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  1. I get that. I've thought that way in the past. I think 12 weeks of Tony Pullis last year convinced me you can't turn up with the same plan each week. It can be seen as negative. This year I see it as a positive as a lot of teams are going to turn up at Hillsborough and sit back and try and catch us on the break. We'll need to find different ways to break these different teams down. The less they know what to expect, the better.
  2. I watched the full match replay last night on iFollow. I've taken to watching the games listening to the away commentary to try and get some perspective on where we were. First thing worth mentioning is the Bolton commentators were so biased I only managed the first 30 mins. Zero objectivity. Two out of three of three Bolton pre-match pundits talking about the game thought they were going to beat us 3-1. Now maybe, put into the context of the above it may have been pure bias and blind faith. What can take away from this: - Teams don't fear playing Wednesday, and they expect to beat us. (And that's been going on for years) - Bolton are a good League One team, which played well, and we still beat them, not having everything going our way for 90 minutes. - Don't believe the hype (But enjoy the Bravado if you must)
  3. Maybe that's Moore's style. Trying to be unpredictable. How can the opposition prepare to play against us if they don't know what starting eleven and players are going to turn up for Wednesday at kick off? The only question is weather our squad of players are capable of keeping up with the constant state of flux. I still wish Moore luck.
  4. A promotion if you like.... From Management to the Board of Directors, for achieving the square root of #### all DoF
  5. Not even for a Golden Pig (Or Elephant) ?
  6. I maybe be unfair, but I should think some of Moore's wins would have come when he was hospitalised and Jamie Smith was picking the team and tactics. I think another month is fair. He has to start getting results now. Moore has brought in his own players. He needs to start picking his strongest team on a regular basis now, or he will be gone.
  7. DC isn't the problem. Just look at what's happening to Derby. I still believe our players last season could have kept us up under decent management. I still believe the current squad can get promoted this season under decent management. We have to play to our strengths, and that's the managers job to identify those strengths. The worrying thing is it does not appear those strengths have been identified.
  8. So he only required a Loan of £6.4m to buy a £60m stadium... Be reyt
  9. I'm still saving up for a Silver 911 Porsche... and more recently a hair transplant...
  10. - Sports Science - Sheffield Wednesday These two objects should never be mixed... (Or have never previously been mixed in any case)
  11. 90s football, my two favourite teams Wednesday (Always have been b always will be) Newcastle, Kevin Keegan meltdown season. Brilliant football.
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