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  1. I think we know there is a movement to deflect any criticism away from anyone, but DC at the moment. (And I follow their logic) DC has clearly f3ck3d up, but I think we've got to face reality as well. A number of other people have f3ck3d up too this season. Moore, and his team have played there part on a very small scale. I mean for example, you see Kanchunga on the bench before the game yesterday, and you think, at what stage of any game is Kanchunga going to help us ... Sure enough we finish the game with him on the field. The only thing Moore
  2. So do we think he was Injured, or did he simply got the Monk on due to payments / contracts / DC?
  3. Norwich, Brentford and .... Rotherham were the only teams who beat us home and away. The way we've gone down you could look at any of those red boxes for abysmal personal performances and bizarre managerial decisions for the reason why we went down. It's been poor across the board, but when you don't turn up for two games against your Relegation opponents (Rotherham) You're probably heading into The Third Division with them. UTO
  4. I was over it in March. I'm already looking forward to next season. Where's the Brandy?
  5. WTF?!?! He's not paying the Mortgage on the Ground either?
  6. The club and the world are in a pretty dark place right now. There is every chance things are going to get worse. League One is an old friend of Wednesday's. It's no place for the inept without a plan. That said, even a stopped clock tells the correct time twice a day. (Here's hoping he starts getting things right very quickly)
  7. All of the ducks have been lined up to leave us in a really-really bad place. I hope they can and want to turn this around. Time will tell.
  8. I don't see either of them walking away from it any time soon. Too much time, money and effort has gone into this debacle I wish them every ounce of luck when it comes to getting it right, because if they do not succeed, I see them leaving us being in the position of Coventry, a nomad club without a stadium.
  9. I will concede he offer's zero attacking intent. I various SWFC first team coaches have coached that out of him.
  10. Has to be Rhodes. He put his body on the line for two of our goals today. He really did not need too, apparently, as he's out of contract and he hadn't been paid (on time), but the guy is a professional and he turned up and gave his all for 90 minutes. He's also persistently been ostracised by the club on many occasions during his time at Wednesday, but he put that aside when given his chances this season and nearly kept us up today. I wish him well for the future.
  11. You think he's a League Two player?
  12. He is the type of player we will need in League One.
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