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  1. Final ball isn’t great , I agree but his pace and ability to skip past full backs scares teams. I prefer him on left. Reach should be idea on right but just seems to have gone backwards in last 12 months
  2. Gone to the wall, decades of history, for less than a months wages for a premier league player. Fu ck the premier league.
  3. So three years on lad gets a loan move to Rotherham. Both parties at fault and no winner
  4. no way would we have signed Etheridge on his wages !
  5. 100% dont agree with this,everybody in the game I know says Spurr had a fantastic attitude, worked hard , nice lad, not a billy big balls.In fact the opposite.
  6. Clear to me EFL want to make an example of us. Just look at the fixtures away opening day and last day only one home game in first five, only three in first nine and five in first 14. They are really trying to stack the odds against us early on. Time to close ranks and dig in fizz the EFL and that guy Parry.
  7. Just seen him having a cheeky Nando’s!
  8. Let hope Monk doesn't want him and hopes to do that little [email protected]@t Gibson over !
  9. It might take time but at least by having younger players we have the chance of making a profit by selling players on, that might also encourage Premier sides to Loan us young talent
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