most of the others seem to lose their head. Even bannan does. We all thought having likes of Harris and Murphy would help us stretch defenders and the game. This doesn't happen in the last 15 when it matters and we don't have others still willing to put a foot on the ball. Especially defensively, not being in the right positions and just occupying space is not the right thought process. Knowing where the danger is and where its going to be is what's needed and makes you stand out as a player. Something hooper was great at. Which is one of my criticisms of reach (not singling him out in this game, just making a point) People say he works hard/back. But 80% of the time that is because he's chasing a player he's the wrong side of in the first place. So his miles look good, or visually looks OK, but its ineffective defending, if you see what I'm getting at. Yes we do score late goals too, as rightly pointed out, but conceding so many so quickly is when it starts to become a problem. That is the difference between the best times and the also rans (after the big standard consistency). Being able to use the last 10 and injury time to your advantage. Not be a coin throw as to what will happen. It is a worry. It can set in quickly if we can't remedy it. Monk needs to find a way. Having said all that, this season it won't make a difference, cos conveniently, we'll have just enough points (whatever that is) to put us 4th bottom if we lose the court appeal. Haha
  8. For me Mom was Hutch today. Along with big Dom, they were the only 2 players that turned up in the first half (although thought fox was solid to be fair) and both maintained that in the 2nd. Big improvements from the rest in the 2nd half and was delighted with fletchers contribution in the end. Pleased to say I thought Rhodes made a difference and happy to see Monk acknowledge just hope poor we were in the first half and not hide from that fact. Think we miss Borner at the back as he offers much more on the ball and in a 2 bannan and hutch can cause our own problems as both way to deep at times (although lack of movement from front 4 didn't help, which is why I'm always pleased to see Lee and Luongo play as they truly move all game). Dawson 6. Nothing really to do, but thought his kicks were a bit jot off the mark. Was pleased to see him berate Murphy for losing his man as a keeper should do. Moses 6. Generally solid, with a few mistakes. Think he just seems to have a rik in him. Iorfa 8. Was imposing and everywhere he needed to be today. Looking a great player. Was close call with Hutch. Lees 6. Solid defending in the main. Still terrible on the ball. Miss Borner for me. Having Cbs who can step forward causing the opposition problems. Hutch 8. MoM. He was everywhere. Won the ball, ran with the ball, left, right, centre, up front etc. Immense. Bannan 6.5 one good ball in the second half. Terrible corners (again). Sat too deep with hutch empting our midfield. For me can only lay in a 3. (not popular opinion that I know) Murphy 4. Apart from his first run was terrible. Both forward and backwards. Harris 7. Was missing in the first half (like many) but involved in most of our good play in the second. Dave 4. Was the usual dave we see. No flashes of brilliance or link up play with fletcher. Fletcher. 7.5 Thought he was unusually frustrated and poor in the first half. Magnificent in the 2nd. If he'd have been better in first half could've been MoM. Rhodes 7. Looked lively and helped stretch their defence with better forward runs off the shoulder. Reach 6. Got a couple of challenges in today and the odd run. Hard to get too much into the game to impress. Luongo 6. Solid when on for Hutch. Team performance in first half 4. No movement, pressure, composure, ability. You name it we didn't have it. Second half 8. Am glad Monk got into them and makes a change having a strong second period. I'd have made more changes, but his definitely worked today which is what we want to see. Now we need 90min performances to keep a playoff dream alive (subject to the EFL of course haha)
  9. What annoys me more (on a side note) is the FA did for Forestieri for an event (still questionable on proof other than 1 man's word versus another) in 2018 pre-season, but applied a convenient 2019 extended ban, yet swfc can't sell our ground in 2019, but apply it to the 2017/18 accounts. Double standards I tell thee haha. Conspiracy. Where's the FA intervention on that......haha
  10. It annoyed me that he didn't blow up when leeds were arracking but did once we were breaking, but I thought ref was OK generally. Having said that if Sam or FF had done that he'd have been sent off without a doubt! Yes Andrews did say it was a red, but was glad ref didn't see it, as he has promise. Stupid comment. But then Beckford thought it was fine (although duid admit he was lucky)
  11. He was the dogs testicles today (as where a few) so I'm chuffed for him. Said to my dad before the game he'd score or assist for the winner, wasn't far off. Since he's been back in the team he's been getting better.
  12. I've been more than pleased with Monk so far and believe the players are buying into what he wants. I think we recruited well in the summer and those players have settled quickly. Bullen deserves credit after the disaster of Bruce going and the FF fiasco (thanks FA) and of course the P&S sideshow. So it's a credit we've done as we have. My only doubt, which I think we'd need to be a top 2 (rather than playoff mix) is 1) are we clinical enough over a season and 2) I'm waiting for Monk to show us he can change a game/wrestle control back with his changes. We've had good results (don't get me wrong I'm pleased as punch at the minute) but a manager can earn wins from draws and draws from defeats with his determination to affect/change game, even if we are going OK. Not be reactive or late with his subs, but seeing how we can push when on top or get us going when we are not in the game. At the minute he's more reactive in changes and not giving subs time to have an impact. But thats small pickings and he'll have time to work on that when it comes to the crunch and he's made us resilient, with an ethic of all for the cause, which is a cornerstone of any good team. Just a couple of the finer details I think we'll need to challenge longer term over the season. Of course a couple of inspired signings too in January wouldn't go amiss either to make sure injuries during a season don't have the be all and end all kind of impact we've seen all too often/before. We're going great guns and long may that continue.
  13. Mainly agree, Apart from him not giving booking klich for kicking ball away right under his nose and for failing to give a freekick for the elbow, then letting Leeds play on until we had the ball on the break then deciding to give it. Better standard then most recently mind.
  14. Westwood 7 - distribution a little iffy, but cracking save Palmer 7 - steady away today, great shot it in first half. Iorfa 8 - calm and just a rock. Carried ball forward well (tho did get caught a couple of times) Hutch 8 - not sure there's a position this lad can't play. Can tell its his natural position. Never looked like getting booked. If we had a decent DM I think he'd play there. Fox - 9 great game (and I'm a critic of his) made some fabulous blocks and tackles and he actually went forward, but forward with purpose. Great play for the fletcher chance. Reach 7 - thought he did well attacking wise today. Still worries me defensively but put a shift in (and that's not this usual runs but is miles behind play/his marker). Worried Leeds. Joey 6 - he works hard and does OK generally defensively, but that's all. He's as strong as a wet paper bag, gets muscled off the ball and his passing was woeful for me. Constantly gave it away, out of play or put his mates in trouble. Banna. 7- still below his normal standards and blamed his team mates a lot, but I thought he got himself into trouble more than not. Generally his corners and freekicks hit the first man or are floaty rubbish easy for keeper or defender. Wish we'd mix it up a bit. Harris 7 - had them when on the ball. Was slightly behind play of left 2 on 1 defensively but tried both attacking wise as an outlet and defensively. Fletch 7. 5 - could so easily have been a 9 had he taken any of his chances. Won more than dave in the air, but did get caught on ball a few times and somehow didn't score! Worked tirelessly to be fair. Dave 7 - thought he was off the pace and clumsy in possession in the first half. But as much as that in first he was good in the second. Didnt think Lee and FF had enough time to be marked but both were lively. Hard fought and we could've won that game. Another step in the right direction. My only surprise was that the tannoy didn't announce that council demanded we'd have to stay behind in the ground for 2 hrs so Leeds fans could get out......
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