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  1. "Current SWFC Coach" WhatsApp Group Tone: Hi Dejphon, have you had chance to read my Transfer Shortlist email? DC: My advisors recommend we sign Andre Green Tone: I don't rate him, and we could really do with bringing in a Target man, as per my shortlist... DC: I don't like you prehistoric brand of football, your fired!!! "Tone" has been removed from "Current SWFC Coach" WhatsApp Group
  2. Rhodes, wingers and Megson = Total Football This is Aggressive Attacking Football DC
  3. Lets be fair, if DC preferred the cheap (Cost effective and sensible) option, we would not have been in the mess we've been in for the last three years. Before Monk came in I argued Bullen should have been kept in the role full time, as it was clear even then all DC, the advisors and the money men want is a coach. I would be happy if DC says Thompson has it for the rest of the season, then we move forward knowing he's going to continue to integrate the u23s into the first team.
  4. Personally I think Liam Shaw could be a big player for us in the future. Thompson declared he had played up front for the academy after he got his first goal for Wednesday. Ignoring our midfield problems, I would like to see Shaw start up front for the first team and see if he can reproduce again. Shaw seems to have struck up a partnership with Paterson in the goal scoring celebrations, maybe the pair would also be the answer for goal chance creation? In the absence of £12m, he should be given a chance to play for Wednesday up front.
  5. Maybe... Ignoring the initial despair, hidden with in this post about the return of Jack Marriot, there is positivity...
  6. "Derby had the option to recall him"... It says it all doesn't it?!?!
  7. Worst case scenario when the accounts are published... I fell asleep listening to that Wigan fans interview with Paul Cook the other night and woke up listening to Gerald Krasner... For those interested in "fear" muck, and what Administration looks, feels and sounds like, then Mr Krasner will explain what it means for Wigan. Maybe this is the real reason Paul Cook wasn't interested in coming to SWFC Ltd (Or maybe there's nothing to see here and it will all right in the end)
  8. Maybe Bruce and Pulis just wanted the pay day. Who knows. It's impossible to guess what's going on.
  9. This is another irony about Paul Cook, in the interview posted on Owlstalk this week he stated he preferred to stick to the same formation, so over a period of time, and with work on the training ground, players learn the formation and style of play. Eventually his methods make better players and lead to better results. That was music to my ears... So once again we're opting for a football genius who's going to blind the players with science and changes in formation. I hope for DC and Att, it finally works out for us...
  10. We've just signed a winger without a manager. Let's hope the next coach plays wingers, or he'll be playing at wing back, or left back... in the dressing room. It's clear, we're never going to sign a Manager. There is less heart ache to accept it's not going to change under the current regime.
  11. Thanks for this. The above is the one single biggest thing Wednesday need after the last four years. Hope our Chairman sees it the same way and we don't end up going down the same road Wigan did. Wigan, like Wednesday have been treated abysmally by the Football League, but our mistreatment pails into insignificance compared what they let happen to your club.
  12. Back in the day being a fat lad was a prerequisite of FA Cup success. The magic of the cup was the great leveler for those which dared to dream. In Ye Olde English football folk lore it's spurs cup to lose this year, as the year ends in one. Lump on.
  13. Back in the 92-93 season we played 90 odd games, and Roland Nilson would find time to squeeze in the odd international game between cup finals, because he could... Come on you Blue and White Wizards!!!
  14. They look a lot more comfortable on the ball than our modern Wednesday players, more similar to the style of play I was used to from Wednesday in the 90s.
  15. Funnily enough YouTube served up this vintage Wednesday performance for me a couple of weeks ago. Way before my time, but Sunley and Joicey both score for Wednesday in front of the Kop
  16. I voted for this guy in the Manger poll just based on his name. It's the kind of wacky thing DC takes into consideration... I'd rather we draw 4-4 than 0-0. Let's face it our current squad don't have a clue how to create a goal. I'm even more convinced now he's the right man for the job, especially considering the quality of work from his Taylor...
  17. Interesting... - Firstly, Mr Wilder, you have the Perfect Storm this season. Perfect storms are bad news, they sink ships. Your ship is going down. - Secondly, you didn't have enough on the pitch. If you had two more McGoldricks on the pitch you might have had an attacking threat... Nice sideways football in midfield though...
  18. Not sure anyone else has mentioned it on this thread tonight, but it's the worst start for a top flight team in 100 years. And no apologies if they have, as you can't mention this FACT enough... They are worse than Sunderland, who went on to achieve two successive relegations, from a slightly better position.
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