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  1. From recollection: Bradford have been in the Premier League more recently than Wednesday (Carbone ended up on loan at Bradford as we couldn't afford him up get us promoted... That worked out well!?!) More recently, Burton have faced Wednesday in the Championship as a fixture we were not assured to win. Get us out of this tin pot 25 years...
  2. Gareth Bale LWB He's been playing in Spain for a while, and has had recent experience of playing in England. Out of contract apparently, and looking for one final pay day.
  3. I never rated Platt or Robson Platt got lucky with a goal on the turn and volley in the Italia 90 world cup. We both know he wasn't a patch on Waddle or Sheridan. Palmer himself would have out muscled and out run Platt. He was a luxury player, who had the ability to poach goals at set pieces, but I never remember him running a game. Robson must have been a decent player, to have got to play for England, but I'm not old enough to remember that player. From 1986 onwards I remember him as being a crock. Always injured. Played for the mighty Man Utd. Would have never have won anything apart from nine minutes Fergie time against Wednesday in the last match of the season. Maybe I'm bitter, but I never rated either of them. Both would be playing for West Brom or Fulham at best today...
  4. I liked it. It's laid down a marker hes staying and the club wants to build on last season. Attacking fullbacks scoring goals. That's how it should be at Hillsborough. Total Football... It's the Wednesday Way
  5. Roy Keane was a kid when Carlton was still playing. However, it was a different era completely. Money has changed the Premier League into a European Super League.
  6. There was no need for Carlton get involved in this. He's so behind the curve you have to assume he's not watched Wednesday play this season (Whilst sober anyway) This is the kind of debate we were having on here at the start of the season. Is Bannan (Our best player by a country mile) holding back the team? There was an argument at the start of the season that we relied on him to much. Darren Moore has changed this. It's no longer the case. Bannan had his best season in a Wednesday shirt last season and a majority of us never saw that coming. Why the #### did you have to open this can of worms Carlton?
  7. I'm old enough to have seen both of them play. Carlton Palmer is still one of my favourite players from that era, but they all are from that team aren't they really? But let's not kid ourselves. Carlton wasn't playing against Kevin De Bruyne and Cristiano Ronaldo. The mega bucks have completely changed English football, and the Premier League especially. Carlton would'nt have been sold to Leeds for £50m today, they'd but someone else. This doesn't need to be said, but Carlton dragging Bannan into this argument is ridiculous. In fact he'd probably be playing at Championship level like a great deal of the English talent. That said, so would David Platt, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Wise, Neil Webb, Bryan Robson, Gary Mabutt, Nigel Clough, Brian Dean etc....
  8. I think NML and Marvin Johnson will make great centre backs... if required.
  9. Regardless of how its organised, and by who and for who's benefit. Hutch deserves a testimonial. They are a thing of the past., but in this case its deserved. I am glad I had the opportunity of applauding him off the field, but that is not how it should have ended for him. I guess in football it really ends the way you deserve.
  10. Frozen Four I kind of get the impression Dunkley got frozen out during the season. That was a real disappointment to me as he was clearly a threat at set pieces and comfortable on the ball. That's life though, if your face doesn't fit...
  11. Singing The Blues - Tommy Steele
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