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  1. Just have £20 adult tickets for every game and be done with it. Football has lost its soul. Marketing spend is totally unnecessary, there are so many computations involved in a match ticket nowadays I think many have given up. Reduce and simplify, but this issue is far bigger than Wednesday.
  2. slow83

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    Do we get the stripes on the other half of the shirt the season after?!
  3. Good on first view but a solid blue back again - so won’t look like wednesday. It’s pretty easy really, but they just couldn’t give it us could they!
  4. slow83

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Huge mistake letting him go, we will regret it instantly. Carlos told us that he asked Rhodes to significantly change his game and it didn’t work. Why would it?! And why would you do that?! All he needs is a bit more time under Jos and he’ll be back to his lethal self.
  5. slow83

    All this sunny weather

    Would much rather be out enjoying the sun doing something else than sitting at hillsborough on the few sunny weekends we have a year. Cold January’s are what football is for, what else would we do!
  6. slow83


    We’ll still be in this league next season, the ‘must’ is that we start the ground work now for shifting on players like Loovens, Pudil, Nuhiu, Jones, Butterfield etc as soon as this season is over.
  7. slow83


    Sick of this season, but finding it very difficult to see how this is Jos fault. We were dire with a pretty much fully fit squad under Carlos earlier in the season.
  8. We’ve got 3 season tickets and we haven’t gone again tonight. If we’d not signed up to 3 year tickets then it would be very difficult to part with money for one next year. Very disillusioned that it’s come to this, Carlos should’ve gone 12 months earlier. Jos is not to blame for this shower, but the Carlos debacle gives me very little belief that Chansiri has the needed ruthless streak to turn this club back round. The season can’t end fast enough.
  9. slow83

    Get Megson in now!

    Total agree. I’m a big Megson fan, and wanted him back, but his first few months were horrific. I remember Rochdale away, the performance was terrible, the Wednesday fans were baying for blood. Start of the next season he’d sorted it out. We’re in a similar place now. This decline won’t stop until May no matter who’s in charge.
  10. slow83

    Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    4 is a very specific number, is 4 the international sign of fitness mismanagement?
  11. slow83

    Thank You Dejphon Chansiri

    15 players out injured and 3 cup tied tonight. Others barely fit. As gutting as this season has been let’s all just get over ourselves!! The seasons over but it’s a clean slate in May to rebuild. We all start the season in August on the same points and hopefully a full squad!
  12. Carlos announced around November time that Jordan Rhodes was now finally in the ‘dynamic’ and doing what Carlos had been trying to get him to do since he signed .....that was to stop chasing the ball. It sent shivers down my spine. He said Jordan ran too much before. This lack of tempo, stand off football was a problem for the last 18 months, it was Carlos’ plan and it was totally intentional. It was also an absolute disaster for the long term future of this squad. Thanks Carlos
  13. Imagine what a huge asset this would be for the club and fans if the line could be reopened all the way through. Linking Hillsborough to the Railway network from a number of key areas. I’ve long thought the club should put its weight behind this.
  14. The old Woodhead line for trains through to Manchester, and linked in to the Penistone line for the trains from Sheffield to Huddersfield. Such a loss for wednesdayites as it would make a great link to the ground from lots of directions.