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  1. Amazing that after 45 games people were saying ‘give Monk a chance’, ‘he needs his own staff’, ‘there are bad eggs in the team and he needs to sign his own players’ etc Yet Pulis, who was not my first choice either, but nonetheless has had to pick up Monks absolutely insane formation and signings loses his first game 1-0 playoff by with 10 men and people are suicidal. Monk would’ve lost that too so we’re in no worse a position. The answer was sack Monk in March after the terrible pre lockdown form and the icing on the cake of the Brentford defeat.
  2. - Monk signed a load of rubbish players, who are also underperforming. -As above, we have few striking options despite that being our problem for a year. - Westwood is going to be like a top new signing after a bizarre year without playing. - We will survive this season under Pulis, but I would rather Nigel Pearson take over in the summer.
  3. What “petty childish infield antics”? Also who are the 3 managers? Facts and primary sources of information are really important in life, otherwise you risk looking like you’ve made stuff up.
  4. Agree, Rhodes should play, hopefully he’ll finally get a good run.
  5. What has Westwood done to (rightly) be “banished”? Seriously some right stuff thrown his way over the last year, would love to be a bit more ITK about what he did?
  6. As long as we don’t have 2 game form tables like we did earlier this season. Took an age for so many to see how bad Monk was, with people even refusing to count last seasons debacle. Amazing that we’re only 11 games in, seems like an age. Let’s be a bit more measured about this manager and judge him on results in a balanced way, not picking and choosing which games to include.
  7. Far too many people here making things up. Not one person has provided facts, a quote, or anything to show that Westwood has ever done anything unprofessional. But that hasn’t stopped nonsense being spouted since Christmas. Embarrassing really when people get confused between their own made up conspiracies and the truth.
  8. When do the fans get told why a player is dropped? Be helpful if we could all have access to that source of information if you can share.
  9. Ok great, it’s great to see him back training with the team he’ll never play for again having left never to come back.
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