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  1. That's one thing we lack. A player with quality and self beleif in his own ability.
  2. You've hit the nail on the head, our team has no spine. A lot of them individually, and certainly collectively.
  3. Well here in lies the problem. The Horse has already bolted. TP is the new manager. The team assembled by Monk had no teath. You can't replace teath with toes. TP will choose the teeth we lack in January. TP will start to build other aspects of that team in the next transfer window also. There is zero chance of him getting sacked before then. (And that would be the case with any other Chairman) And once we have a small collection of TP players and inventivtable relegation, (Which isn't his fault btw) what then, we go back to a sideways possession merchant who doesnt fan
  4. Looks like we're on our way back... We've had some good times in League One, and who knows maybe we'll be playing in League One at BL again the season after next... I'm to young to remember this, but YouTube served up this beauty last night. It appears to be the Derby game following the BDM at BL. 46K and Jiimmy Hill on MOTD complaining about the quality of football. Terry Curran's antics were "quite remarkable" as motty would say. An entertainer playing to the crowd, and what a strike served up in front of the Wednesday fans at BL.
  5. The problem is when we slate managers for playing square pegs in round holes, we're under the dillusion we've actually got enough square pegs for the square holes and round pegs for the round holes. So we've had Jos, Monk and Pulis now come in and look at the Jigsaw and find themselves with pieces missing. As for Bruce, he was in no hurry to come in, but was in a hurry to leave when given the chance, and I'm sure he saw the same problem. Our Transfer Policy is a shambles and in no one's reasonable estimation do we have Tony Pulis players. The kind of players who Br
  6. We're cursed by mis management then aren't we? Wednesday are the footballing equivalent of an abyss.
  7. It's clear we need to be looking at League One players now for next season. We can't even cash in on Iorfa. Bad luck DC
  8. He's wrong on the luck. We've got luck. Bad Luck. He's right about the players. They are very trying...
  9. You make a massive assumption he's fit. Has he still got metal work in his leg?
  10. TP. Iorfa has ruptured his Achilles tendon. Out for rest of season.
  11. He's going nowhere, so there's no point in looking for answers here. With the money the club owes him, when he's finished, SWFC are finished. I'd rather not have to think about that as an outcome.
  12. Not stopped, they just collapsed, couldn't compete. Couldn't look after possession after taking the lead. Carried on searching for a second with long balls, when the first objective had been achieved. i.e taking the lead. Whether that's Pulis of the players I don't know. You can only assume it was tactical.
  13. I'm pretty thick skinned to it all now. We've been here many times before over the last 25 years. At least DC briefly gave us the illusion things could change. What a diabolical waste of money though...
  14. Kadeem Harris. He's the only one of our players who looks reasonabley dangerous on the ball. Bad luck Joey Pellupessy for that shot in the second half which hit the post twice. Thats one strike and two shots on goal, which is more than most of our players.
  15. What a fantastic transfer window we had during the summer. Can't wait to see what dross the next one brings.
  16. We need to transmit positive mental thoughts to our midfield... I see Iorfa, here, there and everywhere in midfield, winning every second touch tackle and Bazza, Kadeem and Reachy breaking with blistering pace. 4-2 Wednesday. ..
  17. Either that or we have two players we've not heard of in the reserves. Van and Aken.
  18. That's open to debate, but clearly Monk and Pulis have a different view of his utility to the club. The thing with Lees is, when we're absolutely dire, he is still average and gets man of the match. Pulis clearly sees he has a positive influence. Maybe Monk thought the fact he had any influence was a threat. That said, certain players did need to be moved on. Only problem is Monk seems to have moved on some players who didn't. I've got a lot of admiration for Lees in how he's handled having the captaincy being taken away from him. Second part of
  19. No. That wasn't on the radar back then. It appeared we were going to p1ss that day.
  20. Rumours this week that the Americans have a base on Mars and they are in contact with Aliens from the Intergalactic Federation.... Maybe DC takes his instructions from Mars?
  21. I don't believe that. He took the captaincy off Lees. TP arrives and straight way Lees is getting a new contract. Lees would have been released under Monk.
  22. I went up to Middlesbrough last season, shortly before the wheels fell off Project Monk. So I'm stood outside the ground as Monk and our players get off the coach. Two things I could not get my head round at the time... - Firstly, I was stood next to Middlesbrough fans at the time, who were excited at the prospect of Jordan Rhodes playing that day. You could tell they loved him dearly. (I had to break the news to them he wasn't likely to be on the bus). They were genuinely disappointed. - Secondly, they bitterly hated Garry Monk. I laughed on the other side of my face,
  23. I'm in. Its like watching a car crash, I don't want to look, but I still think we are going to straighten the wheels and pull out of the death spin. 1-0, to The Wednesday
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