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  1. Wasn't Wilder once quoted as saying "You don't win anything in this game for spunking money up the wall"? Best not to judge others in football management... if your a football manager at least.
  2. We also need a Manager who can work with DC, the money men and the advisors. First time I've never had an opinion on the next Manager of Sheffield Wednesday, but as you say, we've got to work with what we have, and that includes DC and the Sunshine Gang Over to you DC & Co...
  3. Its an absolute shambles. The only answers are the unthinkable
  4. I wouldn't know where to start with either, but I would have thought a new club would have more chance of immediate and longterm success with the direction this debacle is heading. Either would require Leadership
  5. Maybe, but it's more likely they could not work together, as Pulis hinted at several weeks ago. In the respect I have some sympathy for DC. It's all looking rather like the situation at Leicester when Mandaric appointed Megson. Really disappointing for us fans when we're in a dire situation to start with.
  6. If he really wanted to sell the club to fans he'd have setup a share scheme, not come up with these club 1867 and ten year season ticket Ponzi schemes.
  7. He's got advisors he listens to first. I don't see any evidence he values the opinion of fans.
  8. Better for fans to setup AFC Wednesday than to bail out the mess that is SWFC. Have last year's SWFC accounts been submitted to companies House yet?!?
  9. This is the thing. I've never known a manager come in and have such a luke warm response from supporters, and have a large element of supporters oppose him from the off. DC gets rid of him, because he sees he's going to get fleeced again in the January transfer market and we're still not looking like creating chances on goal, and he's a still seen as a fool. Yes DC is a fool for appointing him in the first place, but clearly Tone was covering his own back several weeks into this latest debacle. We even had his mate, Tony Mowbery having a dig at Adam Reach. It's another
  10. This Paterson kid is starting to show his potential.
  11. Number one culprit is open to debate then. I'm not buying the poor old Monk bad luck story. Yes we've had plenty of off the field problems, but he made many of his own problems.
  12. Probably still hasn't got over the fact Kieran Westwood is still at Sheffield Wednesday.... There is obviously going to be an amount of bitterness on Monk's part. Fact is Monk could not get results out of the old players or the new players he was part of brining in. Whether the disaster that is 2020 was all Monks fault is open to debate, and we know there were plenty of other factors in play.
  13. Probably not not the day to go after him if you look on twitter. Don'nt know the full story here, but his brother died in 2011. It would have been his brothers birthday today
  14. The size of the "Injury" list when Carlos left / Jos arrived. And Jos' conclusion it was down to eating mushrooms for breakfast
  15. One of the most depressing things about the Blackburn game was seeing the name Venkys on their shorts. What a mess they've made of Blackburn, and they are still there.
  16. A great read two years down the line... He wanted Trust, well he's now got the Owls Trust.
  17. Who knows. We've not even brought Bullen in this time. If Bullen came in, you'd expect them to go out and attack. Who knows what's going to happen tonight. And in these dire times the element of surprise is all we have... So I'd expect us to carry on with the two banks of five.
  18. I think CHANSIRI would be Ian Beal... And the stuffing man would be Phil Mitchell
  19. Covert for how long though? The EFL must know what's going on? Maybe they do and really don't give a f3ck as long as the money is pouring in, until the day we end up in Bury's position, and then they'll stick the boot in once and for all.
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