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  1. How good would it be to see the new kit being unveiled on Sunday, and the team playing in blue and white stripes in our final league game of the season v Norwich . A positive performance and result to get everyone up for next season, where hopefully without the chronic injury crisis we’ve had this season , we push on aiming for those top two positions . After the farce of this season let’s hope the club have learnt from the mistakes and sorting the kit out and a return to the famous blue and white stripes would be the first step in the right direction.
  2. I really hope I’m wrong but I’ve a horrible feeling it’s going to be league 1. This week is massive and if we don’t pick up any points then we really are in the relegation dog fight. If and when Birmingham appoint monk then that will give a boost to them. ive tried to remain positive this season but the last few weeks have been abysmal and everything about the club from top to bottom looks clueless
  3. regi blinkered

    Tonight's matchday programme

    Those young lads are my junior football team I took down on a match day experience a couple of years ago . It was brilliant that they were involved in the remembrance tribute and were able to pay their respects
  4. regi blinkered

    Naming the stands

    After watching the unveiling of the kenny dalglish stand at Liverpool today, surely in our 150th anniversary year it would be good idea to name our stands after previous influential players from our past . We could even name parts of the stand after certain players, such as the back row of the kop could be named after colin west seeing as that’s where most of his shots finished!!
  5. First game for me was in 1984 v Brighton . A 2-1 win, with my then Wednesday hero, Gary bannister scoring 1 of the goals. All I could remember that night was the sound of the crowd and the chant "we love love you Wednesday " echoing in my ears. The following week came my first away trip, the short journey to Barnsley. Sat in the main stand with my uncle as Mel 'Zico' sterland hammered home his customary ferocious thunderbolt penalty to give us a 1-0 win and ultimately onto the return the top division. Season tickets in the north and south stands before progressing onto the back of the kop in my late teen years. The promotion season of 1990/1991 turning up to every game in anticipation of another victory in our push to return once again to the top division , watching a young David Hirst terrorise the opposition defenders. The night of the semi final second leg, against Chelsea , with Danny wilsons screamer into the top corner sealing a day out at Wembley, walking all the way back up herries road, with the rain pouring down , without a care in the world , singing "we're going to Wembley"...a day not to forget with the coach journey down, the sea of blue and white along Wembley way, being sat right behind johnny sheridans shot as it hit the back of the net, Pearson lifting the trophy and even the coach breaking down on the way back couldn't spoil the day... the season after, qualifying for Europe ... I could go on about the next 25 years but there are way too many ups and downs, many many more magical moments along with so many disappointing times but onto the present day and now it's with my 12 and 6 year old sons that I go to watch our team, our Wednesday and they have their own 'heroes' and that tingle of excitement on match days . The wide eyed look as they enter the ground and the passion in their voices as they belt out 'hi ho Sheffield Wednesday ' before the kick off.. every kick every goal means so much.. this is their team , this is their Wednesday and hopefully they will see us back with the big time very soon
  6. regi blinkered

    Next season kit

    Don't the clubs have to submit their official kit design to the fa by a certain date?? Wasn't this the reason why we couldn't remove Azerbaijan off the shirts a few years ago because the kit had already been submitted and before we found out mamadov didn't have the funds he claimed he had
  7. regi blinkered

    Songs For Stevie Swfc Howard

    we've got stevie howard his mobility scooter is jet powered nah nah nah nah ooh nah nah nah nah shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. regi blinkered

    executive boxes

    cheers for that, its my 40th birthday that day and was hoping we would get one of the 'bigger' clubs but when was the last time we drew a bigger club
  9. regi blinkered

    executive boxes

    probabally the wrong section, apologies for that but does anyone know how much it would cost to hire an executive box for fa cup game v mk dons or if there are any special packages commercially that wednesday are running on that day, ie meal and match tickets. Ive looked on official website but cant find anything
  10. Zico..zico...zico or oh tony, tony, tony tony tony tony cunningham or we love you wednesday we do, we love you wednesday we do we love you wednesday we do oh wednesday we love you
  11. been to old trafford today to watch olympic footy and was very impressed with the egyptian team and the number 8 who played for belarus, who was built like the preverbial brick wall. his name is sergei kornilenko and apparantly played for blackpool in 2010/2011. he gave the brazilian defenders a very torrid afternoon. as for the egyptians both wingers looked nippy and very comfortable and creative on the ball. wonder if anyone was watching them as future players for the MASSIVE
  12. regi blinkered

    So, in one thread...........

    went to sheffield fc, didnt think harewood offered anything at all, o grady took his goal well, new signing mattock did very well (i know we were only playing sheffield fc) but he seemed comfortable on the ball and broke most of the attacks up on the left hand side. Also coke didnt do anything to impress at all
  13. spine tingling scenes as teams came out...made me proud to support the blue and white half of sheffield
  14. so funny when you took your photo of him...everyone started singing reda reda and pointing at him especially very enthusiastic bloke sat in front of him
  15. regi blinkered

    The Official Back Gary Megson Thread

    in the ginger one we trust...."Gary Megsons blue and white army!!!!"