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  1. Oh and the refs should be miked up. Again that should stop the players giving dogs abuse to them and the crowd can hear exactly what's going on. Until players respect refs and the game it will continue. (not that some refs help themselves sometimes).
  2. This is a dangerous topic as any action doesn't want to impact on the actual serious injuries. But it's being exploited more and more unfortunately. For me they should leave the field for a mandatory concussion check thus losing the services of a man. Normally you'd think they should be replaced but I can see that being tactically exploited too (say take a striker off for a defender for last 5 mins when all subs made etc) unless it was a foul that caused the head injury. Although there may be instances where a genuine clash of heads could me a a team is hard done by, it should offset the clear cheats. In my mind this and time keeping is the biggest issues (apart from phase 2 offside). Time keeping should be independent and reduced to a 60 min game with the clock stopped everytime the ball is out of play. Would render time wasting pointless. Plus you'd actually get more game play. Nail these 2 aspects and the game should flow better and discourage cheating. Of course prob not for long as people always find a loop hole unfortunately.
  3. I think Sammy is one of a few players (bar nando) who can get fouled but still end up giving fouls away and getting booked. Twice hutch was fouled but ref gave it their way. Couldn't believe it. Haha. They definitely tried to play the game, rules and ref. Hate it when teams do that. Ruins what should be a great game of football. Also how he let mitrovic back on the pitch (when 2 went off for "head injuries") when the ball is played into that area is beyond me. He let that game descend into a farce resulting in 3 melees, lost all control which was ridiculous. I mean when dave came thundering to a Fulham player they've dove to the fall in cowardice and the ref gave them a free kick for being scared it seemed. Must've been a strong breeze out there. Completely different to the QPR game where they were dirty and diving. More and more teams are playing the game like this nowadays. It's ruining it. That and the phased play is stupid. Should focus on that instead of a minute offside decision like in the spurs game.
  4. Reach is a conundrum for me. I can't make up my mind. He splits opinion so much. The chances feel to him in the first half (so he's doing something right) and a couple of nice crosses with both feet, but....... For me his situational awareness are where his weaknesses are at. He delayed a couple of passes that stopped us breaking, he is not aware defensively. I lost count number of times Moses was on his own, as reach was 10yds off the full back, away from Lee and moses, in a no-mans land. Failed to track the fullback and meshed so many challenges. Its no good running most miles if those miles are always 5 yards behind play. So it depends what you want from him. He's definitely better than Murphy but below par for himself. Which makes him frustrating. But I feel out wide is definitely his best position, with Murphy for a bit of pace late in a game (although him struggling doesn't help). This is where FF should be imo, in this formation (FF left. Harris right or switching all game with Harris on slow paced fullback and FF on the weaker tackler). FF works harder than people realise. Reach is better overall than Murphy still at this stage so has 4 games to get himself in the zone, as I don't think in the interim we have another player/striker who can do a wide man of 3 and/or finding his goalscoring touch. To be fair, I'll add that I think bannan has also largely been poor this season, so he's not alone. I'm just glad Lee is back as he was the one breaking lines again, the rest are still so static. That was the main difference today, as barring their 2 wide men, the amount if movement was staggering. Its a fine line as having meaningless possession doesn't matter if in front of us (as playing in front of us didn't hurt us, although obviously you can get more out of the crowd and field position when you press, as we managed to do in the 2nd half - as long as you do it as a team. That's what they hoped and waited for, as when we didn't they were able to exploit that and move thru us, altho Westwood, bar the goal didn't gave a save to really make. We troubled tgdir keeper more)
  5. Gamble on Blackburn please. Can't be seen jinxing us.....
  6. I can't say for certain both were pens, but what I found interesting was salah was pulled and didn't fall but that was given. That in my mind should be the precedent. You shouldn't have to fall to get a pen. Mind you we all know in general principal, none of that applies to FF. It's by law 42.7.2b haha.
  7. Westwood Moses Lees Borner Palmer Luongo Hutch Bannan Harris Fletcher FF Dawson Iorfa Lee/Joey Reach Murphy Winnall Nuihu Don't see how we can risk Lee having been out for so long. We need the bigger picture with him. Could argue same for hutch but I've given him the benefit here. I've dropped Reach and Murphy as I think Bannan and FF are better options for this game and having Murphy with his pace would be better off the bench for this one. Fletch should get 60/70 as don't want to burn him out, but not sure others could play as a loan striker (although I think winnall could, tho suspect Bullen would differ in opinion).
  8. What I think this signing has confirmed, is that now we have a strong, competitive match day 18. One that for me now has the ability to have the right starting XI and impact subs in a game. Of course one that is now not overly reliant on bannan either. We haven't had that in at this level for years and years. Carlos formed a good XI but not enough to add, which is why Lee was run to death. If. We keep our attitude, fitness, and position competitiveness right, we have a solid playoff team in my opinion. We should be able to manage and cover injuries right for once too. Hopefully we'll use that and make 1 or 2 signings as needed in Jan to supplement that.
