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  1. Pity they can’t both be released for good behaviour
  2. So what does Rhodes think when is cant start above those options, speaks volumes, In the same window we signed Rhodes for £6-10 m ( depending on reports) Brighton signed Glen Murray for £300,000 Brentford Signed Canos for £2.5m West ham Signed Snodgrass for £10m Ipswich signed Kieffer Moore for £10k. Birmingham signed Jutkiewicz for £1.0m
  3. Spot on compare the two skill sets and Joao, was always the better option and can only improve, Rhodes was supposed to be in his prime over the last 4 years.
  4. I haven't been on here slagging him off before today, just as I dont boo, players at games. But if he isnt first name on the team in a squad that has no other natural strikers , then surely he knows he isnt doing what he is paid to do? Lets look at his attributes, No pace, so cant run in behind, Weak in the air one on one, Cant dribble, doesnt do the unexpected, his game is all about his returns, finishing in the box, 12 goals in four and a bit years. At a cost of around £18 in fees and wages. Thats £1.5m per goal. If we signed somebody with a record like that this sit
  5. Its about self respect so tell me, how often do you think he has come off at the end of a game for us and said, yes very happy with what I have done today?
  6. Trying telling that to millions looking for work, if I was as poor in my job as he has been here I would have been sacked and deservedly so
  7. Really £10 million earned from SWFC, how sorry would you feel?
  8. Depends if Rhodes is doing what Pulis has asked him to do, if not then Pulis is right , the clubs record signing , highest paid player, only recognised striker and yet,there is more chance of me scoring for Wednesday sat here than Jordan.
  9. He might start and understand how we feel watching him then now !
  10. Because he is stealing a huge wage, whilst playing like a little girl
  11. That would be an improvement on the sausage and bacon sarnies served up when they returned to pre season at the uni yr before last!
  12. Ave heard Dominic Cummins has got the gig!
  13. It might be linked to appearances it cant be linked to goals
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