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  1. I've been his biggest critic, since he left, but I can't disagree with the facts he's stated. They are a poor team as far as the playing staff are concerned. He was put on a pedestal, unfortunately he bought it hook line and sinker. I did genuinely feel sorry for him when that Southampton goal went in. He must regret how he handled things at Wednesday before Christmas. I wish him all the best. I'm sure he'll be back.
  2. The top five has to include World Cup Winner Jurgen Klinsmann Scored in front of the Kop on his Spurs debut I believe. His movement was a different class from what I recall that day. And that dive. I was furious and impressed at the same time.
  3. A dead cert, which will allow another popular call for kit change this time next year
  4. I hear its been modelled by Almen Abdi
  5. s8owl75

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Happy Days, let's burn another £10 million on a striker
  6. s8owl75

    Jay Bothroyd

    Nile Ranger.
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    Jay Bothroyd

    I suspect nothing
  8. They're still good odds.
  9. Maybe so. It's got six months max if he's lucky. He knows it too. You could see it in his eyes when Southampton scored last night.
  10. I don't think the Swansea fans blame Carlos. He's on his way back to Hillsborough next season. I'm sure of it. It's fate. Enjoyable watching lots of fat Chelsea fans getting angry with Huddersfields goalkeeper also.
  11. Can't wait for Chelsea v Huddersfield tonight. The irony is a year later he is still battling Huderfield to play in the Premier League next season. This is fate. Just like the FA Cup draw was fate. He's on his way back, to Hillsborough next year as fate has decreed. I suspect we will play Swansea in September, and we'll thrash them. Nuhiu scoring another hatrick. Inevitabley Carlos will then be sacked that evening, probably before he leaves the ground. (As an aside I would like to see the stats on Managers who have been sacked at Hillsborough or directly following a game there in the last twenty years.) Swansea never looked like scoring last night. The irony that last night's game followed the weekend that Wednesday hit five with a Nuhiu hatrick on the Canary Day Massacre I can't wait for the Day of the Massacre of the Swans. Stick £20 on it
  12. I agree, but the look on his face after Southampton went one nil up, even I felt sorry for him. You could tell he knew his dream job has slipped out of his grasp, even a tinge of regret in there, that fate has taken such a wicked and cruel turn. Just like the cruel fate of the FA Cup draw. He's on his way back I'm sure
  13. Another Wednesday fan found in very surprising circumstances?
  14. Personally I think Jos will use squad rotation next year as we've seen already. When Hooper and Fletcher return they will feature, and he'll change the formation to suit their style of play. As we've seen already. This tactic keeps the opposition guessing. We'll no longer be predictable. And all the squad will be involved.
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    Club shop

    He was furious, he got an air gun for his birthday and had to make do shooting pigeons