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  1. nethertonowl

    Give Pelupessy a break

    yes I am a left back, Jos can start me right wing !
  2. nethertonowl

    Give Pelupessy a break

    If I don’t touch the ball but cheer the lads on , that must make mine and pussys contribution about the same?
  3. nethertonowl

    Clare joins Swansea

    It’s down hill all the way once you leave us!
  4. nethertonowl

    Confidence Boost

    Does this mean the EFL will want us to sell em both this afternoon?
  5. nethertonowl

    Deadline day is looming...

    If Grelish goes to Tottenham , might lose Bannan to Villa.
  6. nethertonowl


    No it wouldn't, its not if DC is prepared to spend , its We have been stopped by EFL from spending any more.
  7. nethertonowl

    On my way back/player ratings

    I dont get How a bloke who has always played 4-2-3-1, changes to 3-5-2, when we have three options for the target man in Joao, Fletcher, or Nuhiu , and then FF, Reach and hopefully Hooper , surely that option would make us a decent attack compared to most in this league.?
  8. nethertonowl


    How does in vestment or change of ownership get us out of S& P ? Even if it was true.
  9. nethertonowl

    Common sense isn't it?

    We are under an embargo and won’t be signing any body. I was told £30 million. Three weeks ago was what we had to find/ save. Got shot down for saying it,players have to go. Why can’t people see the bleeding obvious?
  10. Can we close this thread now, we ain’t bringing in anybody!
  11. Nobody has put enough money on the table for Westwood yet, but Burnley might also now come in ,
  12. Who runs the inputs Jason Bell end Cundy?
  13. The lighting Riggs and pitch side boards are rented!
  14. nethertonowl


    Not random that’s the point, call it professional connections if it makes you feel better or friendships .
  15. nethertonowl


    Steady on old boy reasoned comments on here aren’t welcome only pub talk