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  1. Do those words exist in the dictionary of the dreadful newspaper?
  2. Not just the ground it’s the whole community around there, last time I went to Upton Park , West Ham fan on tube said cheers for coming lads don’t see any white people roung here now!
  3. Always one of the best away days, used to go in the CIU club just round the corner, I was at that game, remember a red fairground type dart . flying just past my eyes and sticking in the shoulder of a bloke just in front of me,Oh the good old days !
  4. I bet if you checked it’s probably been a starting midfield under Jos?
  5. Really It’s cheaper than the blades game so , sorry I don’t agree
  6. But Carlos said we didn’t need pace and Jos said the players had to work the game out. I don’t understand, this Bruce must be a fraud? I only he he walked away from Hull and came to us two seasons ago. Still then we wouldn’t have a two legged play off against the pigs to look forward too.
  7. We are long long long over due a bit of good fortune at that poo hole and their plastic fans. Can’t see where the goals will come from but going 2-0 us. If that happens it will be a huge following at Bolton, COme on Wednesday.
  8. Its a bit like Ronaldo and Messi, , between Couttsy and the bearded wonder apparently
  9. Beggars belief that he can be tackled so recklessly , and the guy gets a yellow but FF gets a red for nothing
  10. Totally agree hate to say it but watch Blades and Leeds and they seem to cover far more ground and have higher energy levels, Bruce has improved the defensive shape , and the lack of goals suggests we are lacking composure in front of goal but for me it’s much more due to the lack of energy in midfield, we don’t have runners going beyond the defence and turning teams round. We don’t get enough support around the front options to pressurise teams. Obviously missing somebody like Kirean Lee. Doesn’t always show at home but really obvious away from home when combined with a total Lack of pace. Millwall being a great example. The loan signings show Bruce knows what’s needed. But Reach , Boyd , Bannan or any other combination in midfield will never get us up. Happy with Bruce so far. Needs time and a good player turnover if we are to make play offs next time, after that it will need either good young uns or inspired loan signings. After DC and Carlos with the false dawn think we could get there and be far more positive this time next year.
  11. Agreed Fox and Palmer look competent, it’s not that long ago you would have been sectioned for suggesting that on here.
  12. Couldn’t help but think we would have lost that game nine times out of ten in the last 18 months. Fletch aside forwards bamg out of form . All rest battling like fizz, all credit it’s progress, only game that matters for rest of season is pigs
  13. I don’t understand said we didn’t need pace?
  14. If he took the job knowing, he had no money for signings then he s gone up in my estimation
  15. So he was steering the team as acting manager over four games, whilst dealing with this !. Condolences to you Lee and your family, all the best, didn't start life as an owl , but loves this club like the rest of us. Huge respect.
  16. Would really have screwed the FA budget with only the two Manchester sides left in from the big hitters
  17. Think a draw would be last thing they need
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