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  1. Boro Forum says the complaint has been rejected by the EFL !
  2. Even more impressive if you add back two points Norwich didn’t deserve, Two WBA and two Villa robbed off us!
  3. OP SOURCE ?, This by any chance? Apr 19, 2019 at 9:13pm Lightcliffe Terrier said: My brother in law in players lounge at Norwich game tonight. They reckon Westwood is pretty much tied up. May be a load of old tripe, but would be a good keeper for next season. Read more: http://downatthemac.proboards.com/thread/111901/summer-transfer-window-2019?page=5#ixzz5lk3upAEB
  4. Needs to start with an enquiry into how the hell he thinks he can get to the premier league with a cheeky monkey like Pullis n charge
  5. On crazy money because they got him on a free, almost their highest paid. Can’t see Bruce wanting him given how little he’s played this year. Was very good at this level before though
  6. Shame that nob of a centre half for forest wasn’t walking the streets last night he could have given the scumbags a kicking instead of trying to batter Fletcher
  7. i expect a strong, more athletic, quicker side, hopefully with enough quality,
  8. The FA and FL should never have let the premier league split off. They should address the imbalance by demanding a bigger proportion of the revenue to feed down the pyramid. If they refuse then no premier league players in England teams and no admission to either cup competition. They should also impose a lint on ticket prices higher in south east lower rest of country and £20 max all away fans
  9. Do those words exist in the dictionary of the dreadful newspaper?
  10. Not just the ground it’s the whole community around there, last time I went to Upton Park , West Ham fan on tube said cheers for coming lads don’t see any white people roung here now!
  11. Always one of the best away days, used to go in the CIU club just round the corner, I was at that game, remember a red fairground type dart . flying just past my eyes and sticking in the shoulder of a bloke just in front of me,Oh the good old days !
  12. I bet if you checked it’s probably been a starting midfield under Jos?
  13. Really It’s cheaper than the blades game so , sorry I don’t agree
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