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  1. Yes Brown we want to be knocked out asap, nothing what so ever to be gained from wining this game.
  2. Exactly. So we drop hunt after conceding three from crosses on the opposite flank. FML
  3. 7 league starts since Jan 2020 !, aged 30 next birthday, 15 loan spells. Almost everything about the club has changed since his last spell, no idea about him playing league one. Would need to re locate from London, Had a chance to come here before and turned it down. Its a no from me.
  4. Would make sense easy to get from Bromsgrove to Wast Hills training ground.
  5. I suspect that this is very much the club using the press to apply pressure to his parent club by trying to play hard ball with BCFC , in much the same way we are with Wilks. Its widely reported that he is on £31k, where has that very specific figure come from?. He wasnt loaned out to a championship club last season or linked with one this summer. I suspect thats due to clauses in his contract that will trigger an increase in weekly basis pay. ( we know all about those from the past!). Increases are often triggered on starts for parent club or a club in the same division or higher, if loaned out but not to lower division clubs The basic £31k , wont include appearances , clean sheets etc.. Their new manager got him fit in the summer talked him up in pre season , played him to put him in the shop window. However he wasnt even been named in the squad last week . BCFC really are stuck between a rock and a hard place, play him and it cost them more.Very unlikely a championship clubs come for him with his injury record with us. Combined with the fact the only other championship clubs that could afford him would be ambitious ones or premier league sides that have dropped down. Dont see any of them coming for him. Which only leaves us and maybe Derby that might be prepared to pay him a good chunk of his wages. ( Derby probably stopped by EFL). We would want him I guess, He would probably be happy to come back, winning games,, win bonus , good crowds, knows set up etc. I expect us to sign him before the window closes, in one way or another. Probably on a season long loan with BCFC footing a good chunk and us picking up the rest .He would have to agree to waive other increases etc.
  6. Any bloke who comes on here and says so what. Ask yourself, would you think so what if it was your daughter? Nope you`d be in floods of tears and so proud. Great achievement well done ladies ! We all love the game be happy be proud. Its great for English football.
  7. Iorful ? do you mean. I dont understand wheres Famewo?. That said Moore seems to think we can out football sides, you have to work bloody hard in this league and we stopped doing it. They changed their shape after 30 mins and where coming into it before half time. Three headers at home isnt good enough early days but after sloppy defending last week , today was really no surprise. Would love Dean back but think thats unlikely, told he is buying a new house in MIdlands.
  8. Lower your expectations my daughter was 7 first time I took her, got the shirt etc. Wasnt really bothered. Then at 12 bang became worse than me, season tickets, away games, pre season friendlies, twitter, made me so happy. Just let it happen and enjoy it !
  9. Stockdale hunt Ihikwe hennegan johnson vaulkes FDB bannan Windass Smith Gregory
  10. Where does Windass fit into this, because he wont be one of the front two, that has to be Smith & Gregory ,
  11. Never mind the quality feel the width, is what the groundsman said !
  12. Whatever it takes Mr Chansiri always good to be optimistic and good luck Sir
  13. MOre pace needed, in wide areas, hopefully a young prem starlet thats lightening fast
  14. Thank god wouldnt want him anywhere near hmsptl
  15. I heard its neither club, but the agent who wants a bigger fee, neither team wants to pay it.!
  16. Probably true, they will move former apprentice of year Jordan Helliwell to first team. He was wanted by Oxford and looked set to go until the change of manager.
  17. Ipswich still interest according to this . from their manager. “Timescales aren’t always under our contract, the things that are in our control are trying to get certain players in early that are available, and that’s what we managed to do. After that now we’re less in control of the timescales but we’ve given ourselves plenty of time.” Earlier, Bristol City manager Nigel Pearson said Town had decided against taking their option to sign loanee Bakinson on a permanent basis, but McKenna says that’s not the case as it stands. “I think there’s still time on that option that we have, so we’ve not had discussions yet with Tyreeq or with Bristol City as I’m aware of,” he said. “That’s a position between ourselves and Tyreeq and his representatives. That’s, as far as I know, not a formal position from our club yet. We’ll have those discussions up until the deadline that I believe is in place.”
  18. Thought he had a very good game against us at Hillsborough.
  19. I believed all the other posts but Jaden Brown scored?, now I know your making things up.
  20. We could get Del boy to paint it that nice yellow if he has any left from the take away !
  21. 100% this, For DC , thats the cheaper bit done , now we need to spend a bit to secure these two. Lets hope Joao moves somewhere soon for a good sum, to help us out !
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