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  1. Expansive football. You can call Moore and Smith tactically naïve, and I have, but they have developed Bannan as a player and a style of play for the team. Knee jerk reaction from me was too sack Moore on the evening, but looking back, I think he's shown he's capable of building something far greater than this season's effort. Life's too short for two banks of four and scraping 1-0 nil victories. Football is supposed to be unpredictable....
  2. I am going on comments made by the Sky Sport Pundits for the away leg at Sunderland. Clinton Morrison and David Prutton agreed (Its a 24 carrat gold fact)
  3. I'm gutted about what happened on Monday, but dwelling on it doesn't change. Let's just say I can't understand how the game plan was so negative, and he didn't change it, but I will give DM credit for the team he built and the fact they got into the playoffs. I'll admit I had written DM off in September, but I was willing to wait and see how the following months unfolded. So he's clearly proved me wrong once. A lot of it depends on Chansiri now, as I see it. If he wants to, and can afford to keep the spine of the team, then I can see him keeping DM. Of course if he can't afford to keep the spine of the team, then he might look to rebuild with a new manager. It's out of our hands in any case. You maybe right about Moore only having one plan, I just wished he had stuck with Plan A - 352 with attacking wingbacks and let the players use their nous (within reason)
  4. I still put it down to tactics. It's been and gone now. It's out of our hands in any case. The strikers were isolated, because the midfield was isolated. Our wing backs, which were so prolific became fixed to a back five. Don't want to dwell on this really. If we can play as well as we did in the last half of this season in both halfs of next season we don't have to worry about the lottery which is the playoffs.
  5. FDB and Adeniran offer an attacking threat from midfield also, both great players who will come back stronger next season. I don't want to see Bannan sacrificed as a defensive midfielder next season though. The midfield is the nucleus of the team for next season.
  6. I think it was widely accepted our midfield three of Bannan, Luongo and Byers were the best in the division. Problem we only found that combination of players worked and were available from the beginning of this year. That's the core of the team for me. The question is, can we retain them and can they play a full season next year.
  7. Time to move on and look forward to next season now, however that takes shape. I think we've seen enough from March onwards to show we should be able to compete for automatic spots next season, though I accept that depends who stays and who leaves. It's time to look back and enjoy the good times we had this season and look forward to what's possible next season. Enjoy
  8. No pain what so ever anymore with Wednesday. You have to believe they can do it, but I always have that doubt they will probably conspire against themselves to self destruct. As a Football team we are the analogy of Paul Gascoigne as a player. Potentially world class, but always ready to self destruct. Last night has just left me angry. If we lost 5-2 and thrown the kitchen sink at them at least you could accept we weren't good enough. I fear we were good enough and we've f3cked it up again. Same old Wednesday. Problem is after 20+ years of this, there are too many teams who expect to beat us. Rotherham and Wycombe now being the latest examples of this.
  9. Explained the situation pretty clearly. You can blame the pair of them for everything which got us in League One, but not for our attempt to get out of it this season. Big Chans has gone above and beyond again this year. Everything I witnessed in the stadium last night was spot on. I just hope they (Whoever they are) don't lose loose interest in burning cash.
  10. So what are we saying, don't blame DMs tactics, and DMs signings, it was Paxo running the show all along this season in disguise? I'm not buying it.
  11. I smell Bacon... Don't blame the fans. Blame the tactics. Five at the back, when you are one nil down? Sunderland defenders put under no real pressure when in possession? No change to those tactics even though it was clear with half an hour to go it was not working?
  12. We didn't go out to get an injury time goal though did we? We played on the counter attack as we did all game and had a couple of chances because the game was wide open in the last 10 minutes. We treated the equaliser as of we'd won the game. Forget Roy Keane. Forget the fact the guy gets to say he was right all along, but there were other sack the manager threads getting deleted last night. We live in a time were silencing dissent is now common practice. Historically, that hasn't always worked out well. I like Darren Moore and Jamie Smith. They have produced some great football in recent months, but playing with a flat back five last night in a game we had to win, is really hard to understand. It's happened before, it can't happen again. And I don't see Darren changing, because he like you thinks he's put out a team to win. The Sunderland defenders weren't put under any real pressure last night in open play, because we had two many defenders instructed to sit back and defend. That's not the type of football that for DM the opportunity of playing in the play offs. We had nothing to lose, and everything to win, and so much attacking threat, and yet set out as if we were playing Man City... But we weren't.
  13. Ross Stewart of Sunderland, after Wycombe beat them at Wembley
  14. But where was that identity tonight? We let Sunderland pass the ball in their own half un challenged for the majority of tonight's game. Far too much respect for Sunderland tonight, and for far too long. I've just heard Moore say he hopes the fans saw a team trying to win the game tonight. I certainly didn't. I eventually saw a team desparatly trying to get an equaliser for the second time tonight, but it was too little and too late. Great effort by the fans and the club tonight. And a great effort from our players, but I'm afraid the tactics for our cup final tonight (Against a third division team) were well wide of the mark.
  15. You can't blame the Club for tonight You can't blame the fans for tonight You can't blame the players for tonight. We're one nil down and playing with a flat back five with three centre backs marking one striker, because he scored in the first leg. DM has just cost Big Chans another small fortune. We go again... But we should be winning the title in League One next season with the level of backing we've had this year.
  16. https://www.theta.tv/video/vidauvxx61a4t16zv5g Super Owls Flying High 2022
  17. If Sunderland sit back and let us have the ball, they are in all kinds of trouble...
  18. There's nothing to fear except fear itself What's not to be excited about? We're just like watching Brazil when we get control of a game. https://www.theta.tv/video/vidauvxx61a4t16zv5g
  19. They have it covered I am sure. Believe. https://www.theta.tv/video/vidauvxx61a4t16zv5g
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