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  1. Tokyo Owls

    Whereabouts are you going? Tokyo?
  2. Except that site doesn't say it's on I lfollow in some countries which is how I'm watching it now
  3. According to the EFL site, it is on ifollow here in Japan (and a few other countries) due to their being no license agreement with anyone here this season, so every game is shown. They changed this recently to depend on the country apparently but whether they are correct I'll find out in an hour!
  4. Tokyo Owls

    More or less the same - came out after uni, went home to Sheff for a few years, then came back
  5. Tokyo Owls

    I actually work in Roppongi!
  6. Tokyo Owls

    If you ever head up this way let me know Kagoshima! Can sort out watching a game :)
  7. Tokyo Owls

    Nice! The bright orange is the representative kit he got?

    Would have loved many people here other than what we actually brought in during the window... underwhelmed is an understatement
  9. No live Sky games?

    Isn't the Forest game on Sky?
  10. Didn't a bloke called Cantona once play for us in a non-important game, go to Leeds then end up being not that bad? Got a funny feeling here...
  11. Tokyo Owls

    Any owls in this neck of the woods?
  12. Shop Catalogue

    i noticed that! I went in before the Burnley game looking for some of the things in the catalogue but none of them were there
  13. How the hell are millwall not on there?!? Grimsby?!
  14. and he never takes any of me! pfft - it's a conspiracy!