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  1. Very poor article, we all know the state of our finances, but its a very odd random selection of criteria , as others have said nothing new so why now ?, Slow day for journno under pressure from boss to submit a storey,
  2. Yes please another piece in the jigsaw, exactly what we need for the squad, perfect for a back four , especially away from home.
  3. A true left back, nothing fancy just a solid defender so we can play a four when we need to
  4. Wilks will be free surely, Hull still owe us their share of playoff finals money ? haha
  5. Just his luck, signs for Plastcis MK , when he might have come to us!, Southerners.
  6. I think it sounds great, dont want NML back thanks
  7. Me too, Swansea were interested apparently, but have signed two centre halfs yesterday and still linked with Clakre- Slater, and Reading have wirhdrawn from race as well who were linked
  8. Not if it got him a pay rise, a fee, and then a quick move back to europe and another fee.
  9. Unless we are certain to get promoted, no way can we afford to exercise that option it doubles his salary ! I would also be cautious about this Argentine money, its OK agreeing a deal getting paid it is a very different matter.
  10. Who have we played in friendlies pre season in Ibiza etc?
  11. Dad was a Donny fan, he watched them on a Friday night , but came to watch Wednesday on Saturdays with his mate and their daughters. I first went Hull City late 70-71 season finished 1-1 . We went on the back row of the south lower near the half way line. I remember the noise, the colour, the smell of Bovril and cig smoke and wintergreen from the dressing rooms just below and behind us. and a bag of foxes glazier fruit sweets . 7 years old this was amazing !, As they say the rest is history !
  12. Hull Boothferry Park Arsenal Highbury Brentford Griffin park Brighton -Goldstone Leicester Filbert street Southampton The Dell Tottenham Whit Hart lane Man city Maine road Rotherham Millmoor Chester Sealand road Shrewsbury Gay Meadow Chesterfield Saltergate West Ham Upton Park Middlesbrough , Ayresome Park Millwall Den Coventry HIghfield Road. Stoke Victoria ground. Cardiff Ninian Park Reading Elm Park Derby Baseball ground. Sunderland Roker Park. Oxford Manor ground. Bolton Burnden Park Charlton Selhurst park Wimbledon Plough Lane. Colchester Layer Road. Old Wembley
  13. Your mate wouldnt support Rovrum by any chance would he?. given you live in kimbo ?) Must have taken him hours to come up with that statistic?........ i guess its true what they say, Lies, damned lies and statistics !
  14. Its a hell of a lot better than this shity pub league. If you could go back 20 years you could probably find a thread titled is the premier league all that?. Truth is as a club is in decline, despite more investment than at any stage in its history. We had never been in the third tier until mid 70!s, but now this is our third spell in 16 years ! The training ground isnt fit for purpose, the stadium , the second best in the country just thirty years ago isnt in the top 20 now for facilities.Just look at the clubs that have gone past us the last 20 years. teams with poo hole stadiums and poxy followings now have new grounds, huge uplifts in crowds and are better run. A list of clubs that where a million miles behind us in the 1990`s, now are well in front of us, Swansea ,Brighton,Watford, , Fulham, Brentford, Reading, even Luton soon when they move to a new home.The truth is football isnt the working mans game anymore its big business. Money talks and sadly too much of it in this country is in the south. Reading the op comment saddens me as it highlights how far we have fallen.So yes if our decline is to be reversed we need to get back to the championship asap. If we do that quickly and DC remains, I hope he has learnt from the mistakes and spends on the infrastructure of the club, not on lining agents pockets. .
  15. Reading FC will miss out on a chunk of money from the possible sale of Lucas Joao due to a transfer agreement made with the striker’s former club Sheffield Wednesday. The Royals are understood to be willing to listen to offers this summer for the 28-year-old they signed from the Owls in 2019. Due to the club’s precarious financial situation, selling one of their highest earners in Joao would be seen as an ideal solution. Reading must cut down their wage bill by £5million – from £21million to £16million – in order to meet the criteria set out in a business plan imposed by the EFL for breaching Profitability and Sustainability regulations, which must be adhered to by the end of June. Although selling Joao would help towards that, Reading will not be able to pocket all of the transfer fee. According to Yorkshire Live, when Reading signed Joao from the Owls the League One side inserted a 20 per cent sell-on clause as part of the deal. Therefore, Royals will have to hand over 20 per cent of the transfer money received from selling the Angolan to his former club.
  16. What happens is when the players are running at speed and then try to stop, the top surface gives way and they end up with a multitude of muscle injuries. Palmer never injured you say uummm.
  17. Dont know why so many are disappointed, All the other play off teams spent some time in the automatic places during the season after the table was produced properly after say 5 -6 games. Our final position of fourth was as high as we achieved during the season and I would bet we spent less time in the play off positions than any of the other sides. WE didnt fail to get promotion this year because of what happened at the Stadium of LIght , or last night or Moore tactics , or players not tracking runners in the 92 minute. We simply werent good enough all season. Moore changing system from playing with only one up top in the first ten or so games, A poo load of injuries through out the season, a failure of championship experience defenders to muscle up on set pieces , especially away from home, where a lack of ability is replaced by physicality. And without being in any way arrogant , the fact we are a scalp for the smaller clubs who raise their game. This season was a free hit for Moore, next year will be much more difficult, Half the squad will /needs to change we need more pace,, more energy and more height in key positions. Money for signings isnt the issue you can build a team for nothing to win this league .Next year we should be better prepared but we could still be playing Sunderland, Bolton, Ipswich,MK , Pompey, Plymouth , Oxford plus Derby. League one is far better than it was 5 years ago. Plus a Peterborugh side who are a dab hand at picking up just the kind of player our squad needs to recruit this summer.
  18. BPF (keep if possible) wont happen will be Burnleys no 2 in the championship., Dawson (keep), Wildsmith (release) Palmer (keep), Hunt (keep) Storey (keep if possible), Dean (keep if possible), Iorfa (release), Hutchinson (release), Dunkley (release), Brennan (loan), Gibson (don't get back) Johnson (keep), Brown (pay anybody to take off our hands ) Bannan (keep), Byers (keep), Luongo (release), FDB (keep), Adeniran (keep), Alex Hunt (release) Shodipo (don't get back), NML release), Windass (sell) Paterson (keep), Sow (sell/release), Kamberi (don't get back), Gregory (keep), John-Jules (would be tempted to get him back), Berahino (release)
  19. Great post, first song after kick off , oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy Sammy Sammy Hutchinson !
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