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  1. We only need to worry about Boro when that thrower leaves, until then his choice of managers will keep them in the second tier
  2. Fantastic another one ticked off , did the old ground but not the new one.
  3. I agree the rules are totally floored, but it couldn’t happen to a better club. Boro got away with serious financial issues years ago, Add to that Gibson is a complete bell end, then having appointed Karanka ( Mr Dull and negative) , they replace him with Pauli’s! . If Gibson thinks they have been hard done too , you could say you reap what you sow.
  4. Billy big balls , will be playing in non League in four years time.
  5. The same side that we signed Pelupussy from?, Jesus its good to know its not just Wednesday fans that have to suffer !
  6. Been told we offered one yr , Hutdds offered 2 but ours is a higher weekly wage
  7. Yes I think wilder misheard and thought he wants 4K per week
  8. I would agree with this. Him and Jack Hunt got slaughtered after that game.
  9. HI not up to speed on this, where has the two nearly over the line be advised?
  10. Expect Stoke and Swansea to be better , plus the three that miss out in plays offs will all be strong. Much more hopeful last year though under Bruce and a fresh rested squad, which will have a proper pre season.
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