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  1. Tone's going to deal with him in such a way, that he doesn't think it will be happening again
  2. Has Tone given you a call yet? #unfinishedbusiness
  3. I think Pulis team would thrash the first one. 1-0
  4. I agree. There have been so many games wasted this season focusing on getting Arial goals from crosses. The Wycombe game was the nadir of that for Monk. Don't get me wrong. I don't want us to focus on one way of scoring goals, that never works, but we need that option, and for me Paterson, Windass and Rhodes are all forwards which would play better off a Target Man.
  5. 352. I think Snoots earkmarked this formation in the pre match thread. We need two up front for the benefit of our strikers.... And Bannan needs a three man midfield, thus there is no real choice of formation. For me Rhodes came on and started causing problems because we were playing two up front. And we're starting to look dangerous from set pieces, which is how Lees got his goal. Until we get a Target Man, Tone is using our CBs as the main attacking threat at Setpieces.
  6. Tom Lees by a mile. Scored on 67 minutes. Another omen... Well played skipper. UTO!
  7. Definitely MoM, even stopped them breaking for a goal after he'd scored. If anyone was going to break the duck, it was Lees.
  8. First bag out of the McCoys multi pack of crisps today was... Sweet Thai Chicken
  9. With the number of head injuries we've inflicted in the first half, I can only assume our plan is to win by technical knock out
  10. Back in 1980 me and our kid (Adam Reach) were mad for prog rock band Genesis. Since the £7k per week wage cap last month we've been busking as a Genesis tribute act to make up the money. Times are hard, especially with Christmas round the corner. The people of Norwich were reasonably generous. Huddersfield was a really tough gig. And as for Nottingham... we got mugged by some geezer called Grabban the other night. They were a really tough crowd to please. Never even got a sound out of audience...
  11. Every home game I've attended on Boxing Day at Hillsborough. The highlight... knowing you get to mark the occasion by singing about the BDM
  12. I'm starting to think you don't like Football Managers with a first name starting with the letter T Sounds like a few of our players were more than capable of getting ruined with out Tricky Trev's help, but we knew that. Love the story about Roland Nilson warning Carlton Palmer, Chris Waddle and Jemmo that Tricky Trev was stood waiting at the Hotel Main entrance to stop players leaving the Hotel under curfew. Great interview. The only conclusion you can come to is Tone needs to implement a drinking culture at SWFC starting this eve
  13. I accept it's far from ideal, but we're far from in an ideal situation. I think people need to remember Mandaric's first choice of SWFC owner was that Mamedov geezer, who it turned out couldn't even get his money out of Azerbaijan. I still hope DC proves us all wrong, but the writing is on the wall. DC hasn't signed off the accounts, in which he has to state SWFC are a going concern. You can only conclude with a growing list of people who are not getting paid what they are owed, SWFC are not a going concern anymore. People have got to think about where Wedne
  14. Well it just so happens I was giving this some thought earlier this evening. I'm not a season ticket holder, but the fact they haven't got their money back from the 19/20 season is the biggest embarrassment for me. These season ticket holders hold the key to this problem. The players will get their money one way or another as they are preferential football creditors. Season ticket holders are business creditors of the club. Technically if they were to be organised collectively they could apply for the club to be wound up. If the club is not a going concern a
  15. RIP Geoff. A Wednesdayite, a Chairman and a Life President. Proof that its not how much you spend that is the be all and end all in football. A reputation for looking after the best interests of the club is worth far more.
  16. The definition of insanity, repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. That's the Wednesday way.
  17. Sounds like he already has. I await news that he's signed last year's accounts to say we're still a going concern to prove otherwise.
  18. The tweet should have read. CONFIRMED SWFC Players delivered results based performance cap during calendar year 2020 In retribution (Or Insolvency planning) Club implements salary cap. The PFA will have been involved already. The players will receive all payments in full. Season ticket holders are still awaiting news on their refunds for 2018/2019. The Financial Accounts are overdue for the same period. Ten year season ticket marketing was the final phase in the scheme that is SWFCs financial planning. In fairness to
  19. Sounds like he's available to sign for £50k and new club kit #unfinishedbusiness
  20. It was a joke. Don't know where the story came from. I assume the club... SVG would have been a great appointment, but there was and is no chance of it happening.
  21. Think of the money that was spent of Nic De Marco and the team of barristers, just to give us a fighting chance on the pitch. Unbelievable really. Even the reduction to six points wasn't enough to stop our team imploding. The mind boggles.
  22. Fans outside of Sheffield were calling us Sheffield Doomsday 10 years ago. At least we've had a couple of seasons rest from the chaos. If the cap fits
  23. What, Carlton Palmers type of grass? That finally explains why Eric got the hump...
  24. I hope Lees chinned him, before Moses was made to speak to the press.
  25. This is the same team the hides behind the hostile atmosphere at Hillsborough. Well they've had nine months off from any match day criticism and this is the new normal, laughing at how crap his team mates are when they self distruct. Well I've got news for you Moses, your not as good as you think you are.
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