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  1. Winnall

    Personally I'd rather have winnall than Fletcher. I just think that we'd get a better chance having a higher goal return, but that's just me. I'd say that he was unfortunate that the Rhodes deal came about as he was insurance/plan b at the time. I think his falling out with FF and probably CC has spelt the end of him at hillsborough unfortunately, unless the latter leaves. Although as mentioned relationships off the pitch should not affect your job on it. I can see why a deal was done and if he continues to bang them in at least on the positive he does increase his value and a possible bidding war, and although it means derby will be doing well at least it does mean other rivals lose points. Let's face it we need as much help as possible at the minute.....
  2. To be fair, it has been a shambles from day one with these kits. I think the only other straw the could now possibly add further insult to injury, on the already broken camels back, would be the release (just in time for Xmas if we are lucky) and for the kits to still be well over £50+. Surely these now have to be seriously discounted as having our anniversary kit for about 5 months before next season's kit is due is frankly..... Well let's be honest there aren't enough words to describe accurately..!!!!!
  3. I'm still of the opinion that there is better than Hanley/flint/Morrison et al out there for the price we'd have to pay, unless hanley is arriving late in January as a signing. I wonder whether, rather than 2, a first teamer would be supplemented by a loan. Personally I'd prefer us to push out for Dean, who is better value than most mentioned here (cos no matter how much I'd want we ain't getting Ayla!) with either Hector, kalas or even Gomez on a season loan. If not then settle for hutch at the back, with a younger loan brought in and then bring Irvine or someone like that in the middle. I just think with the option and prices available for 'championship' experience, I can't see where that value would give us a player we can use consistently in the premier league. But maybe I'm wrong trying to keep an eye on long term, especially as long term could still be championship I suppose! Haha.
  4. Sell Comparison

    I must say it's an interesting dilemma. If it was to trim down the squad then the likes of McGugan, Kean, Dave, Matias & Fox would be the first outta the door. To raise capital to reuse hopefully, while (or in addition) to doing that, I'd sell Jones, João, Fletcher, Bannan and Palmer. Replace with Irvine, Hector on loan, a lb, Snodgrass with view to permanent next season. of course Jota or Lawrence and Dean wouldn't go amiss but I think that'd blow my raised budget. Lol.
  5. Next season kit

    I think I've worked out the marketing for the new shirt (love it or hate it). Basically they've decided that the kit for the anniversary for the 150th will only be released once the kit thread reaches 150 pages. Ingenious really, we've only ourselves to blame. Quick keep bickering amongst ourselves!!
  6. If we were raiding villa for a full back, imo I'd rather have de leat or bree over Hutton, especially on the wages he'd be on. The former having been promoted twice fairly recently (also think he could cover at CB as more pace than Hutton) and the latter having promise and re-sale value. So although not a priority area, like CB and DM, I don't think we should dismiss upgrades if they are presented/available to us.
  7. If it was me I'd still look to play hutch at CB, as he's the ball playing defender we're after and being quoted high prices for. I'd instead sign zundu (sp) or Irvine and look at taking hector from chelsea, on loan for the season as CB cover. If hutch struggles in fitness then look at a late loan to buy deal for Hanley either in August or January. Having said all that I think Carlos will use him in midfield, effectively making us 352 or 343 with the ball. So prob still shopping on 2 CB only. As an X factor signing I'd still love to sign Lawrence/Jota or Snodgrass loan. I just think that would really lift the fans going into a season opener. Minor changes or the slow introduction of changes may give us an early advantage over those signing more players. We just need to turn around our slow starts. However it pans out it should be a good season with plenty of twists and turns!!
  8. Nixon

    Personally I wouldn't want Hutton. Yes he's better than Palmer but for the wages he'd command he's not that much better than hunt, in fact I'd say only on a par based on previous years- with both having a good is end to last season - which is why I'd look elsewhere as there's no sell on value, it's a big wage, for me his motivation is questionable having failed to push on in his last 3 clubs. That and he's a dirty poopydoo imo. I just don't think he'll not give us what we need and would be binned if we got promoted as just another to replace. There's def better value there. For me we need a mix of youth/experience, endeavour, work rate, the x factor in the side and hungry for success. I don't think he fits into that. In fact I'd rather have De leat or bree.
  9. I always think it's interesting trying to fit in your ideal signings with what you think Carlos might want to what we actually get. Very rarely are they all the same haha. So having said that I'm still of the opinion williams(on a free is very worth pursuing) , Irvine(especially for anything under 2.5m), ayala5/6m, boyd and Burke loan, would do nicely thanks. Add in an x factor of Lawrence or jota should FF go I think we'll still be challenging a top 2. however, we're more likely get boyd, keogh, Hanley, maybe snodgrass should FF leave. Zungu at a push. Or it'll be none of the above!! With any luck we'll find out sooner rather than later. As it happens I was also of th e opinion we should've kept sasso. Don't think many 4th choice centrebacks are better value and comfortable in bringing the ball out and at the price we had him for.
  10. Next season kit

    Saw this tweet mock up/concept for our new shirt. Thoughts? I quite like it as a one off, but does make you think Ipswich. Will make stripes even sweeter when we eventually get one!
  11. Although not an immediate area that needs strengthening and we've been sound defensively over the last 2 years, if Carlos wants to play in the same fashion with attacking fullbacks providing the width (and if true about the price if 1.5m) then I'd be straight on the phone to Derby about Christie. He's what Carlos' formation is about. A fullback that likes to get forward, but more importantly likes to take on players and can cross. Would be good competition for hunt as I think he's a step above, as for me jack struggles 50% of the time when asked to maraude on the wing alone, as he's neve sure how to get by a player and his crosses are very hit and miss (although credit where it's due he did improve towards back end of season with a run of games)
  12. I'm not sure if this would be a popular opinion, but for that price (add in appearance, goal and international bonuses) with a sell in Clause and I'd take that all day long. Don't get me wrong tho I'd love him to become a legend like his father but we could easily lose him for less regardless.
  13. Forestieri or Jota

    For how I'd like to see us play I'd rather have forestieri than Bannan. He's that key of a spark for me. In fact I'd sacrifice Fletcher, fox and Jones too. I'd love to replace those with Williams, Irvine, Jota and Lawrence too. With Burke on loan. Add in ayala and we are top 2 in anyone's book as a 433, 442 or 352 imo.
  14. Walking out tune

    I miss the 'ding ding' of the bell to signify its gonna kick off with the walk out music.
  15. I've not rated keogh for the last few years. To me he looks like he always has a mistake or two in him. If we are raiding Derby after the wisdom signing I'd take Christie. A good fullback always on the attack. Although looking at my preferred shopping list (jota or Lawrence, Williams or Irvine, ayala, Christie, plus a young cb with promise and young prem kid on loan as a game changer from the bench) I think I'm gonna be disappointed haha....