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  1. nethertonowl

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Do you sell breeze blocks for a living mole?
  2. Top post tricky, fully agree with every word
  3. nethertonowl

    Simple Question

    I wonder how much we will save per week when we reach June? 18th
  4. nethertonowl

    Simple Question

    Might be part of EFL agreeing to lift embargo ?
  5. nethertonowl

    this is hilarious

    Friday night might be a good time to do that
  6. How very dare, you ! would be a blade before I bought that rag.
  7. Steady on , its much easier paying fortunes to buy speed guns and expensively vans to catch criminals going too fast than use man power effectively . I might have some sympathy with them , but they were bleeting on about staff numbers 10 years ago. If they didn’t have gold plated pension the rest of use could never have they could recruit a few more
  8. nethertonowl

    Sam Hutchinson's groin

    I did hope Sam might flying into Ryan Air Saturday. Ryan Shawcross!
  9. nethertonowl

    Noel Whelan on Sheffield Wednesday..

    I don’t recall Hunt commenting on everyone pulling in the same direction, I remember comments about how well run the club was run, big difference . Strange article, maybe he is stirring it , before we play them, maybe his a also making reference to others in the squad who aren’t even making the bench,? Other Irish players who for example no body can understand why they aren’t first choice keeper?
  10. nethertonowl

    Are we trusting him yet?

    Not getting carried away, we have beaten three poor sides narrowly, and the next 6/7 games will give us a much better idea of our progress. That said, Jos appears to be up to speed with the championship now, certainly his own man when it comes to starting line ups( despite many on here saying he is a yes man for DC), Not afraid to drop big name players, and wants work rate and commitment. I think if given time next summer to rebuild the squad without, huge wage commitments , next season could be our year. The most pleasing thing for me is he has given the young players a chance, and more importantly players are actually improving under his management and coaching. My biggest argument against Carlos from early on was that there was no evidence of him improving players. Even good ones, ( This isnt hindsight, a check of my posts previously will show). A huge turnaround in confidence in the last 12 days at SWFC, would be a massive boost if we could overturn Stoke in our next home game. Well done Jos.
  11. nethertonowl


    MG metros? , nice
  12. nethertonowl

    Leeds in for Batth

    And he’s from Sweden!
  13. nethertonowl

    Leeds in for Batth

    Don’t remember Micky Lyons in gloves!
  14. nethertonowl

    Leeds in for Batth

    Flat track bully , for me crap when it gets tough
  15. nethertonowl

    Leeds in for Batth

    I heard Leeds wanted Izzy Brown?