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  1. Yes please another piece in the jigsaw, exactly what we need for the squad, perfect for a back four , especially away from home.
  2. A true left back, nothing fancy just a solid defender so we can play a four when we need to
  3. Wilks will be free surely, Hull still owe us their share of playoff finals money ? haha
  4. Just his luck, signs for Plastcis MK , when he might have come to us!, Southerners.
  5. I think it sounds great, dont want NML back thanks
  6. Me too, Swansea were interested apparently, but have signed two centre halfs yesterday and still linked with Clakre- Slater, and Reading have wirhdrawn from race as well who were linked
  7. Not if it got him a pay rise, a fee, and then a quick move back to europe and another fee.
  8. Unless we are certain to get promoted, no way can we afford to exercise that option it doubles his salary ! I would also be cautious about this Argentine money, its OK agreeing a deal getting paid it is a very different matter.
  9. Who have we played in friendlies pre season in Ibiza etc?
  10. Dad was a Donny fan, he watched them on a Friday night , but came to watch Wednesday on Saturdays with his mate and their daughters. I first went Hull City late 70-71 season finished 1-1 . We went on the back row of the south lower near the half way line. I remember the noise, the colour, the smell of Bovril and cig smoke and wintergreen from the dressing rooms just below and behind us. and a bag of foxes glazier fruit sweets . 7 years old this was amazing !, As they say the rest is history !
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