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  1. The Cult Of Megson will be pleased to know Lord Megson still holds a 45% win rate second to only to two other Wednesday Managers, who I doubt are interested in the job. Worst Manager by Win Rate is Peter Eustace. 2 wins in 18 games. An 11% win rate which is 8% worse than his closest contender. Quite remarkable... Terry Yorath, I salute you. I take it all back. Terry managed to improve Paul "Round Head" Jewell's 55% loss rate by a full 10%. (I'm not mentioning the win rate Terry) You raised a quite remarkable daughter too Terry. Hats off to Terry Yorath.
  2. Paul Jewell. I had blocked his round head out of my memory. A quite remarkable 55% loss rate over 8 months and 38 games https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Jewell That record is difficult to beat
  3. Yes I remember Mr Pleat putting Waddle in central Midfield as some kind of sweeper against Stan Colleymore on his debut for Liverpool? I think Stan had a quiet game... Tactical Genius
  4. His record looks average, though I guess this was division three. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Len_Ashurst
  5. Four months / 17 SEVENTEEN games without a win. That's bad football management. http://www.adrianbullock.com/swfc/stats/man0011.htm
  6. Excluding Carlos please... Terrance Your Wrath Any worse?
  7. You can complain about the level of wastage, but not about the level of spending. In any other walk of line the wastage would be met with the sack, and possibly even a physical assault...
  8. Behold, our Messiah is a Lord of Time and Space. What mortal man can prevent Ross Wallace's eventual displeasure in learning we have signed a right winger with electric pace who is also a master of Time and Space.
  9. I suspect Carlos is still having breakfast in the last chance Saloon, no where near last orders.
  10. It was prophesied that fifteen years would pass before battle would recomence at the Lane and a new Warnock would take his place... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Bramall_Lane
  11. Jon Beswerthwick that's the one. Couldn't even pass the ball to feet. How could i forget Leon Knight and the Fox in the box Franny Jeffers? They could strike insomnia into any defence.
  12. Wim Jonk Paolo Di Canio (Destroyed our club with a single flounce) Leon Clarke (Broke his own toe celebrating an equaliser in a match we needed to win) Simon Donnelly Beswerthwick (So bad I've forgotten his first name) Any of the first eleven when Terry Your Wrath left.
  13. No chance. Leon Clarke would be playing up front in the worst XI. We've already seen them crumble in his wake.
  14. I suspect certain players think they can run the team and get the Manager sacked. For all I complain about the style of play i can't believe any manager asks the team to play at the pace they play at. Mere speculation. We'll never know.
  15. Who were the four to five players? - Van Aken - Boyd Winall swapped for Butterfield We are two short. Not that we can complain about the level of spending
  16. I'm still tempted by the prospect of Carlos chinning Wilder at the Lane though... However, the prospect of the Messiah celebrating in front of the Bramall Lane end at full time is what has been prophesised. .
  17. You have a point, but quite frankly its nothing for them to be proud of only winning when no one thinks you have a chance and throwing away game after game when they don't feel like turning up or putting in a championship winning performance.
  18. I especially enjoyed Radio Sheffield this evening as a number of Cult members phoned up to call out there anti cult bias. They should be very afraid...
  19. If we sell him, he'll be the new - Darko Kovacevic - Gerald Sibon - Leon Clarke To name, but a few strikers who turned out to be decent players after all.
  20. We are the most well balanced team in the Championship... 26 Goals Scored 26 Goals Conceded 6 Wins 6 Defeats 9 Draws A draw against the league leaders Wolves on Friday would be a good result for any team, and it would keep our remarkable record in tact. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/championship/table UTO
  21. We suffer a disappointing result, and you come back and claim we are certain to beat the league leaders in the next game. You'll be telling me we are certain to be in the Premier League next year next.
  22. Are you Carlos? I've heard it all before... We have no chance unless they change tactics and the players change their mentality.
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