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  1. splan80

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 5. Positives were 2 decent saves in the second half, but his handling, positional sense and decisions were lacking from him today, not helping his defence. Don't think Jos' tactics of playing out from the back did him any favours. Palmer 4. Thought he didn't quite get it right in the offside stakes and his attacking play was weaker than of late. Not much for him to hit to be fair most of the time. Lees 5. Steady and a bit better on the ball than rest of season. Playing in a 4 suits him better. I still think he needs to show more abilities as a leader to help out the young back line. Especially without Westwood playing. Thorniley 5. Can't think of anything specifically that he did wrong or right. Some good lunging last ditch tackles. I like him and he's comfortable on the ball. Penney 5. Would've given him a 4 based on first 65. Up against one of most trickiest players in Ince, so took a while to get going and stopped when on the ball a fair bit ala fox when going forward. However, once released, he scored a 6, he made some good runs and a shot. I love this kid. He'll play for many years if he signs long term. Joey 4. I'm not his biggest fan, but I think his role today made it hard for him. Was specifically marking Allen until well into the 2nd half. Left us with massive gaps in front of the back four, where he'd normally be. Maybe not his fault, but I still think for all his energy, he is off the pace, doesn't win enough tackles, always looks like he'll lose the ball with his touch and rarely plays good poaitive passes. His shooting was woeful today. Bannan 8. MOM but a bit up and down for his standards. We rely on him too much and have done for way too long since our injury list became an epidemic. He still pulled us through thankfully. Reach 3. He is not good enough to play behind a striker or in the front 3. I'm sick of him pointing, but doing jack all himself. Often stops or just ambles back. Got caught on ball loads and neshed his tackles as usual. He plays well when we do, but he can't I fluence a game for me because his situational awareness is terrible. How he ended up behind the striker with João at wingback when we moved to 3 at the back I'll never know. He needs to work harder especially when he plays those roles. Matias 6. Took his goal well, but goes down too easily. His work ethic was great mind, Reach take note. Thought he was unlucky to get subbed although like all the front 4 drifted in and out of the game. João 7. Was the only other player along with Bannan that could make something happen. He did some lovely tricks, but also worked very hard. Reach take note. Feltcher 6. Won more than his fair share of headers, but his general control was lacking. But he worked hard and chased his own mistakes. Take note Reach. Couldn't really rate the subs, but Dave was Dave, slow like a bus but you know he's coming like an elephant. I liked the look of Onomah, wanted the ball and had movement. Reminds me of demeble at spurs. Think he'd do well behind a striker or in a central 3. Hector seemed ok, but need to see him longer to assess. Overall we were poor for most parts. We lacked tempo and movement. Often you couod throw a blanket over fletcher, matias & reach, who were also too statuc. Stoke will feel robbed. However, we showed fight and kept going. I still think we'd need our missing 5 players to get in to the playoffs. (FF, Hooper, Lee, Westwood, Hutch) Otherwise I think we'll finish 8-12. Hopefully we can increase our performance and energy levels in more games than not. Then keep plugging away. There is something in there somewhere, we've seen some flashes. I hope Jos finds a way of improving our better players and getting them integrated into the team as soon as fitness allows. Think we'll need it if we have any chance of meeting DCs requirements!! Point gained today in the end. Let's go onwards and upwards.
  2. I always like to follow up a post, that seems critical to some, after the game. I assumed we'd have the same line up today, as weve been winning (Yey!!) - but winning doesn't mean everything is perfect and as a fan I like to see and suggest how we could get better. I understand what Jos has tried to do and it's a great message to the team to first and foremost make sure you work hard - Rightly so, but my question on this is can he also put aside his own ego aside when needed and not use others as Scape goats, but apply the right combination of worth ethic with talent with more importantly form, so we don't over rely on the same players, as based on previous games I've seen, some players have struggled. Its the 11 plus subs that win games,, not usr the startinga11. I think that is a valid question. It is also more so when people start to criticise when only losing. Being a fan/supporter should be about the club as a whole. Backing the team when needed, but also enjoying the conversations and opinions with each other - as in the end all we all want is Wednesday winning. I can't fault people for their opinions if they give reasoning (rather than just saying he's poo - unless its from Morgan fox! So Morgan). I'd rather have a site that debated everything, before during after, than one that just said well done after winning. Let's hope we can now integrate those coming back tomorrow injury and new loans, so we have more of the squad ready to go at the next 6 games, which I think are much tougher. I'm so delighted and was confident in Jos' pre-season, before we'd kicked a ball, that we'd be able to make our best start in the DC era, as I think he'd have faced big questions (regardless of transfer restrictions) if we'd not found our feet. I just hope now kick on regardless of what players play! And more importantly whatever we discuss!!
  3. I understand what Jos is saying as the team always comes before the needs or ethic of a player. However, having stated his preference he's started what could be a dangerous mark in his starting line ups. Yes you can work your socks off, but also while you 'run about' you equally be ineffective, miss tackles and passes and just be like a headless chicken, thus not playing well. Now if the same player plays well in training but not the match - surely that should be taken into consideration. For me based on the last couple of games, they changed when we made subs (Tempo and energy). Therefore the subs deserve more of a shout to start. Because the starting line up didn't just win that game. I also think it's a false notion re FF not working hard. I see him chase back and tackle, more than reach, when he's playing the no 10 role. Sam for instance has more influence in position and passing ability than Joey, while Fletch has done more than nuihu so far this season. I even think Kirkby deaerves the nod ahead of Lee. So for me when you make decisions about the team it's more than just about work ethic. This is where the debate is and of course it's all about opinions. Let me say tho, if you don't work hard and are in poor form then you don't deserve to be in the squad period. I hope Jos has it right and we smash em, but I wouldn't be surprised for fans who attended say the game changed with subs.
  4. splan80

