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  1. Comments on January worry me. Heard an interview with the director of football at Norwich recently. He was the guy at Huddersfield that brought in Wagner, and all the loans they made. Said at Norwich they plan three windows in advance and have four to six targets in every postion to monitor. !.
  2. Jonathan Kodja , from Villa, been out with broken checkbone, contract up in June?
  3. How do the officals miss that,? blatant straight red, Anybody got a clip of it, what did biased Sky say?
  4. Two shots on target is all they managed for 70% possession. Fulhams fans not happy and want Parker out, Given they spent £200 M last summer and £20m on a striker , this time , I think Monk got the tactics spot on, we had by far the clearer chances and more of them.
  5. Thread starterWalrus Start date39 minutes ago Walrus First Team 39 minutes ago #1 Don't shoot the messenger, but a friend who works for Bristol City, has heard a rumour about Neil going to Sheff Weds. Apparently according to his source he wanted the West Bromwich job but got talked into staying but wants out again now certain promises were not kept. He did mention WBA and Neil before it came out in the media and knew about Bailey Wright in advance. Probably testicles but just passing on what he said...
  6. Fans of both clubs never ever mix in the same street at any other ground in the country?
  7. Just thought in fairness to SAG they are just preventing us from catching something nasty from the Dingle scrubbers
  8. Serious question how the fizz do Chelsea get SAG agreement for the apology of and away end and acess?
  9. There is an easy answer to this reduce the away allocation to 500 and out em in the south
  10. So your happy for van acken to play if Bonner Or lees gets injured?
  11. Never mind all this Gayle nonsense , as title Hec is a must, then a left back.
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