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  1. nethertonowl


    Just imagine what he could do across the city ! Scares the hell out of me,
  2. nethertonowl

    João, our form player.

    Second only to Grabban , for goals per minute !in this league. Lewis Grabban Nottm Forest 111 per goal 1557 played 14Goals scored 2 Assists Lucas João Sheff Wed 112 per goal 899 played 8Goals scored 1 Assists
  3. nethertonowl

    Ian Holloway

    Far to much personality too
  4. nethertonowl

    You could drive a bus through there

    Not capable of doing his own job let alone , carrying the huge weight of making up for Liam Palmers shortcoming !
  5. Forsyth ? , keep dreaming
  6. nethertonowl

    Today's presser.

    I see that as the problem, he is Bland just can’t see how any of the players would give it everything for him. Under his management we are drifting slowly down
  7. By the same thing you mean flipping about with selections, dropping players in form , then sitting on your arse for 90 minutes, giving the players fizz all direction, then he must me Insane. Time to do one Jos , your not the only thing wrong at s6 right now, but your the man in charge so wee wee off.
  8. A players parent , and an employee at the uni
  9. I was told on very good authority that at the start of pre season under Carlos the training pitches weren’t read so we had to use the uni pitches, first food break , they had bacon and sausage sarnies , players we gob smacked. Another example of how badly we are run
  10. nethertonowl

    The Big Issue.

    Perfect summary. We could be top class with his financing but he needs football people to guide him. Appears to be too stubborn at take advise. Just imagine if we had a David Dean type to steer us
  11. nethertonowl

    Westwood injured

    Lies , dammed lies and bullshit, for god sake, Jos do you not have any self respect !
  12. nethertonowl


    Too much hype too soon, games full of em, problem is unlike the rest of us, will never need to do an honest days work.
  13. nethertonowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    Totally agree, look at Pulis, at Boro, I would sooner slit my wrist that watch them every week,regardless of league position spent way more than us , but totally short of any flair. Its changed from football to entertainment, given the stupid prices, people want to be entertained, now, playing in to the hands of the big boys, game is being ruined.
  14. nethertonowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    What like selling a player in the summer, and the player leaving the training ground to travel for his medical at new club, with out the manager or assistant manager even knowing about any of it?
  15. nethertonowl

    Time to just stand up.......

    His first match was a solid performance away at the lane, will the same venue be his last?