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    The conversation with Lee detailed above and Jos' press conference have given me a lift. These 2 arguably make up our top 5 players when fit and in form. Jos needs to build a team around Westwood (I know pipe dream), Lees, Hutch, Lee, Bannan, FF, Hooper. (I know that's 7 by the way) Mix and match the rest. If he gets a formation that brings out the best of those players we are halfway there. Yes I know Hooper & Hutch are always 1 moment away from injury (Lee prior to this was usually an ever present). But add in the up and coming 5 youngsters, the depth in the GK department, and workrate & endeavour of the majority of the remaining players, then we stand half a chance of a good season. God just thought - imagine if abdi actually played a game haha. The world could well end!! I just hope he doesn't freeze out Lee and Hooper like Westwood. Yes be careful with them, but they are your best players and if they ain't playing dog poo then they should be playing if fit. (To be fair like the others I mentioned).
  5. I posted earlier in the thread about the line up. I still maintain that we have better players/line ups available, based on performances so far, BUT if we play with the energy and tempo like we did for most of the game we'll put more teams under pressure and come out with wins like today. Everyone played well and that is pleasing to say. I'll be honest and say I was still surprised by the subs too (as if FF had injury Saturday, I can just about understand him on the bench, but to put him on at 2 up seemed and unnecessary risk to me. And not putting hutch on for Preston - instead of Boyd - was risky for me at a time when we were being overrun in midfield). That's not a criticism in the face of a victory, just how I saw the game. But I'm delighted we won and hopefully it sets a standard going forward, whatever line ups are used. Well done today boys.
  6. I get what you are saying and I was one to call for Penney. But that's just one position and if we are talking about players not playing well, why is Joey playing for instance? He's searching for a formula (which should've been cemented in pre-season for me) as whatever he's trying it's not working (which he has to take the blame for) but there's also shooting yourself in the foot by dropping some players but not others for instance. In my opinion he's making a rod for his own back, whether that's his or DCs choice. Possibly risking FF when we have another game Sat is surprising too. We'll see in 2 hours whether it was the right call.
  7. Dawson 6. Looked more assured than at Wigan, but his middle distance passing was outta sync today. Made a terrific save just before heir goal. Think he needs to be more communicative to the defence. Westwood should be playing tho. Baker 6. Thought he did really well today. A little nervy defensively to start with and a couple of wayward crosses, but he got forward, always asking for the ball. He's showing fox how he should be playing. Tidied up his play a bit and a solid 7/10 player for me. Lees 5. Defensively looks much better(7), but on the ball he is terrible(3). Having him as the right centre back does him no favours. Should be in the centre, but if hutch plays all up and down the pitch can't see it happening. Would be more comfortable in a 4. Hutch 7.5. No mistakes at all. Some great passing and stepped out when he could. Effectively marked their no 7 outta the game. Influences the game constantly. Pudil 6.5 Thought he was solid and gave everything as usual. Great on the ball. Got forward at times too. Fox 2.5. He was 3rd choice at Charlton for a reason. He's better as the left CB in a 3. He lost the ball loads, misplaced many passes, but mostly didn't want the ball and bar 1 occasion he always stopped and played back. I believe this was he reason FF seemed quiet in the first half as he had no supply from fox. Whereas Baker got forward and allowed Reach to have the ball. He did us a favour getting Injured. I think that was the diff in the 2nd half rather than a Jos team talk. Joey 4. I don't get him. To me he's a younger Jones. So slightly quicker and movement but still the same issues. He losses 50/50s, gets caught too many times on the ball and only really plays short backwards balls. Often landing that player in trouble. So he may not have misplaced many passes but it didn't help us at all. He needs to improve. Bannan 6.5. he was generally his usual self in that he ran his socks off, looked great at times but also played some sloppy balls that nearly cost us twice. Still at least he's trying to influence the game. I often think he's too deep but having Joey on doesn't help. Having Lee and Hooper, together with him and FF would makes us a different proposition. Reach 7. Great in the first half and continued to worry them in the 2nd, I just think at times he lacked the final ball (and when he played a close ball he'd through his hands up as an ooo and stop. Reyt annoyed me. Go win it back!!) If he can improve his end product we have a player. Fletcher 6. Jeckell and Hyde performance, played well generally, but my god his finishing was atrocious. How he didn't put at least one of those 3 chances away I'll never know. Coat us the game. Nando 8. Quiet in the first half but I think this was more fox not combining with him. He has flashes when he did have the ball but was a little off the pace with final decision. But when he made a mistake he chased it. 2nd half was immense. Created plenty and hull didn't know what to do. What we'd do without him I'll never know. Thorniley 7. Did great. He's not a wingback but he made runs, he defended well and was so confident and calm on the ball. Gotta start next league game. Long term CB and I've very confidence in him. Matias 6. Didn't have much time and is not a central striker but he ran at them and had some lovely trickery. Based on today, we will concede all the time, but at least we created more than I feared we would. But hull are poor and unless we are more clinical and become tighter we'll be bottom half. Wish miss Lee and Hooper (and João) so much. If Joey doesn't improve we may as well have reach there and let João play (if a minor injury) until Lee gets back. Hopefully Fox is now done in the first team. I'd rather have thorniley,pudil or Penney there.
  8. Oh how I wish we'd have signed guardiora (prob spelt wrong) after the playoff final defeat as I'd said. Was available on a cheap back then. One of the pieces we needed and still do.
  9. splan80

