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  1. Tempo

    Carlos believes if you stand 11 players on our own goal line you’ll stop the opposites and win 0-0. It’s a great plan
  2. Bannan too deep

    It wasn’t just bannan, the whole team played in a space the size of a postage stamp just inside our half for most of the game. Hooper was so desperate for some service he resorted to trying to do it all himself.
  3. I tried punching myself repeatedly but to no avail, stubbornly I stayed conscious throughout.
  4. Not a single shot on target

    We spent most of the match worrying about defending. Carlos wouldn’t know what pressing was if it smacked him in the face.
  5. It has to be this style central blue stripe black shorts and Wednesday blue, not Huddersfield or Ipswich colour. it impresses me how many variations of ‘wrong’ the club can find.
  6. I've been trying to encourage the Mrs to give a Wednesday match a try for years. Even Beres hasn't convinced her. But as soon as I mentioned this she said she would go to a game if it happened. You get my vote!
  7. All that ever matters is...

    In an individual match true, but over a season poor performances week in week out will see you fall well below your potential. It's not sustainable promotion winning stuff this, because even if it sees us over the line into 6th place, it won't see us win 3 playoff games against quality opposition.
  8. I get the point, but I think what's worrying most of us is we've played ugly for almost all of the 29 matches this season. Trying to win 1-0 and take all the life out of a match is a horrendously difficult thing to pull off, even poor opponents will get a chance on goal. But for me it's just a horrendous thing to watch week on week out when we have a squad packed with attacking quality.
  9. This style can't continue if we want to get in the playoffs, nevermind win them.
  10. Just take Rhodes off for Wildsmith and be done with it
  11. After 28 games I'm struggling to see what else it can be
  12. Is Carlos actually having a laugh, or is he really allowing this to happen again. We're siting back and waiting for it
  13. This is dire again against another poor side
  14. I think the problem is, whoever he puts in is being asked to play this weird 'dynamic' for long periods which involves sitting off and waiting for the opposition to make a mistake. It almost doesn't matter who he plays, it's the same barely out of 1st gear performance.