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  1. 100% right, so take that a bit further and who are the players who have been there all the way through, ?, Palmer, Bannan, (discount Iorfa missed too much time last season.)
  2. Defender completely out of position, still two yards behind Patto as cross comes in, Linesman 100% bottled it, awful call. Penalty all day long. Check on Oxford website, they have a poll on scoring the ref, almost all siad pen, lucky to get away with it. most expected him to give it
  3. Just not seen enough of Shadipo in league games for me, and think Dennis is capable of playing out wide and cutting in , links up well, nice touch , good pace and control.
  4. Huge bonus if Gibson can step up, gives us many more options, dropping Dunkley, moving Hutch to midfield to give it more balance and physical element, Maybe even playing three at the back so we can play 5 in midfield and find a place for Bannan without us being overun in centre mid, and still have two upfront which has to be better than a 4-3-3 with two front wide and only one striker.
  5. mostly agree, but would play adenrian out wide and add another forward.and drop shodipo
  6. not enough physical presence in centre mid for me.
  7. Iorfa and Semedo any 9 up front. no way are we letting a goal in, getting beaten for pace, or tackling , no keeper needed. Just need somebody to score ! You`ll never get past Semedo !, hes magic you know.......
  8. RESULT ASIDE ! its all about the result. A) possession worst of season we won. B) number of passes, lowest, of the season , compared to keeping the ball in our own half , going across and back but not producing anything, and allowing the other team to settle into a good shape. C) pass completion 130 Wigan 370, final score 2-1 to the team with fewer passes. and finally results from last night Burton 2 - Pompey 1 ( 31%- - 69% ) possession won , game lost Cambridge 0- Gillingham 2 ( 57% - 43% ) "" "" "" Charlton 1 - Bolton 4 (52%- 48%) "" "" "" Morecombe 2 Lincoln 0 (44% - 56%) "" "" "" Rotherham 3 Wimbledon 0 (46%- 54%) " "" "" Shrewsbury 1 - Wycombe 3 (53%- 47%) " " "" Its not about most possession its about what you do with it, and with BB in the side we dont get it into the right areas quickly enough , and we dont have players encouraged to get into the box and take risks .
  9. Its not he isnt needed , its just he isnt the bleeding messiah
  10. Its all about results, our two best this season have been away at Rotherham and last night. 2 wins away from home against sides in the top six, both games won as a result of a more physical midfield ( Lulongo second half at Rotherham ), playing a higher tempo more direct style. Its not about quality of passing or possession its about exposing other teams lack of quality. Our squad on paper is one of the best in the division, we just need to play in a league one style, and allow that extra quality in all areas to overcome other sides. If we match teams for work rate and physicality we will be very close to an automatic spot, All about opinions but for me, Bannan has to be a luxury we introduce when the games won, ,or if we are on top and cant find that extra class to open up a team that sits in at Hillsborough. I hope, Moore will fore go the nice slow cultured build up and possession and get at teams more. Wigan were in the automatic spots but didnt look all that to me, however they worked hard, had pace wide and knew the system. We had more quality than them . Its that old saying you have to earn the right to play ! hutchinson, Lulongo can do that problem is they are made of biscuit, but its still better than wee Barry showboating, he cant win a tackle on his feet, always has to go to ground, Keep Wing in for me, unless Dele can step up?
  11. played 6 away , including three against top five. Only played three at home, Game in hand on some, not all doom and gloom.
  12. sorry loads better without Bannan. . a team effort not let Baz dominate , slow it down , etc, leave him on the bench !
  13. BFP Hunt Iorfa Hutch Brown Lulongo Shodipo or Adenerin Wing Adenerin or Windass Berahino Gregory No Bannan, a diamond in midfield if Windass is fit he starts and Shodipo drops out with Dennis moving right midfield. I dont like 4-3 -3 with one forward , if Gibson looks like he can step in , move Hutch to holding , if Lulongo isnt fit.
  14. lots of comments about systems, and where to play Bannan ,or how to accommodate him?, Wonder how many would swop him for K Lee?
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