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  1. I'm still holding out hope that this crazy operation running the club are sat on another £200 million they desperately need to get rid of, but I'm still scratching my head as to why they needed to burn the first £200 million.
  2. We've now got another six weeks of the new manager trying to implement his style of play, which will eventually result in the new man bemoaning the squad is unbalanced, while key players continue to sit on the sidelines.
  3. Cook would be happy to see him leave then! However, can't see it happening, as it would make sense!
  4. Regarding ownership. It's the only conclusion you can come too, and this can only lead to more trouble for Wednesday. I'm not sure Agents can be owners of football clubs, but it appears he's got more control over the club than DC. And here in lies the real problem, our transfer policy is not exclusively for the benefit of the Wednesday.
  5. You'd think that was the sensible option with Windass and Dunkly in our first team. However, I think we can safely say Windass has all but signed for WBA by the result of the Pulis Chansiri meeting.
  6. I agree, but you assume CHANSIRI has a plan. There was only one plan ever visible to me. It was promotion in three seasons or oblivion.
  7. I think it's more of a case that the stuffing man will be wondering if CHANSIRI is upto the job.
  8. CHANSIRI has done this before though. It's a great time to sack a manager. We will now have five weeks of speculation on who the new Manager is going to be, with one week for the new Manager to organise nothing in the transfer window. Let's be fair though, there was a large section of the fanbase who would never accept Pulis. May as well bring in Phillip Cocu, Giovanni van Bronkhorst or their Portuguese Messiah Carlos to preside over the final tier of this clust3r f00k cake ball debacle. I think we can assume Pulis was on more than 7k per week, and CHANSIRI
  9. What a horrible year, and early votes think next year will be worse for Wednesday... Sheffield Wednesday: A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Why retain Monk? Why release Nuhiu? Why bring in Pulis and a month later don't pay the players? Why sign players with broken legs? Why is our has our Desso pitch turned to a quag mire? Why, why why?
  10. I was semi conscious when Blackburn equalised after being mesmerised by the possession game of Blackburn. This is what I can remember of Joe Rothwell's equaliser for Blackburn
  11. Yes I noticed it, Today with Reach and after Lees scored and did initial jump, in the last game, but we all know what's gone off don't we. And they are two of the players who have been offered a contract. You can't fault the effort of any of the players though. I think our players should remember there are people in the rest of the world who have it far worse before they carry on this protest.
  12. Maybe DC has covered the back pay situation with 50 year season tickets for the players as table gifts at the Xmas party.
  13. I'm inclined to agree, unless he can coach striking into one of the existing players, or get the outcast Rhodes into the team somehow. As I said, "Possible".... but I agree not probable.
  14. In reality all this talk of transfer budgets is academic if the players don't get paid in full this month with back pay for November. I can assure you that after the last 12 months legal wrangles with the EFL they won't hesitate to slam another embargo on us in January.
  15. If you win £20 million on the Euro millions I highly recommend you look after that money and gaurenteed your own comfortable retirement, before you throw it away on the likes of Almen Abdi.
  16. Like I said earlier, best we can hope for is Nuhiu, Hutchinson and Ben Marshall, and that's if those three players want to help out DC / Pulis. On the plus side I still think it's "possible" Tone could avoid relegation with what we have, even for all he's said about the squad.
  17. Dear Tone, There's a 75% chance of nowt, and that's looking from a really optimistic point of view. My Dad's kicked by backside over the current net worth of SWFC Limited after my £200 investment in the club over recent years. I've been looking on Owlstalk. Let's see if we can sign Ben Marshall from none League, and Sam Hutchinson from Cyprus. May as well see if Big Adthe Nuhiu has also had enough of the Sun in Cyprus also. Best Wishes DC
  18. Merry Christmas Owlstalk. I can only disagree with half the post script... Guy Whittingham was a reyt player for the money spent. Just like Paul Warhurst. I think Tone should call Trev and ask him to recommend a new striker for us in 2021
  19. Merry Christmas Everyone... Ever wondered, what does it all mean? My gift to you this Yuletide. Three seasonal videos, which gradually get more cryptic. Ever wondered why its not Wensday? Boxing Day 1985. Ever wondered who was better, Megson or Gascoigne? https://youtu.be/leHOP_aCuUk
  20. Was Van Hooijdonk's Dad better than George Hirst's dad in Green and White hoops though?
  21. Tom Lees looked really impressed with Dunkley's pep talk after scoring his goal at the weekend. I wonder if Dunkley knows Lees was Captain last season...
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