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  1. I wonder if the EFL will award us bonus points this season as thanks for us taking part in the last four years of government trials. As we know Barry Bannan hasn’t beaten the first man with our set pieces and Rhodes didn’t look like winning a header either.
  2. Mates with BB hope that doesn’t put a spanner in the works
  3. Money talks but he is a Yorkshire lad with a family and my money says If Wednesday can make a reasonable offer he would be very happy to be back at S6 . Think he would prefer Yorkshire to Wales. Don’t think he would want to go to Blackpool
  4. He isn’t good enough for the prem. passing side or not
  5. Can’t wait for the meltdown on here when he signs for them across the city!
  6. Great news, puts the pressure on even more to get a decent keeper in!
  7. Yep bringing down the average age of the squad!
  8. Why do you think you’ll be watching , bring your boots your starting!
  9. Did you see in the Championship spending table, that the perfect model club Brentford lost £34, in 19-20 ? that included playoffs money too !
  10. The much lorded Brentford and the prefect model , lost more than we did !, Think Stokes Parachute payments end and no supporters this last season, would expect them to be one of the ten EFL clubs mentioned as under review?
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