  9. Dawson 6. A brilliant reaction save, but his kicking was so bad, although the wind didn't help I'm sure. As a former keeper I still want him to command his back line like Westwood does. Moses 7. Makes a fair few "interesting" decisions but has pace to burn and was comfortable on the ball and never stopped. Some good forward adventures. Lees 7. Solid as you like and not as many aimless balls today. Borner 7.5. Lacked a little pace, but despite his relative size won plenty of headers, attacked the ball and was very competent with his passing and dribbling. Palmer 7. Did well in what must still be an awkward position for him. Got forward when he could too. I'd like to think his better performances of last season will now be the norm. Lee 8. I cannot put into words how we've missed him while he's been injured. Knits everything together seemlessly. He's attacking, he's defending, nibbling like a terrier. His touch is definitely golden. Was glad to see him subbed as we can't rush him back. Hutch 8. Didn't put a foot wrong. Tackled, harassed, passed. So hoped he was gonna score at the end. Reach 7. A couple of nice touches, but missed his 1on1 and somehow he just seems outta place in both centre mid and wide of a front 3. To me he is now a squad player. Murphy 9. Did pretty much everything right today. Awesome skills, great finish, along with Harris changed the dynamic of our attacking play today. Needs to work on his free kicks mind. Fletch 8.5. Another all round great display. Typical of what we've seen last season and works tirelessly. Glad he got a goal. Only thing I'm worried about is his implants not working with all these flick ons...... Harris 9. MoM. He was simply awesome. Terrified Barnsley. Quick feet, pace, close control, crosses. Amazing. Shame he missed his 1 on 1. Great performance. Luongo made the best impact of the subs. Was great to see. Finally a decent bit of competition for the current middle 3. I'd still bring back Westwood and bannan for dawson and reach. But Lee should only play one of Millwall or Luton games. We played well today, could've had 5 or 6 today. What pleased me most is how many players want the ball. We have options, it feels like we won't need to rely on bannan (and I hope he realises that too as it'll benefit us all). Despite all our problems this summer, we've come out firing and fighting and I feel positive and confident with any possible matchday squad. Let's see where we are after 10 games, but playing positively I think we'll create chances so will have a chance of winning every game (of course we won't) and I'd hope the playoffs is back on the agenda. Yes tougher fixtures to come, but you can only beat what's in front of you on the day and so far so good.
  10. It's hard to say what we will get as we don't know our true financial position, DCs attitude towards wanting/trusting choices for players and whether we've learnt anything about recycling players for a healthy squad. Of course its all relevanr to how a manger (or fan), wants us or how they see us playing. For me if we could get money for Rhodes and winnall or joao. Some how get van aken back to Holland, the. Depending on what the overall values are I'd like to see permanent signings in CB, midfield. For that'd be Hector 2/3m, Guardiora 1/2m and maddison 2.5/3m. That still leaves us with loan options which as everyone would like to see young premier league who has clear potential and hunger to shine, like your Wilson and Mount. Not so sure I believe we could get that,which means more a squad player out of favour. But my loan signings would be lb, cm, and winger/pacy inside forward. Not sure who those would be for the former, but based on latter type of player, like people have said we could do a hell of a lot worse than Besic and Burke plus a other. Then it's a case of one out one replacement in. Of course all that is wishful thinking and without knowing the true status of things. To my mind however, we would only really be able to sell joao and reach for a decent amount. The rest are to recoup what we paid or to cover origi Al fees like Rhodes. The one of the main things I think we do wrong (apart from selling and selling for value) is over our own youngsters. We should be giving them time at lower league clubs, not bartering over loan fees and wages. I think we hurt ourselves in that regard. Even local teams like Rotherham and donny need players and would be perfect for thorniley, Penney, Baker and bourkev (sorry terrible spelling)
  11. Based on where we are, I'm still hoping that the loans will cover what we need in CB, CM and wing/forward. Although reservations in some injuries, I wouldn't be averse to a 12mth deal for Williams and loan offer for Woods. That would give us bannan or woods partnering hutch/lee/Williams(latter 2 on 12mth deals and am sure we could get a combined season from the 3) next season we can then go again as further deals will be out. If we can get in offers for players in the meantime we can reassess or at worse hopefully build a pot of some sort for Jan if we are in the hunt or to hopefully complete a further overhaul of the squad, as it won't be all done now and the loans/free transfers help us cover the interim. Still you can't do too much as we just don't know who is coming in as manager and what their thoughts are on how a squad should be built or play.
  12. Jokanovic. Wasted in Qatar, think he's probably ready to come back. Unlikely, but so would be arteta or gvb for me. Going with the younger league model I'd go with cowley or stendel. I would settle for cook or ollie if they got in sturt gray as defense coach. Reckon the fans will either be delighted or gutted. Don't think we'll get a 'meh' option.
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