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  1. BFP Hunt Iorfa Hutch Brown Lulongo Shodipo or Adenerin Wing Adenerin or Windass Berahino Gregory No Bannan, a diamond in midfield if Windass is fit he starts and Shodipo drops out with Dennis moving right midfield. I dont like 4-3 -3 with one forward , if Gibson looks like he can step in , move Hutch to holding , if Lulongo isnt fit.
  2. lots of comments about systems, and where to play Bannan ,or how to accommodate him?, Wonder how many would swop him for K Lee?
  3. Fighting for a starting shirt and pushing others, it’s all good!
  4. Both teams to score! , must for coupons and Accra’s in this competition and with JW in goal.
  5. Exactly 5 games in five out with injuries, game time for more players in pizza cup, go again at Plymouth , still looking good, nothing wrong with performance, some days you don’t get a break. Move on
  6. Don’t think Hutch is ready and don’t expect him in the squad tomorrow. Think Theo might get some time in this game.
  7. Has a back problem due to the weight of his shirt with his name on!
  8. I went to both games too, yes whitton did get a hat trick. Think we stood on the side rather than behind to goal?
  9. This season just gets better, Moore isn’t messing about, excellent news. Play Brown at left back and for me We have cracked it.
  10. A left footed left back. Everything we did was down the right. if we had offered a threat on both flanks we would have torn them apart.
  11. Agreed balance on the left not there yet but we have improved game on game. Still got Windass and shodipo to come plus two more wingers. Looks positive
  12. Drop green then and play cobeanu , or when shodipo and Windass are fit!
  13. I agree 100%, how the hell has he ever shown anything in a Wednesday shirt ?, he wouldn’t be in my squad.
  14. I would agree with all this, Hunt was faultless too. Lots of comments on round pegs etc. Which applies to all selections other than the left side. If Moore balances it up leaving Palmer out and playing Brown at LB, and drops Green who isn’t good enough at present we will be much more balanced. Then it all comes down to getting the cutting edge right, which will take a while waiting for Windass Gregory Shodipo etc. A solid start grounds for optimism.
  15. 3-5-2? Gibbo, hutch , Dom johnson, wing, Bannan, Windass, Hunt gregory , & Kam
  16. Would be very happy with this if he covers LB as well. Moore building a balanced squad, a Hyde step forward from M R Monk last year.
  17. I hope we go there and time waste from the first minute get completely out played nick a goal with a free kick from Lewis wing for a foul that wasn’t a foul and then celebrate like we are the worlds greatest team , maybe Moore could swing on the cross bar at the away end. I know not very classy but hey Karma!
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