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  1. Time to Boycott iFollow and the Wednesday YouTube channel, together with Sky. Sky ruined this club, and others many, many years ago. Turning up at the ground won't help. Unfollow the club on Twitter and Facebook and anywhere else they have a presence. It's the only thing they will understand in this brave new world.
  2. I thought the same before Christmas, but you've got people talking about protesting at the ground. Boycott iFollow. £10 is not worth the mental anguish.
  3. There's more to worry about this season than the perennial problems at Wednesday. It was clear there was a real prospect / near certainty of relegation before Christmas. That threat has been there on and off for nearly 3-4 years. It's difficult to maintain anger for that period of time, especially when the writing has been on the wall for so long. I've not watched three out of the last four games now simply because I'm no longer interested in watching them lose. And the one game I did watch, we went on to lose. There are other things to concentrate on in li
  4. Even the Wycombe defenders were happy to see JR back to his old ways for the Owls
  5. Jordan Rhodes. Did exactly what you expect from Jordan Rhodes. Great cross from Harris, who also had a great game.
  6. Rhodes and Paterson up front? I have been waiting for this combo to start. I hope I am right, but I think this could be a (reasonably) successful strike partnership. I hope the rest of the team play to their strengths. (i.e. are able to create the chances in the box for them)
  7. I have no idea why I have done it, but I have just bought another iFollow ticket. Good Luck All and UTO!
  8. The problem at SWFC is that agents have been running the club for the benefit of agents. Why would be anyone think things are going to turn out differently if the club is sold too another agent?
  9. I've pretty much watched all the matches on iFollow this season. Only problem your going to have is if you have a problem with your PC, or they have a problem at there end. Generally they don't have problems at there end, but I think it's down to the ground we're playing at, so as it's in London today, you would expect / hope they have plenty of bandwidth. Make sure your PC is warmed up and finished running Windows updates / what ever Windows does at start up. (Maybe switch on at 2pm) Btw You can't use a VPN on the iFollow site, or it f3cks it up.
  10. Alas, there will be no rage and boos from the crowd at full time today.
  11. Nuhiu didn't start for Apoel yesterday #BringHimHome
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