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  1. Chansiri stated at a previous fans forum that fans money is a drop in the ocean, or words to that effect. Due to tv revenues, those revenues won’t apply next season . Therefore his one biggest advantage over most other clubs would be fan income . However as we all know the fan base if totally disgruntled. If he had any business acumen he would see a great potential opportunity. A huge drop in ticket prices, re engage with fans fill the stadium ever week , ie similar to what Bradford have done . Say £200 all areas tops get 25k plus in the ground overcome . Overcome any Concerns about Covid , a
  2. Everybody forgets they had their best spell when they weren’t playing Saturday , Tuesday so had more rest and time prepare.
  3. Thankful the players do have some respect and know they arent fit to wear them.
  4. Please just close this thread, who gives a fizz about Charlton, a club whose fans took a dislike to us because they thought we got more publicity than them the year we both got promoted. The only thing we sadly have in common with them is we both have poo owners, and the fans deserve better.
  5. Will both be on bus, having a sing song , and an end of season party, and collecting there loyalty bonus payments .
  6. Back fired on Stafford with Palace. Let’s hope same applied
  7. You getting confused there Elephants not donkeys
  8. Lump on law of averages , says we are due a win
  9. Might be because we have the worst away record in the league
  10. This from Derby forum, oh so funny. Weds will be scrapping for everything, and we’ll be paralysed by fear. We’ll lose. But will Rotherham win?? Their form says no, but it’s football, and it’s been that kinda season...
  11. If we could raise a tempo like Rotherham do we would be safe
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