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  1. Cant blame Momk for players not taking chances. Last two games we have been the better side in both halves , had plenty of chances to score the all important first goal. Score first in each game and I reckon we would have won both.
  2. What I dont get is , what about the accountants, solicitors and ground valuation , all of these undertaken by third party professionals. If we have inflated the value, lied in the accountants and lied about the date the ground was sold, surely all three other parties have broken the law and could be investigated as well?
  3. I was there, fantastic support, I remember to Norwich fans watched us more than the game.As we came out of the ground they all clapped and were shaking our hands, Three lads invited us to their local and bought us drinks. Fantastic.
  4. Dreadful position to be in, but dont fall into the trap of thinking everybody else has it , and our government have failed us. Every country around the world has struggled, even the much praised Germans Spanish government faces legal action over lack of PPE Coronavirus: Doctors in Italy cry foul over protection German doctors pose naked in protest at PPE shortages
  5. remained me how many games have these three been fit and available for selection this season? Yes all three at their best , walk into this and many other championship sides. Sadly those days have gone, We and they need to move on.
  6. With every press release from the Premier league , I am more am more and more certain, this gravy train is set to completely implod. The sooner the better ! If the so called big six feck off the better. Playing behind closed doors, etc etc. shameful , not the game I fell in love with, Bring back real football for the normal people. Not a circus driven by world wide cash. He premier league should have said that every premier league club should donate one months salary to the pyramid to maintain the game. In truth the big clubs dont give a -----
  7. DC has made a real mess of this, by refusing to accept he is out of his depth, and needs experienced football people around him. That said the other clubs mentioned !, Boro first club to actually go bust but start again in the same division, !, Gibson has no shame !, Hull ( only winning club in championship playoffs not to waive their percentage of gate receipts and pass full amount to losing club), Stoke complained about DC sponsorship of £1.2m , which EFL said was acceptable as commercially viable , when their owner put in £4.0m !!( commercially viable for a tinpot club with lower gates than we get !), and Huddersfield, two seasons in premier league , dont own their own ground, scrapped the academy and have nowt to show for the £400m they have earned from promotion ! DC is a fool.but its a cheap shot from those other chairman !!!
  8. The Big six in the premier league love having the likes of Watford, Bournemouth, QPR, Fulham, Swansea, ( total major trophies won in their history, one ! ) in there, they will never be a threat, They would love it if Brentford went up. They dont want, Leeds ,US, Forest, Brum back in there. Major trophies won 28 ! Bigger clubs, bigger fan bases, more threat simple.
  9. Gibson is a bitter little poo. This from the local paper last week. Frustrated Boro chairman Steve Gibson's temper boiled over in a heated argument during discussions over Redcar's steelworks, it's been claimed. Documents released ahead of a crunch meeting about the future of the former SSI site claim Mr Gibson "shouted" and tried to throw papers at representatives from Thai banks, which hold the land. Gibson wants his company to buy the land !
  10. In both ours and Derby case , the valuation of the stadium will have been carried out by a qualified third party co,If the EFL question the valaution wont they be opening themselves up to be sued by the valuers?
  11. We have been here many times before, however we have always owned our ground, Had share holders and directors who could balance out the mistakes of others,and a fan base that werent priced out of the club. In short enough Wednesday people who loved the club to keep us together and have an element of influence, now we have a dictator who knows jack poo about football, or Sheffield and seems to know very little about business. I am not sure just how much influence he has on the family business, he could be a total waste of space in the tuna business for all we know. At previous forums he said if the fans didnt want him he would go, well I dont want him and guess most others feel the same, D Taxi for DC !!
  12. They are two of our best players, but two managers have froxen them out, there must be a very good reason. If our form doesnt take us down the EFL will. That has to act as a shock to DC, along with the huge drop in season ticket numbers. Hopefully he either sells up, or accepts he is out of his depth and finds somebody decent to run the club ( I am not holding my breath, ) Its all about control and saving face for him. Just watched the highlights of our win at Villa two years ago, Amazed how high up the pitch Bannan played, when you compare it to this season.
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