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  1. Dc previously said he would go if the fans didn’t want him! Well that time has come , time to go DC. no nasty social media comments just a simple request if you are honourable it’s time to prove it, hold up your hands admit you have made a real mess of it, and sell up. yes there will be people on here who will say careful what you wish for. ,but seriously this can’t continue.
  2. You can’t run a business you don’t under stand from the other side of the world. The longer he is owner the worse it will get
  3. That’s what I don’t get with him, I don’t see him do anything different. When you look at the jobs he takes it’s like he is happy to take basket cases so he can’t be blamed when it goes ******** up, Time for a manager with BALLS, Come on DC sack Monk ? Get big Mick
  4. fizz me Rotherham are poo, so what does that say about us!
  5. So Bannan can sit far to deep Be slow and never need to get in box, ps before the Bannan lovers jump in, ask your selves Bannan at his peak or K Lee?
  6. 1. Chansiri 2. 12 point penalty 3. Monk 8347. Bannan Looks more realistic to me !
  7. Perfect away, should never start home games
  8. Add Iorfa, Brown, lulongo Palmer= Draw
  9. Wouldn't surprise we if the 12 point deduction was reduced to 6.
  10. One defender, five in middle and four upfront?
  11. The big six have carved up the money up so much, and are so arrogant they probably think they don’t need opponents! Time for the EFL and FA to tell the “ PREMIER LEAGUE” , to ******** off.
  12. Not sure if that’s good or very sad that you’ve used the site ?
  13. Wait till Charlton get to hear about this!
  14. it’s the last paragraph about our neighbours that bothers me in your comment, there is no link between those scrubbers and us , don’t make comparisons . There not relevant. Oh and IF we had beaten Hull would you still be writing this? I do agree he has made loads of mistakes and it is a mess, but which division would we have been in for say the last four years under Mandaric? is your main concern we gambled and lost?, that the blunts went up and will come back down with long contracts. Big wages bills and are wasting millions on vastly overpriced players eg 20 mil for Mc
  15. Peanuts , tell you what Mr parish , here at the EFl we have spoken to the FA , here Is our counter offer. Keep the £50 million. No promotion from EFl, no taking your shitty bottom three. No premier league players in England teams . No entry to league cup or FA cup. Oh and in future no EFL player can sign for a premier league club and EFL can’t sign any of your overpaid rejects. Oh and before you start thinking you could make that work. What happens to the 14 clubs that are left and your shitty league when the big six fizz off and form a European super league in t
  16. Agreed problem is he still being paid for being the player he once was. No pace no good in the air not strong enough to hold it up, not cute enough to use his body against defenders even though he has played hundreds of games. So has to be very clinical in box and time his runs , but not seen him do that. Nice lad and that’s his problem needs to have a n edge but too late. Like somebody posted in another thread , how many of the seven forwards we had two years ago are scoring at this or any level. Truth is we have been mugged off.
  17. Isn’t that the whole point of u23 games? , to get them Ready for the first team?
  18. If we did sign zahore and paid a big chunk of his wages, having added Karchunga Windass, and Paterson, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rhodes was loaned out to Norwich again.
  19. IT does , but how come Huddersfield have made such a balls up; of it ?
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