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  1. For me, it should be of him sat on the pitch sulking. Pete McKee should be commissioned to mock up designs immediately. It should also have the sourest face possible. That's all I remember of Owen Morrison, his sour face. Surely this would encapsulate the last twenty years of the history of SWFC. Something to entertain all who visit Hillsborough in future, along with the Golden Elephants... Maybe they could be arranged together in an ensemble. Triffic.
  2. Cameron Dawson: "The new kit is great... Much better than that pink monstrosity I had to endure last season"
  3. The Theme tune to the Maradona film. It's relatively new, and seven minutes long. If this can't inspire our players then nothing will.
  4. TBF That's all we needed DC to do. State that he's going to fund the club. The numbers are bad, but as long as he says he's funding the losses we fight another day. It's no surprise the accounts are released in the same week he's paid the back log of players wages.
  5. Most well known brand name we've ever been associated with, but clearly not a name you want to be associated with as a sports team.
  6. Chupa Chups. Twenty years ago now, but how prophetic
  7. Deluded. Hope he proves me wrong, but he's never playing for England.
  8. Preston NE... The immovable object has finally met the irresistible force... It's big time up there... Player signs and they don't even give him a kit for a photo shoot... in the club carpark... BTW he's clearly not in the building either.... On very rare occasions Wednesday are made to look like a professional football club...
  9. Definitely appears to be true, but I'm not convinced DC is swimming in money anymore. https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2021/06/177230-cross-border-payments-thailands-siam-commercial-bank-and-thunes-to-streamline-remittances/ He only ever had plan A, and that failed several years ago.
  10. You get the impression the world has never been more divided since the second world war. There are major economic changes a foot in the world, alongside the Covid problems. (Which came first, the chicken or the egg - Let's not go there) My take on it is DC and his team's ineptitude have been swamped, at the worst possible time, by world events. In short, he's created an impossible situation, and events beyond his control have made it worse.
  11. The question is for how long? I'm not convinced we're off the hook yet.
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