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  1. This home shirt all day long for me. But I'm a sucker and usually like most of our shirts. Away wise these 2 would be my pic.
  2. The things that team had, that we don't was heart, bravery and a will to win. They were a team inevey sense. The current one may have the odd better player but is miles worse where it matters. A good team will always beat a tema of individuals that can't play together, to a plan or for each other.
  3. Been saying this since he signed. Must have some reyt biceps in that arm. Same with the amount of running he does. May look good on the stats but like Joey, this is more often than not behind their man and because they are out of position or have neshed a tackle. Not the sole issues of us, but one of the multitude that sums up our club.
  4. Neither would I . Hence me saying I still have my original wednesday tattoos and forever will. You asked what I meant, while being cheeky about it. I provided context. I've never said I thought about it, merely pointing out I have a tattoo of the owl in question, which still gets recognised, but go for it and enjoy yourself.
  5. As in not covered it up with the new crest. (or anything else or had it removed etc) which was obviously what it meant. But clever well done.
  6. He has always been my preferred choice, ever since DC rocked up. Especially as the option to continue with the vein and style of play we initially saw under Carlos, as we had a squad that could do what Jokanovic likes from his teams. As usual if this was true (while great) it would be typical bringing him in years too late. I can't see this happening, unless he is so desperate to get back to English club football, pretty much any job in championship or above will do. You'd also have to think that DC would need to promise him funds and a decent pay packet to consider
  7. From memory, I thought we couldn't get the owl, as a stand alone icon, trademarked. I'm sure it was because effectively it was just a drawing/image, that was usable on a wider scope than just us. I seemed to remember that as a main reason for it then being put in a shield. This helped it become trademarketable asset, identifiable as ours. As if drawn within a shield and with swfc on, it is obviously refering to us. I could be wrong and it was probably just us being slow/too late on the uptake as usual. Which I think was the issue when have to contest the WAWAW one. Of course as fa
  8. Hate to go with the easy option, but with a couple of postponements already gotta go Bournemouth please I reckon.
  9. Bet pigs are formalising a plan to sue and get the season cancelled. Any recollection of this season will only ever hence be found on their honours board as holding the record for lack of points but not getting relegated, while earning millions in legal payouts and shoes off protests.....
  10. Hopefully we'll get a couple of strikers in as a min. I think a name like gayle would do wonders for confidence. I'd still be looking at simms and Abrahams at Newport. I agree that I think a winger will be on the list (Lord knows we need better crossing) and a left back if he can push it.
  11. https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.7a24f740f98ee40a0894e95c34a1af06&pid=Api&rurl=https%3a%2f%2fmedia.giphy.com%2fmedia%2fe6BGkO0kcTSQ8%2fgiphy.gif&ehk=cJ%2fCXV8cMZzqoLg2zVq6pRlWDRsXjBMQ5wKRb97HF3s%3d
  12. Will go for Stoke this time round I reckon. Fletch to grab another haha.
  13. Today is harsh. We were no shakes in first half but better in the 2nd. Can't do much when you lose 3 defenders during game. Needed luongos shot to have been 6 inches lower. I'm not a Monk fan, but can't fault em/be too critical today for me. Not quite the same as last season. We didn't look in trouble in that last 10. Personally I wouldn't have stayed at 352 or bring joey on but that's just my opinion.
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