    Deadline day is looming...

    Can't see anybody coming in at all unless there is a miraculous turn around in Mondays meeting. If I lived in a dream land I'd like Dean Smith at Brentford and finally a link with man city (as suggested haha so we can have the impossible to attain duo of foden and Diaz!!! Lol) but I'm not drugged up.
  10. splan80


    I know that the parachute payments are inflating the issue and the gaps in P&S, but personally I understand the merited reason for their intentions and avoiding clubs going bust in relegation. The issue is how clubs are using this and this is what should be enforced. They are designed to cover loss of income supporting high wages while they are reduced over the 3 yr cycle. Instead clubs use it to fund recruitment giving further unfair advantages. The PL should release the money to the EFL who can then manage that. If clubs sell like Newcastle to reinvest then fair enough. Wouldn't solve all issues but would certainly help. The other way would be to allow higher spending provided those figures were written off by the investor and note as credit notes. Do those 2 things and you've got fairer competition imo.
  11. If boro have indeed got Flint and McNair, what does that do to Ayala? Cant imagine he'll be particularly happy. No idea over his situation and out of our league as we currently stand financially, but would be a quality addition to promotion chasing championship side.
  12. Personally I agree with the parachute payments, as I thinks it's unreasonable to think a relegated club could get players or books to balance on relegation to fit P&S. Although I do agree that all congrats should have relegation clauses mind. However, like has been mentioned they are intended to cover wages following income loss. Therefore it'd be better if the funds should be held by the Football League and released for use as intended. If clubs sell players and reinvest then fair do's. Life ain't always fair and the boot could be on the other foot one day. It's all about when and where the gamble is taken unless you can stumble across the perfect storm (ala Huddersfield) As usual I just think that clubs have found loop holes in governing this - much like the FL seemingly being unable to fine for FFP. The premier league should be helping as it'd increase the value of the championship imo. Doubt anything will change mind. Never does. Haha.
  13. Yeqh I fully get that and understood it being used and favoured by Jos this season as we were bad defensively, and needed a foundation to build on. I just think with a preseason under his belt, orking them on a back 4, it just frees us up to get forward better imo. We are stronger as a 3 in the middle with our current players and I also think we are better as a 3 up top. And conversely as a 5 at th back. So one has to go for me and that'd be at the back with Jos sorting is out and confident as a 4. Horses for courses really and personal preference.
  14. If we are looking at upgrading the right back/wing back role I think Sakai and nelom would def be value outside of our league. Going on Jos suggestion that we'll also look at the championship I'd agree with Marshall (as can cover/play plenty of roles and has a quality end product on him) or James Bree. Seems to have disappeared at villa, but always thought he was decent. However unless we sell both hunt and Palmer I don't see an upgrade as I'm sure he'll 'promote' one of the youngsters on the right hand side. Having said all that if we'd still got the white cafu we wouldn't even be contemplating this!! Obviously we'd all love the left to be improved, but again I think it depends on Fox being here and strangely reach. I think reach would be considered for that position if we have a full strength side out, but central if not. I've no idea who fits the bill, but I still think Penney will come good in that position. Look for a decent cm to challenge with Joey (as I'd play hutch in a back 3 if we are setting up that way), pray lee makes it back and a with couple of quick young loans and we have cover for most options of formations and player types/traits. But what do I know!! And that assumes the players we want remain here. Personally I'd still play 433, as I think it gets the best out of the current players.
  15. I buy the programme. Probably habit more than anything, but as people have said, they do a good job of finding me of certain games. Also good for away matches. More interestingly though is why should managers get a say or give two hoots? They probably don't even write or record their own segment Owners I could understand. Haha.