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  1. We have a style, it's all out attacking fluid total football. I like it. That's what we did for the first 30 minutes. One touch football in midfield and get it wide for the winger to run at the full back. As the game wore on our midfield was taking more touches on the ball, as the forwards were not making themselves available. The complete lack of movement from the forwards at the end of the game compared to the fluid movement in the first 30 minutes were world's apart. The players have to have more patience on the ball when things are not going our way, and if the forwards stop running for the ball, they need bringing off.
  2. I agree. It got worse as the second half wore on, our forwards completely stationary with their backs to goal. They were literary stood there watching our defence self destruct and consequently the service they did get was poor. We need a lot more from our forwards and they are clearly going to do nothing stood with their backs to goal in this league.
  3. Aye, if you ignore everything good, we were sh1t3
  4. First half an hour I couldn't stop smiling. It looked like we were going to get 6 or 7. And then we miss the penalty, and we literally stopped playing football. We showed we are mentally weak once again today, when things don't go our way. We lost all composure in our play after conceding. The second half was absymal. Too many of our forwards were stood stationary with no desire to receive the ball and create chances. They ask way to much of our defenders to create chances for them. In the end only Bannan and Hutch were running in our midfield (and Hutch really shouldn't be running about in the second half with his knees). We also resorted to the delusion that we were playing with a target man which we don't have. Gregory is much more effective when we and he attacks the near post. Bannan MoM. However, next time - Give the penalties to Gregory or another forward who's not going to over think it, and is just going to blast them - no stutter steps required.
  5. "Any player on loan from a Premier League club or any EFL 'Category One' academy club"
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1784297631/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_TQ5PJ3SGX3A45HDRM0E3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  7. It always amazes me looking back how we ended up spending so much money and having so little options with pace.
  8. Big Daz, the clue is in the title of the thread.
  9. Mooro would be acceptable to Dem Others Big Daz or his full title of Big Darren Moore is more Wednesday
  10. It has to be Big Daz as in Big Ron. Big is synonymous with success at Wednesday. Like Gerald Sibons big toe...
  11. 4-1 Wednesday We're going to win The League We're going to win The League And now your going to believe us Now your going to believe us Now your going to believe us We're going to win The League
  12. What's his point, they are already 4-1 up?
  13. Its the Massive pressure of playing for a Massive club
  14. If only they had a better estate agent and had managed to sell their stadium for £60m
  15. Half the battle is signing players who want to play for the club. It bodes well.
  16. Automatic promotion and the League One Title can be the only reasonable conclusion to draw from our recent transfer activity. Enjoy!
  17. All the best JB. A rare occurrence for one of our departing millionaires to come out and say they enjoyed their time at the club. I wish him all the best at Hanover. It really cannot have been easy for him visiting family in Germany over the past 18 months.
  18. Wooden Dollars In fairness it does look like DC is spending again, now the dead wood has been moved on.
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