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  1. The Cult of Wallace

    I think we'll have to agree to disagree. Wallace is like Marmite, you either love him or hate him.
  2. The Cult of Wallace

    I think we need him in the squad, if he's happy to play off the bench next year. When we get injuries you know he won't let us down. Obviously he's less and less likely to win the match for us, but his presence is enough to raise the performances of others for me.
  3. The Cult of Wallace

    I think the point of having cover for every position has well and truly been proven this year. You need Wallace for when Boyd is injured again. He could become the new Jose Semedo at Wednesday
  4. This guy challenges every throw in either on or off the pitch. A true Wednesday legend for me, even though his powers are on the wane. Every Wednesday first eleven for me requires a couple of players who are liable to lose the plot and nearly get themselves self sent off for going beyond the call of Duty. Adam Reach and Jos did a great job of diffusing the Glaswegian time bomb shortly after this flared up. In all seriousness, I wouldn't change him as we need this winning mentality in and around the team. It's all so hugely entertaining on a comedy level if you're able to replay the incident
  5. In all honesty I'm looking at the Big Clubs left and disappointment Arsenal aren't there. We would have given them a run for their money. However, I really don't think Jos or the squad are ready for Spurs or Man City
  6. It is particularly annoying that any old minnow who happens to have been bank rolled into the Premier League this year gets to play at Wembley. Even Newport County got to Wembley in the FA Cup this year. Football is a disgrace sometimes. And if you are a Spurs fan you must think you are the FA. Oh wait a minute, they always were
  7. Ok, ok....

    Beating them IN Swansea will be far more satisfying
  8. Well no one booed Carlos. No motivation from me to fall out with fellow Owls over Carlos, and it would have reflected badly on the club in front of the cameras. BUT SERIOUSLY?!?!? He gets applauded before the game and I heard after the game. He left Wednesday in the lurch big time, he's not Wednesday anymore. In fact he spent most of today trying to get a result against us. We are too nice a club and he's walked all over us for the last 12-24 months and he gets a hero's welcome. FFS. That's part of the problem for me. And the way how some people talk about Chansiri and Jos already now astounds me, while this circus went off at Hillsborough today surrounding the Architect of the mess we are still trying to get out of. Rant Over. On the plus side from what I saw today I'm satisfied were going to get a result at Swansea in any case. I suspect he won't get a better reception than he had today down in Wales after the return leg.
  9. He was like Bannan and Pudil combined into one today. Reach had a massive game in centre mid. He ran their midfielders of the park.
  10. It would have been nice to see Joao play for 80 minutes rather than 10. We have to look at the cold truth of the situation, while Bannan and Hooper et al are out if Joao gets injured we're in big trouble, so resting him for the Millwall game may not have been the only concern today. Rhodes was sick by all accounts, for what its worth. Disappointing front two, but they played well and I think we'll have a stronger team for the replay with players having more games under their belts and more players on the way back. Swansea will not get stronger than what we saw today. A very poor Premier League team.
  11. Bigger Than The Club?

    Ron's return on the first day of the new season was fate. Although we lost, it showed us we had nothing to fear in Division 1. We all learnt he could'nt have turned down Villa that day also. Carlos's return today is fate. What lesson shall be learnt today, and who will be the student?
  12. In all honesty we've done our own best efforts to sit out the FA Cup for the last 25 years, thus the antics of Wenger, Mourinio and Ferguson were a complete irrelevance to me. If they don't value it, they are fools. Today the FA Cup is alive again.
  13. I feel confident, despite the heavy FA marketing in the background, Jos understand's "The Magic of the FA Cup" Even from afar, he was obviously aware at a younger age of its magnificence.
  14. The silhouette is almost akin to that of Marilyn Munroe. Fantastiche
  15. I think they all had little ZONES they could not move out of. Subuteo on a Grand Scale