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  1. Why do we need a midfielder that scores goals ?, we’ve got Bannan , Barry Bannan ...
  2. Genuine question at what point does paxo stop advising because the level of fees available to him and cuts from signings etc dry up?
  3. Would be better as the ONLY holding midfield player, Hutch at Centre half, and Bannan forced to get further forward ,
  4. He cant find a pass because he is stood in our own third with two other holding midfield players a keeper and four defenders behind him. So 8 of our 11 are so deep, we are easy to defend against, Get up the pitch, and support the wide players and forwards,
  5. I dont have a problem with him always wanting it, its how often he gives it away, where he picks it up,(so deep when he isnt the holding midfield player), so as a result we dont get a central midfield player in the box or running beyond the defence . We dont transition through the thirds quickly enough. Thirty three games this season , 2 goals both pens, ! successful pass percentage 75 %, How many assists for our most creative valuable player? ..................................................................................... Four !!!!!!! ***
  6. we`re losing cos we dont stop crosses, Have a three in midfield that sit deep, a lightweight in Reach, and Windass didnt get a touch until the 42 minute. Palmer and Penny off, Hutch to a back three , Harris and Rhodes on and ******** attack in numbers its bleedin Rotherham for christ sake.
  7. I went have the programme too. Only time I stood in the bottom corner of the west/ north triangle lower . Right down by corner flag
  8. At least we don’t have to put money in chansiri s pocket to watch a team get out of a losing run against us. Lump on Brentford to soften the hurt
  9. Third mistake is not changing it at half time, go back to three at the back switch Harris who was being killed by their left back. , withdraw shaw, put reach and Rhodes on.
  10. Ask Barry Bannan it appears he is the only one DC listens too. All; too apparent Bannan wanted to play central in the second half not out on the left. Shaw was told push forward and try to press the holding midfielder of Brum . Only took 5 mins to go ******** up. Should have withdrawn Shaw at half time, put Reach on the right and moved Harris to the left.And asked the full backs to push higher up and got more involved. Given Windass 10 mins and put Rhodes on.
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